It may sound superficially like a scientific truth, which it is not; but there is a ring of inevitability to it. When a society or a state partakes of a well-honed practice, whatever that practice may be, to garner its selfish ends, there is every chance that the same practice will come back at some time or other applied by others on the initiator. This may be dubbed facetiously as the ‘boomerang effect’. No country should feel immune to this reciprocal effect, regardless of how powerful or dominant it may deem itself. America is no exception.

America for decades, from the end of World War II up to the present time, had been following a policy of blatant interference, covertly or overtly, on the internal matters of other sovereign states. This interference the American policy makers justify as desirable action to maintain its world supremacy and hegemony! Moral compunction does not deter them or constrain them from such heinous actions. In fact, ex-president George W Bush even went as far as proposing “preventive strike action” on others, lest other parties (a state or an organisation) feel strong enough to take hostile actions against America. Fortunately,this preventive strike action did not get incorporated in American foreign policy, but the underlying idea remained the guiding principle.

Civilised norms exalt the idea, ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated’. On this basis, American behaviour of blatant interference indicates clearly how others should treat America. The recent story of alleged interference by Russia in the American presidential election is undoubtedly regrettable and condemnable; but one must ask — is it the first time that a state has interfered in the internal matters of another state?

Over the last six decades or so, America has interfered overtly through its deceitful intelligence arm – the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – in the internal affairs of foreign countries at least 70 times. In fact, from the 1950s right up to the collapse of the USSR, the CIA was synonymous with American power and became the operating arm of American foreign policy. Blatant interference in foreign states included America’s choices of heads of state, conduct of national elections, operation of political parties, etc. If covert operations are included, then the number will escalate significantly even to the embarrassment of America itself.

From the overthrow of the democratically elected secular prime minister of Iran, Mohammed Mosaddeq, in 1953 and installment of the Shah; the brutal murders of over a million Indonesians in the 1960s to overthrow a democratically elected president Sukarno and install the stooge Suharto as president; the most barbaric killing and bombing of civilians in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the 1960s and 1970s; the violent overthrow of Salvador Allende to put Augusto Pinochet in power in Chile in 1973; the illegal regime change in Iraq on false and totally trumped-up charges of Saddam Hussein’s possession of weapons of mass destruction; the military overthrow of Honduras’s Manuel Zelaya in 2009; the illegal occupation of Afghanistan, Libya, Syria – the list of America’s brutal interference in the affairs of other nations goes on and on.

The covert operations (and occasionally not so covert operations) of America worldwide are endless.There is hardly any state which has not experienced American meddling in its internal matters. American interference along with that of the Saudi-Israel clique in Syria in the name of supporting democracy is an insult to human dignity. How could America state that the Jihadists who butcher civilians shouting “Allah hu Akbar” are fighters for democracy, not soldiers fighting for Allah to establish al-Baghdadi’s Islamic Caliphate? Democracy is used as a red herring to interfere in the internal matters of a country.

America took the credit of dismantling communism in the USSR in 1991. When the communist regimes in East Germany, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Romania, etc., collapsed, America could not contain its triumphalism and declared that the end of evil regimes had been accomplished. Ronald Reagan patted himself on the back as the most powerful man of the only super power of the world. America rubbed salt into Russian wounds at the time by trying to give friendly (!) advice on how to run a democratic system! America supported the alcoholic Boris Yeltsin in the 1996 election through the covert support of corrupt Russian oligarchs. When Yeltsin won the election, Time magazine ran a cover story, “Yanks to the rescue”! This was the time when Russians were left feeling utterly humiliated and dejected and Vladimir Putin, a KGB officer, took steps to get into politics and regain some vestiges of national honour.

So, Russian actions now, even if Russian interference is proven true, should be considered in the context of Moscow’s past bitter experience and humiliation. America has interfered, without exception, in the internal affairs of almost every nation of the world. Should America be surprised now if the tables are turned and America happens to be at the receiving end of the stick?

How is it that the hunter becomes hunted within a matter of two decades, especially when America declared itself as the only superpower in the world? To find an answer to this question, one has to look at what drives or motivates America. Greed is obviously the name of the game and anything else is subservient. Industry after industry had been relocated in overseas countries to enhance profits. Military machinery went into overdrive to start conflicts abroad and thereby increase the arms industry’s profits. Politicians were utterly divided – Democrats and Republicans behave as if they come from different planets. On top of all these, the egregious behaviour of politicians of all colours has alienated the public tremendously.

In a situation like this, it is hardly surprising that a usurper like Donald Trump, who stands against all civilised norms, could emerge and take centre stage through taking the bull of the American political establishment by the horn. A multi-billionaire who has paid no tax at all over the last ten years or so became the darling of the American underclass and unemployed! A self-confessed sex predator became the preferred candidate over Hillary Clinton for American women! The world seemed to have begun moving in the wrong direction.

Donald Trump exploited the pent-up anger and disdain of the people, particularly the white supremacists, against the establishment. Vladimir Putin, for whom Donald Trump had high regards, gave him a little helping hand by not only drumming up support for him but also by going for a character assassination of his opponents. What could be a more befitting reply by Vladimir Putin to America than placing a detested usurper with no political experience whatsoever in the highest political seat that the Oval Office is?

Donald Trump, despised by a majority of Americans, may find solace in the arms of Vladimir Putin. That is the reward Russians will enjoy very much and that is the reward of covert support for Donald Trump. Needless to say that the Russians and the rest of the world have learnt from America itself that interfering in the internal affairs of other countries does pay high rewards. And so one can say that what goes out comes back sooner or later.

A. Rahmanis an author and columnist.

7 Responses to “What goes out comes back”

  1. Dilwar Choudhury

    Anis: Thanks for insightful article and sharing it.
    Donald Trump survives on GOP’s backing. Whatever he has been doing is for the sake of remaining onboard with GOP. Donald Trump, in the past wooed both Democrat and Republican alike for his selfish end.
    What I wish to drive at is: Trump’s actions are not based on ideology, his actions are incoherent. Chinese leaders pronounced: “No one gains in a trade war.” Trump’s vow: “America First” is valid only in American soil.
    So you are right, selfishness would be returned by others with same or greater reprisal.

  2. Dr A Rahman

    I fully agree with your sentiment. But it is up to the American administration to restrain their intelligence arm from interfering in to the affairs of sovereign states.

  3. S Rafi Ahmad

    Informative article… But, you missed out that despite being a ‘usurper’; Doland Trump has vowed not to interfere with other country’s affairs.

  4. Jason

    In my opinion, Trump is the guy who would bring peace and harmony among all. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand that all his statements that include racism, discrimination, loud mouth and revoking agreements does not change the fact that he is an entrepreneur and not a rogue and con politician.
    I am confident that he would realize some of the statements he made and surely, he is going to overturn them for the benefit of USA and rest of the countries. Global arms sales dropped significantly and even terrorist organization like ISIS and Al Qaeda has tiny bit of respect for Trump. But at the end of the day the entire world would see his deeds for the next 4 years and if he does not succeed and work is considered inappropriate then the citizens of US can always vote for the next candidate.
    An entrepreneur’s main objective is to make sure businesses are established, they prosper and flourish and in return everyone can enjoy the benefit, and this is what his visions are and will be. Whereas a Politician’s mindset is somewhat start a war, interfering with other’s business, showing pride and complacency towards less developing countries and selling arms to improve the country’s GDP.
    The last 15 years has been a catastrophe for the whole world. Millions of innocent lives were lost, there has been hatred among countries, misleading news that damaged the reputation of religion and unfortunately, the world is suffering a huge economic crisis.
    I am confident that we are approaching towards a brighter and happier future, but it is also true that people are going to suffer and crimes may escalate but surely, it won’t be the same that we witnessed between 2001-2016.

    • Dr A Rahman

      Jason presents an optimistic view of Donald Trump’s presidency. I am neutral on this issue at the moment. But what I wanted to convey in the write-up is that America has a very heavy baggage accumulated not in the last 15 years but over the last 60 or so years. But over the last 15 years, since 9/11, the politicians on both sides of Atlantic had resorted to blatant deception (to suit their political and selfish ends) which led the public to lose all credence on politicians. The Brexit in Britain and the victory of Donald Trump in America are the outcome of public’s total distrust on politicians. So we are in a totally unknown territory.

  5. Anwar A. Khan

    CIA, a disdainful outfit, a secret government, runs the US from the shadows! This ‘devilish’ squad would not listen to the Scriptures. It deserves immediate dissolution, I think; peace will then prevail everywhere in the world.

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