The most innovative Jobs: Think different

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Many years have passed, but I can still vividly recall the excitement I felt when my father bought us our first computer, it was an Apple Macintosh; cream in colour, size of a small microwave, with a built-in monitor, and a mouse. There was nothing seemingly complicated about it, you could learn to use it… Read more »

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Getting the jobs done

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Many many years ago, when I was very young but had already started writing, I used a pencil and wrote in laborious longhand on lined paper. Soon, I had graduated to bashing away on a typewriter, first an old model we had inherited and then a more modern electronic one that beeped if I went… Read more »

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A persistent and visionary entrepreneur

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No one realised the confluence of technology, entertainment and design in digital products and transformed them into objects of desire more than Steve Jobs. The co-founder of Apple, who passed away at 56 from pancreatic cancer, will be remembered for his seminal contributions to technology with such products and entities

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Jobs gave us computers without pain

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Here is the memory that came up when I heard Steve Jobs was dead, the image that’s probably stuck in my mind, the cover to the mental photo album that will inevitably be retrieved whenever someone talks about him.

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Apple’s ascendance

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Mindshare is as important for technology companies to flourish as market share. On both counts, Apple is soaring, guided by its visionary chief Steve Jobs. For Silicon Valley’s iconic CEO, each Apple product – iPod, iPhone, iPad, iAnyThing – must not only be a marvel of technology but also a work of art. This confluence… Read more »

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