Top eight (stupid) awards 2011

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Every year many organisations and media outlets give awards for great achievements. So we have given ours too. Here they are and not at all in the order of importance. Please feel free to add. This award is based on performance of year 2011 only.

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2011: Events that shaped Bangladesh

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Traditionally, the start of the new calendar year means a list of superlatives, including “the best”, “the sexiest”, “the richest” and a host of other, often meaningless lists designed to remind us of all that has transpired in the last 12 months.

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Desh in 2011

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Every Shab-e-Barat, I used to hear my dad say, “Oh! It’s going to be the same old wine in a new bottle. So while you pray, even if you are faintly happy with what you have experienced last year, just put your palms together and say: Ditto.

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My Christmas message to you all

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Merry Christmas, dear reader. Wherever you are, whichever faith you hold, or even if you do not believe in divinity, on this Christmas I wish you happy holidays. I hope you are enjoying a special time with your loved ones.

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