War up close

Ishrat Firdousi | 3rd Aug 2014.

Lt Col M Nazrul Islam Bhuiyan, Bir Protik, psc (Retd), was a 19 year old university student in 1971. This narrative was gleaned from his acc...

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Ishrat Firdousi | 22nd Jul 2014.

In 1971, Syed Mahbub Ali was a 20-year-old student and jobholder who lived in Dhaka city. This is his story of the war year....

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Dey, dey!

Ishrat Firdousi | 10th Jul 2014.

Blitzkrieg. Lightning war. It was invented by the Germans after WWI. The attacking force forces a breakthrough into enemy defence with a ser...

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Boy soldier

Ishrat Firdousi | 29th Apr 2014.

Shahzaman Mozumdar was born at Dinajpur in 1956. At curfew break on March 27, 1971, he saw the gruesome handiwork of the Pakistani army in D...

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