Donald Trump is not the only man with an unhinged mind in Washington these days. You only have to observe the people around him. With few exceptions, most appear to have never grown up. Indeed, that is how John Kerry has looked at Trump’s decision to take the United States out of the Paris climate agreement of 2015. He bluntly advised Trump, through a Christiane Amanpour show on CNN, to grow up.

The point is this — if you remain an imbecile at age seventy, there is the likelihood that you will remain an imbecile as the last breath escapes your lungs. Trump has never grown up. And he will not grow up, as all his acts since he entered the White House have so patently demonstrated. Stubborn ignorance is the bedrock of the man’s character. The withdrawal from the Paris accord is the newest proof of how America’s president — and he is president despite being three million votes behind his rival — refuses to grow into adulthood or is psychologically incapable of reaching that milepost.

If Trump is unhinged, look around for some other unhinged minds. There are loads of them around the man who would like nothing better than to grab women ‘by the pussy’. Try as you might, you can never suspend disbelief even for a second when it comes to a study of the Kellyanne Conway character. She talks a lot but she does not know what she is talking about. Words lose meaning as soon as they escape her lips. It is a diseased mind that coats lies as alternative facts. Conway has done it, and has been doing so many other outrageous acts, all of which place a huge question mark on her mental capacities.

The White House is these days a place where men and women unhinged run riot. Try as hard as you can, but you will still fail to spot a single redeeming quality in Sean Spicer. He ties himself in knots as he tries to explain away the boulder-like flaws of the president he serves. He dissembles and lies and when the pressure of media questions begins to get under his skin, he becomes incoherent in his angry responses. And then he stalks out of the press room, piqued that those silly journalists could not see the wise points he had been making.

Take Steve Bannon. A man bearing a lot of hate for other men, he sees nothing wrong in pushing his president into formulating policies underpinned by an absolute absence of reason. The result is disaster and shame. Shame? Donald Trump and his tribe of unhinged souls have nothing to do with shame. They can peddle lies and they can get away with that kind of disorderly conduct. But nothing of shame or embarrassment touches them. This lack of shame glues them to their shameless tribal chieftain. The educated world may scream in protest, may hurl verbal but not vulgar abuse at such men, but it cannot do more. Not, at least, until this cabal of shameless people misgoverning America sinks a little more in infamy.

The Trump administration is certainly not the first to function through a working of minds that keep churning out ideas of no substance, in that bad psychiatric meaning of the term. But the difference between his team and that of any one of his predecessors is that while the latter were often embarrassed by the spectacle of a few unhinged minds within their corridor, Trump presides over an administration that seems hell-bent on self-destruct, and that in a broad sweeping way. Attorney General Jeff Sessions conceals facts at his confirmation hearings. And so he would like nothing more than for the Supreme Court to permit his president to keep Muslims from six nations out of the United States.

So President Trump is unhinged and there is no question about that. He reads nothing, he understands nothing, he behaves in the manner of a neighbourhood bully. At Brussels, he shoves a European prime minister aside as he takes his place in a photo-op beside NATO heads of government. The capacity for an offering of apologies for such misdemeanor is not in him. Nothing of humility will ever transform Trump and his men into people of reason. Count among this probable group the fawning Vice President Mike Pence.

Unhinged men holding power and abusing it have been quite a few in our times. There is the murderous Idi Amin of Uganda, who in his time amused the world with his antics in the way Donald Trump does today. And then think of Jean-Bedel Bokassa of the Central African Republic. Of course, Bokassa, through an excess of love for Napoleon, turned the country into the Central African Empire and himself into Emperor Jean-Bedel Bokassa the First. The empire was soon to come apart and the emperor would soon be without clothes. Adolf Hitler’s mind was twisted. He had always been unhinged.

Emperor Trump has already begun shedding his clothes. He spends the better part of the night tweeting nonsense, like a child unable to go to bed without planning revenge for those who had earlier made fun of him. This American monarch does not sleep, does not read. Poor in intelligence, he seeks to make up for it through bluster verging on the criminal.

The world outside America, all of it, is Donald Trump’s enemy. Like Sancho Panza, he battles the windmills.

Syed Badrul Ahsanis a columnist.

4 Responses to “Those unhinged people in Washington”

  1. Deanna Einbinder

    When a man is suspected of being an ax murderer, he is not allowed to walk around carrying an ax while being investigated, and yet, here is mr. Trump still covering our constitution with feces. What happened to America? This arrogant imbecile, apologies to imbeciles, is destroying our democracy and flushing our once great country down the tubes.

    I am a seventy-six year old great grandmother, and I have seen a lot. I guess this must be Mother Nature’s way, as you get to the end of your life to make it easier for you to want to go.
    Are there any democracy loving, intelligent Americans left, or has everyone drunk from the poison well of an unhinged mind?

    America was great, before this arrogantly insipid moron started to destroy it.

  2. Dr A Rahman

    As it is said: a country gets a leader it deserves. Donald Trump commands tremendous amount of blind support from, what Hillary Clinton called, “deplorables”. America, particularly the Rust Belt of America, is now full of “deplorables” and this imbecile president is their “God given” leader. This is surely the early sign of the decline of a nation.

  3. Syed Imtiaz Ali

    The Elder Republicans never had known of Trump being so unhinged, aka unstable, that means likely to be ‘dangerous’.
    My grandma used to say about those who are imbecile: “Those who are not able to grasp things appropriate for a 9 years old, will never be doing so even at 90.” It is universally true even today and until eternity.

  4. H. Kabir

    One point not covered in analyzing Trump’s character. In the last decade, when Obama became President, Donald Trump, on his own, launched a character assassination by declaring, without proof, that Obama was not an American born citizen. He never proved his claim as a valid one. Rather Obama came out with the original birth certificate issued by the Hospital in Hawaii. This shows Trump’s real character. He has not become imbecile after becoming the President. He was so long before then.

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