Blasts and more

Ramya Sarma | 29th Jan 2011.

The bomb that went off in an airport in Moscow killed 35 people. By any reckoning, it is not a huge figure considering the fact that casualt...

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Private moments

Ramya Sarma | 21st Jan 2011.

There has been a great deal said and written about the whole notion of privacy today, especially with invasive – and potentially intrusive...

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It happens more than you would expect. Every now and then the newspapers carry a report on how a ‘domestic worker’ – as they oh-so-pol...

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Screen playing

Ramya Sarma | 7th Jan 2011.

The film biz in India spans almost every language that is officially recognised in the country. But, where public perception is concerned, t...

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Eat it and weep

Ramya Sarma | 30th Dec 2010.

It’s all about knowing your onions. And in India, where life is full of flavour, colour, spice and all things nice, onions are getting to ...

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Many years ago, the phenomenon called the Internet arrived in the subcontinent. It was not very extensive, Google did not exist as a public ...

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