Politicians, fend for yourselves

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The political arena is full of confusion. But, as it is said, out of chaos comes order, so politics will hopefully take shape out of the current confusion.

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The 15th amendment: Restoration in, caretaker system out, and political jhogra imminent

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The 15th amendment to the constitution is done which achieves, after three decades, high symbolism by restoring the four fundamental principles of the 1972 constitution i.e. nationalism, socialism, democracy and secularism. The same 15th amendment has also put an end to the non-partisan caretaker government system, the electoral facilitation tool which had made the BNP… Read more »

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Why does AL-BNP resemble Fakhruddin-Moeen combo?

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Fakhruddin-Moeen (F-M) bashing appears to be a favourite pastime of some who conveniently forget that at least for once the politicians had created such a situation that military intervention was impossible to avoid. BNP handled the caretaker government situation so bad that it ended up with Prof. Iajuddin as the president and the PM, a… Read more »

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Why should the army feel accountable for what they do?

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The ongoing problem between the people of Rupganj and the armed forces with a camp being torched by a mob is significant showing that the interacting spaces between the army and the people have become nonexistent. We should be able to recognise that the army is not only autonomous of standard rules and laws that… Read more »

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