Baffled and bedazzled as I am by the non-stop buffoonery of Donald Trump that is making it easy for Hillary Clinton to score points in the presidential race, I have reached my own bizarre conclusion that both of them are actually play-acting according to a script approved by both the Republican and Democratic party to see Hillary through to the finishing line. It was a deal, sealed and signed, to elect Hilary as the first female president of the United States of America, and in return the giant corporate houses, mostly owned by the republicans, would get massive multi-billion dollar re-building and arms supply contracts in the Middle-East. Hence, Donald Trump was told to give his best shot at being a joker and keep entertaining the world so that people start to lose their sanity and in the haze of their anger go to vote for Hillary.

My mind goes on another flight of fancy and wants to believe that the Republicans cleverly gave Donald Trump the nomination to make sure he goofs up, Hillary wins, and becomes the president and then she starts to goof up. To make sure that she stumbles and stays there, they would play their part in making presidency a very difficult job for her. She would embarrass her party, embarrass her supporters and make half of the world very very angry with her policy. As a result, there would be many more clones of ISIS in the Middle-East and a few more war fronts would open up for the US. O yes, that is something the Republican hawks would love to see and gloat over while toasting the health of Donald Trump, who made it all possible.

I have seen in a delirious dream that he was advised to hit out at women of all shapes and sizes, color and creed with his tales of grabbing and groping them in a bid to make the puritans angry. Well, it did not surprise me anymore. It was part of the plan to make the “moral America” cringe at the very thought and make them vow to save America from the libidinal impulses of Trump.

He was told, before calling anybody a “nasty woman” he should declare it loudly that no one respected women more than he did! The plan has succeeded in driving conservatives in droves to the democratic camp. It has sufficiently angered the saner section of society. Robert Di Niro wants to punch him in the face. Bill Maher thinks his one ancestor was an orangutan. Ah! The billion dollar re-building contracts now seem more real and nearer than before.
Donald Trump needs a few more of his histrionics to make the people run away from him even farther. The master stroke is needed to finish the job. Does he have anything left in his arsenal? Will his hard work to make Hillary win the election pay off? He has come up with one! He now accuses the media of conniving with the democrats to rig the election. Isn’t he brilliant? He sends his early forecast about rigging and large scale voter fraud and declares he would not accept the election results if he loses! He predicts that 1.8 million dead individuals will vote for “somebody else” in the presidential election. He also believes that not only dead people but thousands of illegal immigrants will turn the election results against him.

So you see, it all adds up. He is working diligently to lose the election and make way for Hillary to become the first female president of the US. If this is not the grand plan of the Republicans then many of the things do not make sense. It does not make sense why the party gave him the nomination when there were other candidates with at least some political grooming and better knowledge of economy, history, geography, human rights, women’s rights and international politics. We shall have to wait to see what it really transpired behind those great doors of the Republican Party office.

The writer is a senior journalist of Bangladesh

Shahnoor Wahidis a columnist.

8 Responses to “Trump working for Hillary?”

  1. nazmul zoha

    Truth is that mainstream media are plausibly working hard to get Hillary elected.though Trump like Modi in India is playing a nasty game to polarize and radicalize the voters.some extreme nationalists go insane for doing anything possible to see him in the White House.but truth can be found anywhere else and Democratics ,as a plot of their conspiracies and deals with Republicans, support the Republicans to take hold of the congress.

  2. Shelley Shahabuddin

    Dear writer,
    You are absolutely hilarious!
    It is also hilarious that proving you wrong is extremely difficult. For that also, credit goes to Trump.
    If you are actually right, then Trump is a genius like our ex-president Ershad. They both deserve OSCR award for acting.

    On a more serious note, this election cannot be explained by sanity.
    If your theories are wrong, then the only sane explanation is that a large population in America (that supports Trump after all that he said) are insane, or extraterrestrial ( and therefore incomprehensible to Mankind).

    • Shahnoor Wahid

      Dear Shelley Shahabuddin,

      Thanks you for your comment. “This election cannot be explained by sanity”…I like that. That’s the right way to explain this election in the US. Imagine, after all he “said and done” Trump is closing his gap with Clinton!!! This is possible in present day America (In the 80s, Democrat presidential hopeful Gary Hart left the race when one photo of him with a young lady was published in a newspaper) . While talking about presidency, a nitwit American replied, ‘Obama had a role in 9/11, he was always out of the White House during the time’ …meaning this idiot has no idea who was president at that time!! And lo and behold!…this idiot is a Trump supporter. Yes, there are millions of them in that country who want Trump to be president so that he can make America “great again’. When was America Great? When was it not?

      • Shahabuddin

        Dear Shahnoor Wahid,
        Thanks for your response.

        Gap is closing.
        Still, if America is not insane, Trump is going to lose in 6 days.
        What if he wins?
        Looks like, Putin has the answer.
        Trump will help America to become a GREAT disaster.
        One may dream that Trump may pull a surprise somersault like Modi, and become a benefactor to America. I find it difficult to have this dream in case of Trump. Clearly, Trump is Tramp. Whatever Modi was, he was never a tramp.

  3. Sukhamaya Bain

    Since it is hard to suggest that a businessman who expanded his business from millions of dollars to billions of dollars ‘stupid’, the conclusion in the first paragraph of this opinion piece looks quite plausible.

  4. golam arshad

    I beg to differ! The hysteria surrounding Donald Trump, will trigger to vote for him! He will win, and he will be the next President of the United States of America!

  5. Faheem Shahed

    I find your points quite logical given my acquaintance with some historical incidents that had been proven as conspiracy acts later. All these moronic Trumpish events seems to me as, what some call, free masonic stage shows. :D. Thus I am also no longer amused! Anyway, let the first female president arrive in USA…. At least that would be a momentary psychological comfort for many of us. 🙂

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