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MYANMAR-SUUKYI/Today I want to introduce you to a bigot and a Nobel laureate who ultimately is a coward and self-serving politician like the best of them. I am of course talking about Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese politician and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

This award has elevated her to a position of great moral and political authority in Burma (Myanmar if you must), but she has not used that great power for human rights, better political environment, or the advancement of the quality of life for her people. What she is doing is talking and giving speeches and little else. Ms. Suu Kyi is, however, extraordinarily close-mouthed when it comes to the suffering the Rohingya population of Burma.

The State of Myanmar does not recognise the Rohingyas as its citizens, and the autocrats who lead the country promote systematic and brutal oppression of the Rohingyas. They are being subjected to ethnic cleansing, thrown out of their homes, and drowning like rats in the waters of the ocean.

All of this would result in protests and sanctions from the rest of the world, if the Rohingyas were not Rohingya Muslims. The fact these poor people are Muslims seem to have made the Rohingyas the target of great pogroms which are carried out with impunity.

I will be the first to accept that Muslim Jihadists and their atrocities are setting new and abominable standards. ISIS and its marauders are doing their own pogroms and killing, maiming, and enslaving people of all faith with impunity.

Does the crime of the co-religionist condemn the Rohingyas to murder and mayhem? The answer seems to be yes.

A serene looking Buddhist monk named Ashin Wirathu and his 969 movement is propagating violence against the Rohingya including killing of women and children based on one simple thread – that they are Muslims and should be wiped out from Myanmar, which is mainly Buddhist.

Very much like his ISIS cousins, the monk makes no apology for the sectarian violence that he brings upon his hapless countrymen, albeit, the Muslim ones.

“Wirathu plays a central role with his hate speech and the Islamophobia that it creates, given that the Rohingya are surrounded by a hostile community that can be whipped into violence very quickly,” says Penny Green, director of the International State Crime Initiative at Queen Mary University of London.

This murderous monk has a serene face, and like all monks, a shaved head and saffron robes. He prays in a quiet monastery in Mandalay. That is where all similarities between a God-fearing messenger of peace and compassion (Buddhist religion is based around compassion for all beings) ends, abruptly and brutally.

He advocates the wholesale extermination of nearly a million Rohingyas. He wants women and children all killed, and when necessary eaten! This man and his cohorts have managed to pressure the Yangon government to pass a birth control which for now suggests that minorities (other people too) skip a child and reduce the birth rate.

He was also the vocal supporter of a law that forbids marriage between a Burmese and a Rohingya. There are pop songs that are very popular in Myanmar which simply revolve around sectarian hatred and violence.

The whole crisis is now centre-stage with the Rohingyas flooding Southeast-Asia in rickety boats and subjected to inhumane condition by the smugglers. There is some movement afoot to at least give shelter to the people.

However, the underlying reasons are far from addressed or even understood. The Buddhist sectarian impulse is cleverly exploited by the 969 movement. They simply bring out the bogeyman of Islamophobia and the outrage that is committed by ISIS in the name of Islam.

Here is a quite from the Nobel laureate Aung Sung Suu Kyi, “I think we’ll accept that there is a perception that Muslim power, global Muslim power, is very great, and certainly that’s a perception in many parts of the world and in our country, too.”

As you see the Nobel laureate has seamlessly tied the knot of ISIS murders to the murdered Rohingyas. Shame on her!

At the core of the issue is the Nazi like nationalism of the 969 movement egged on by the military, a part of the Buddhist clergy, and alas also by the humanist forces such as Aung San Suu Kyi.

The nationalists are intent on wiping out the Muslims in all of Burma. Muang Zarni, a Burmese democracy activist based in London put the finger on the problem when he said, “Their intent is genocidal in the sense that the Muslims of Burma — all of them, including the ethnically Burmese — are considered leeches in our society the way the Jews were considered leeches and bloodsuckers during the Third Reich when Nazism was taking root.”

There is a real parallel to the way the Burmese civil society is treating the Rohingyas to the way the Jews were treated by the Nazis all across Europe in the early part of last century. The Muslims are called “Kalars”, a derogatory name assigned to the Muslims by the 969 movement and accepted by the Burmese civil society.

George Soros, one of America’s iconic billionaires says this about the Jewish comparison:

“You see, in 1944, as a Jew in Budapest, I too was a Rohingya,” Soros told the Oslo gathering in a video statement.

“Much like the Jewish ghettos set up by Nazis in Eastern Europe during World War II, Aung Mingalar has become the involuntary home to thousands of families who once had access to health care, education, and employment.”

Now, would you think someone like Aung San Suu Kyi, with the moral power of the Nobel Prize, would call out the thugs that are fanning the sectarian flames in Myanmar that bring untold misery upon hundreds and thousands of people.

Here is what she says to justify the murders: “This is what the world needs to understand, that the fear isn’t just on the side of the Muslims but on the side of the Buddhists as well.”

“There’s fear on both sides. And this is what is leading to all these troubles. And we would like the world to understand that the reaction of the Buddhists is also based on fear.”

This is the core of the defense of the Buddhist nationalist and the murderers. The great humanitarian has bought this hook, line, and sinker!

The Dalai Lama in the true Buddhist tradition of compassion has been making statements and adding his moral authority against the persecution of the Rohingyas. He called out Suu Kyi. The Dalai Lama told The Australian newspaper that he’d raised the Rohingya issue with Suu Kyi

“It’s not sufficient to say: ‘How to help these people?'” the Dalai Lama told the paper.

“It’s very sad,” he added from India, where he lives in exile. “I mentioned about this problem and she told me she found some difficulties, that things were not simple but very complicated.”

Yes, it is all very sad.

What is sadder still, is the rumblings in the Jihadi community about starting a Jihad in Myanmar in defense of the Rohingyas whether they want it or not. This may then escalate into something both Bangladesh and India may get dragged into. That would be the outcome that may suit the crazies of the Islamic Jihad and the 969 movement, but not humanity.

What we need is courage now from the likes of Suu Kyi to stand against the hatred from all sides and avoid a future of murder, mayhem, and lunacy.

Aung San Suu Kyi, time for you to use the great teachings of Buddhism, compassion, and your great moral authority to stop the inevitable descent into the hell that follows hatred and intolerance!

Kayes Ahmed is a businessman running multi-national operations from Colorado, USA.

41 Responses to “A bigot, a coward, and a Nobel Laureate”

  1. Nur Hashim

    The Myanmar Buddhists are more difference than other Buddhists living in the countries in the world. The Buddism is a religion of love and compassion. The Myanmarese Buddhist extremists, nationalists and Buman supremists have destroyed the prinsiples of the Buddhism.

    Islamphobia has been spreaded in Burma by the some nationalists and extremists Buddhists such as Monk Wirathu, Animanl doctor Aye Maung and other officials from the ruling party. They have spreaded the hatred racism and hostility against Muslim minority acorss Burma, paritcularly in Rakhine state, in a result, the Rohingya muslims are being victimized and killed. Rohingya are confronted to leave country with the risky boats in search of safe places.

    In 1942, more than 100,000 innocent Rohingya muslims were massacred by the Buddhists with the help of Japanese Buddhist soldiers. In 2012, these buddhists extremists have started killing campaign of Rohingya in which 10 – 15 thousands innocent Rohingyas have been killed. This campaign has started since 1962 at the time of General Ne Win, to make Rohingya statless and drive Rohingya away from Rakhine state, in 2012, the campaign has implemented officially.

    I strongly condemn and blame Nobel Peace Prize lady Daw Su Kyi for her silence on the Rohingya matter, the role of oppostion party has moral rights and obligation to stand with the victims and sufferers of its country. Is she really an icon of the democracy and human rights? In fact, she is greedy for power and postion of presidency. The Rohingya leaders, activists and in generals in the world had supported for her party NLD in the general election in 1990. While she was in prison and house arrest, the Rohingya leaders, politicians, activists and generals around the world had protested, demonstrated and wrote petition to the UN, EU, USA and other powerful nation to release her from the house arrest, now it is her tern to speak out, play role of oppostion leader and democracism against inhuman atrocities of Rohingyas. If she fails to do so, she will be named a coward.

  2. Akteruzzaman Chowdhury

    No use criticizing Su Kyi. If she speaks for the Rohingas, she will be put in limited house arrest. The real ogre is the Myanmar military backed government. They commit terror on all the minorities in Myanmar and even on the majority Buddhist democrats. The major expulsion of the Roh has been to Bangladesh and some boat people have landed in Malaysia and Indonesia. All these three countries are brimming with mosques and fundamentalists. The Roh are innocent muslims, but they get only this much help from the brother muslims.

    • Kayes Ahmed

      Chowdhury Sahib: What you say is correct but Suu Kyi has a moral responsibility to oppose the wholesale oppression of a segment of her people. The junta is Yangoon is the real power broker but they do not own the moral authority.

      I have spent all three countries that you mention. They are not brimming with Fundamentalists. There is a small minority of fundamentalists (even in my home District of Sylhet the fundamentalists are few). We need to make sure that their narrative do not take hold among the vast majority of population. We cannot run home to mama just beacuse there are some fundamentaists.


  3. Myo Nyunt

    Aung San Su Kyi of Myanmar is not a bigot nor a coward. She stands for and has always defended Peace,Freedom and Civil- Political Rights of all the people living in Myanmar. The events that emerged in MYanmar after the NLD joined the State and Government of The Union of Myanmar as a minority opposition, to me are just social “fissures” that erupt from within a society and nation , still in the making. Her record and leadership of the National League for Democracy Party, is still being tested out and questioned by those power elites and ethno chauvinists both Burman and Non-Burman within Myanmar who know that Myanmar’s political and economic future within the 21st Century political and economic dynamics to a large extent, lies in her continueing primary but critical role in Myanmar politics and society. The “rohingyar” problem will not go away even if Daw Su, acknowledges the “rohingyars” demand for “citizenship rights” at this juncture of Myanmar’s historical evolution towards a democratic polity and society.

    • Kayes Ahmed

      Myo, My hat off to you. Among the dribble and diatribes, you write a very cogent analysis and I agree with most of what you say. I am not up with the national politics in Myanmar but I do know the Suu Kyi has not made her influence and moral authority felt in the society and especillay towards the militray Junta. Maybe there is some underlying reason. I wish Burma the best is sorting thru the issues and emerging as a democratic and vibrant society.

  4. edward milner

    I don’t accept Aung Sang Su-Chi’s claim that this is a ‘complex issue’ Human rights is a simple issue; every human being has a basic right to life, freedom, protection from oppression etc. The rohingas are people (irrespective of where they have come from – virtually every person on the planet has come from somewhere else historically), they have lived in Burma for varying lengths of time and they should be accepted as citizens and accorded their human rights irrespective of religion. Human rights clearly have primacy over any religious issues – that’s what the term means. If Burma is to be accepted in the family of nations that is a basic requirement of the state – which is a signatory to the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Where is the complexity?

    • Kayes Ahmed

      Edward, the complexity is political. That is one reason I think she is coward. After going back to Burma she has not challenged the military junta and has not been a serious advocate for human rights or political freedom. In general she has led a cowardly existence within the confines of her home. When I think of Heros (MLK, Mandela, Jesus) they do not hide from torment. I think she is way too cautious and expedient to be a genuine humsnist hero. Little like Barack Obsma. I think the Nobel Prizes on these people are wasted.

  5. toicha

    Rohingyas are illigal immigrant from Bangladesh,some are lured for jobs,money and shelter by human trafickrs. Thus thy are dumped in Burma,Thailand. Why on earth thy will dump on Burma,Thailand?
    may be to dominate Buddhist country,a well planed for islamic nation?
    Rohingyas deserve this what thy are going through. And please donot put a wrong images by your false,bias articles on Burma.

    • Kayes Ahmed

      Toicha, I am sure if you look at the Rohingyas you will see that they have been there for at least a century or more. There are Bangaldeshis all over the world. Some 200,000 live in Los Angeles alone and close to 500,000 in NYC area. There is a 50,000 Burmese community is San Francisco. No one is saying these people should be killed and thrown out of these cities. I do not think anyone was dumped because of some Muslim conspiracy. Most people movement take place because of economic and political reason. I Practice Buddhism as best as I can, most of my friends are Buddhists as they live in Boulder (Colorado) the home of Naropa University and The Shambala Center. I am trying to figure out how and why you guys have forgotten the core priciples of Buddhism, which is Compassion for all beings, Tolerance and Kindness. Is Burma really a Buddhist country or just a mutation?

    • Zan

      But that not give myanmar a right to kill them. We also facing illegal immigrant from myanmar (buddist myanmar)..is that means we can kill them?

  6. Ko Ko Linn

    Mr Aung said Chittagong was Burmese territory which British annexed it and was given to India, then East Pakistan and current day Bangladesh. Again he is pointing out the similarities between Bengali and Rohingya. Of course, his comparison of Rohingya people is related to the people of Chittagong. Now, his means Bengali to Rohingya is to take them into Bangladesh but at the same time their province Chittagong District shuld be handed over to Burma. They will take land but drive out the people, they don’t want them. Anyhow, the remain silent on his Buddhist people who migrated into Bengal during the Burmese colonizing war in Arakan. They much more population than Rohingya remain in Arakan. What foxy idea!!!

  7. Aminul Islam

    I don’t know how the Nobel Peace Award committe had selected Suu Kyi for the award. She is completely a pro-violent person. She is completely devoid of humanity, kindness and conscience. I hate her. She can not be a leader.

    • Kayes Ahmed

      Hate is a very strong word Islam Sahib. You or I do not know ger circumstances and burdens she carries. So, maybe we disagree with her. There is enogh hate in the world to bury all of us many times over.

  8. dr

    kayes, you can blame suu kyi’s status as a goddesses on America because in your adopted country the Obama people had started the campaign. she was hailed a heroine for she was under house arrest for many years. it’s not like she was in jail… but she was not allowed any contact with the outside world. i think because she was in isolation for so long…she is a little deranged now and has lost compassion for others. if I was in her shoes would i be different? probably not. at best since freedom, suu kyi is someone who has stopped the Burmese generals getting a freehand in torturing and abducting and imprisoning the people who protested. she is afraid of the military and given her delicate health, i think she doesn’t much care about what she is expected to do. it is PEOPLE who put her on a pedestal and now they are simply disappointed. she must be smiling and saying…guys, i never promised you the moon…you thought i will change the map of Burma, i just kind of acted that i did. bashing her won’t do any good. this is what it is… i simply don’t pay attention to suu kyi.

  9. Aung

    I think Bangladesh is equally if not more responsible for Rohingya issue. Accusing Aung San Su Kyi and name calling like this shows
    your biased writing and laziness. Rohingyas are Bangladeshis, they
    speak Bangladeshi, they eat like Bangladeshi, their culture is also
    Bangladeshi and they look alike Bangladeshi for they were immigrants
    some of them are recently arrived illegals from Bangladesh. BTW, if
    you forget history, Chittagong was Burmese territory which British
    annexed it and was given to India, then East Pakistan and current
    day Bangladesh. So stop accusing Burmese leader and before you will
    accuse our leader you do some homework.

    • Kayes Ahmed

      Aung, I am pointing out that Suu Kyi has failed to live upto her obligations that comes with the Nobel Peace Prize. I will grant you that the Colonial rules has caused a lot of damage including the partition between India and Pakistan. I will also agree with that people in Rakhine talk a dialect that is a mix of Bangla and other languages. These people have lived there for genrations. The ultra nationalists of 969 and other movements has made this is an existential issue. What gives anyone the right to kill, maim and throw out a million people because they eat or talk differently? A monolithic society if you can build one destroys itself over time. What about the Karin people? Anyway, unless you are open to accepting differences and people and celebrating the differnces you are condemned to live one step from annhilation.

    • Aj

      On what based Aung you are criticized Bangladesh? Who the hall you are to say Rohingya are migrated from Bangladesh? This lady so call noble peace rewarded Suu Kyi. She totally not deserve that price with that lower standard mindset. She has no any quality of leadership. Rohingya not came from any where, they are the indigenous and son of the soul of Arakan. You can never proclaimed Rohingya are not indigenous and ethnic groups of Arakan. Even they look like as Indian and their culture, heritage as the same of Bangladesh. It’s compulsory to do homework before to say anything against any one. I consider you are very weak on that.

    • Riaz Osmani

      Rohingyas cannot be Bangladeshi if they were in what is now Myanmar if they went to Myanmar when neither Bangladesh nor Myanmar existed as a country. We don’t ask Bangladeshi Buddhists to go back to Myanmar even though that is where most of them have their roots.

  10. Nafis-Al-Azad

    According to the article i strongly feel that:
    1.the Nobel prize which had given to her,should be reversed back from the woman.
    2.She has already power but not using properly .so she is nothing but a bullshit for the world.or if she feels any complication why don’t she arise it in media .
    3.After birth of Bangladesh,it faces rohingya problem but still its not solved and world leader especially Muslim leader’s have not actual power to solve i think.Because moreever they are focusing on their profit not for muslims actually.
    4.Why Bangladesh will take these people where they are not originally from Bangladesh?? Please check the history of rohingya then come to taltk.i think u dont know proper history of rohingya @WB
    5.Do u think that we need any source to prove it.any one can see it .especially i have visited Moundu(border of Myanmar) and i saw the measurable life of rohingys. How many prove u need MS.Sukhamaya Bain
    6.Personally i feel that this world for everyone.so if anyone are staying in a place for hundred years ,obviously its theirs.their is no right to change their fate, even no right from government to change it.where we see that Myanmar government are just trying to eleminate them officialy whiout any reason they just trying to create a budhist country.which is totally inhuman plan.
    So i strongly believe and officially tell that she is not eligible for the nobel gainner.Her personality and her government is totally supporting inhumanity where she is holding a peace prize.LOL.sheme on Myanmar,Shame on Aung San Suu Kyi

  11. Nafis

    You should also have written about the ornamental Dr Yunus Nobel Peace Prize Winner. Is he different from Suki. Has he said a single word about the present crisis with Burma and specially the Rohinga issue.

    • Kayes Ahmed

      I do not know that Dr. Yunus would make much difference in this matter. He is an economist and as such he provides invaluable work towards poverty reduction. I think Dr. Yunus is a shining example of what people can achieve no matter how adverse things are. I know the poltical people are after his hide. I am at a loss to understand as to why. Can you enlighten me?

    • Riaz Osmani

      No. His focus now is social business in Bangladesh and else where. I don’t expect him to talk about all issues. But I expect Suki to live up to her responsibilities for her own citizens. She should return her Nobel prize.

  12. observer

    This woman is a true bigot and giving her the Nobel peace price was a horrible mistake. The prize should be reversed back from the woman.

  13. khan-Niazi

    Ms. Suu Kyi was given Nobel peace prize by with an expectation to built an ethical democratic society in Myanmar. But it looks like it was the greatest mistake the Nobel Peace committee made for selecting someone from such ugly country. This Myanmar is another “North Korea” for the world and not only Rohingya’s or Bangladesh will suffer, the whole world will pay for this.

  14. wb

    Why don’t you advise your own government to be kind and take in all the Rohingyas. Afterall, Rohingyas are Bangladeshis.

    • mc

      Thanks for your advice, why don’t you also advise Myanmar to take back their entire Buddhists population living in Bangladesh and then we’ll have enough land for those Ruhingyas living in refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar Teknaf. Looks world is heading for racial segregation.

      After all, Buddhists in Bangladesh are Burmese Buddhists; Burma should be kind enough to accept them. Now, Myanmar took hostage BGB Razzak in exchange of 554 in Myanmar area. This is absolutely nonsense. Bangladesh has at least millions Buddhists, we love them all. Myanmar, the racist and didn’t learn anything form Holy Buddha.

      Speaking of Nobel Laureate Dr. Yunus, although he got the Prize for ‘Peace’, according to me, it was meant to be for ‘Economy’. His Nobel Peace Prize has nothing to do with ‘Peace’. That’s another ‘mistake’ by Alfred Nobel Foundation.
      Out of 160 millions of Bangladeshi, majority of them want to be ‘leaders’ of the country, question is, who’ll be the voters?
      Dr. Yunus right away formed his own party and postulates to be Prime Minister of Bangladesh after his Nobel Peace Prize, without knowing politics or political situations of Bangladesh. He should have dedicated with his ‘Grameen Conglomerate’ instead of being a greedy or power hungry politician to suck more, like US Republican presidential “hope-fool”, yes “fool” Sir Donald J. Trump has been trying to be US President starting from eighties until now. When people get richer, their brains get dumper, so as with Dr. Yunus!

      • Kayes Ahmed

        WB and MC: I hope you guys will stop looking thru the lense of color, religion and language. People are people. We all have a right to live in this one Earth. The views that both of show simply does not allow for discussion but for murder, mayhem and such. In the famous words of Rodney King, “can we all jusy get along?”

      • MC

        Thank you Kayes. I absolutely agree with Rodney King’s famous saying. Ask them why they’re living in barricaded and isolated from non-buddhists. Even you don’t see them in the streets mixing with non-buddhists!
        If they’ve cultural activities, they come out on the streets, thousands and they never talk to any people, they keep going and going, we people watch them like idiots. There’s no communication at all! I hate the way they live, should be more open to society.

  15. Chowdhury

    Myanmar, this is the biggest racist country I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen Colombo, Sri Lanka; Buddhist Monks find themselves as Gods. They’ll tear your ears if you don’t give up the seat they want.

    I’ve seen in Cox’s Bazar, Buddhists are living isolated, they don’t allow in their barricaded areas other than Buddhists, producing homemade alcohol ‘Tari’, yaba, heroine, etc, illegal businesses, and they’re drunk most of the time. My brother-in-law used to buy ‘Tari’ from them, drunk and used to beat my sister to death most of the time; I used to cry seeing that.

    We love our Buddhist community but they hate us. This Cox’s Bazar Buddhist Community must open their doors to different cultures. It’s now, Vatican in Rome.

    These Bangladeshi buddhists should condemn Burma’s Crimes Against Humanity, dumping thousands and thousands of its bonafide citizens to Bangladesh. They should their own dirty laundry.

    His Holiness Dalai Lama, Buddhist Monks and their followers, have very sweet voice, are the most racist persons. They always want to live isolated from other cultures.

    Myanmar Government should immediately take back their citizens from the most densely populated country, Bangladesh. It’s been 24 years of their sufferings and ours.

    We cried for Aung Sang Suu Kyi, awarded for her voice of democracy, it sucks, waste and dishonor of Nobel Peace Prize.

    • Concerned

      Yaba is a popular trafficking item for the powerful Muslim Bengali MPs of Cox’s Bazar, why blame the Rakhine who can’t even afford their one day meal? Ridiculous and it proves who the real racist is!

    • observer

      The Burmese Buddhists and the monks are the real culprits. They preach of non-violence but internally they are full of hatred and violence. Rohingyas area part of the Burmese history and they will remain so. Because of our currently weak border force and equally weak foreign policy, the Burmese idiots are daring to attack us and kidnap our uniformed men.

      • mc

        Exactly ‘oberver’, thank you. That’s what I’d like to say. These Burmese Buddhists and monks are sick, selfish and real culprits.

  16. Riaz Osmani

    Her Nobel Peace should be completely taken back. She no longer deserves it.

  17. Rehanaparvin

    Now I feel that Aung San Suu Kyi shoud not get nobel prize.She is a selfish person.She did not care about humanity ,Rohingya issue is not a problem.She wants to go to the power at the hands of blood of Rohingyas.We should hate her and hope that her Nobel prize should be withdrawn.

  18. Sukhamaya Bain

    Kayes, you wrote that Ashin Wirathu ‘advocates the wholesale extermination of nearly a million Rohingyas. He wants women and children all killed, and when necessary eaten!’ It sounds too cruel and too inhuman. It is obviously indefensible by any civilized standard. But is it a fact? Do you have a quote from a reputable source?

    As for Aung San Suu Kyi talking about fear on both sides, is she really wrong? You mentioned ISIS quite a few times in the article. But could you tell why over the last 68 years Pakistan and Bangladesh Islamized the state and uprooted the non-Muslims of those lands through systematic discrimination, raw hatred and one-sided barbaric atrocities? You live in the USA. Can you imagine a thousand years from now and a Muslim-majority USA? What do you think the human rights of people (and I mean both non-Muslims and Muslims) in the USA would look like?

    Obviously I am not advocating extermination of any kind of people. What we really need to focus is on humanizing all kinds of people, where Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, etc. would not even be an identity worth mentioning.

    • Kayes Ahmed

      Sukhamaya: Here is a Wsahington Post article just for flavor http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/05/27/the-burmese-bin-laden-fueling-the-rohingya-migrant-crisis-in-southeast-asia/ . There are hundreds of articles, condemnations and articles about this guy. During the partition of India untold millions were killed both by the Muslims and the Hindus. The atrocities were simply out of control. If you want a good understanding read “Midnight’s Furies: The Deadly Legacy of India’s Partition”. It was just pblished on June 9.

      I was born a Muslim. I am not sure I qualify anymore. I think Islam going thru a period of self-defining like Christianity in the Middle Ages. The spasm of blood letting will die down and you will end up with a religion which at its core is simply a place for people to seek solace from the great unknown. Regards to USa, there are way too many checks and balances in the US for extremist group to take over. If that was case the Baptists would be ruling us in a heavt handed manner.

      • Sukhamaya Bain

        Well, Kayes, the Washington Post reference that you have provided does not support your extreme statement on Mr. Wirathu that I cited on June 22, 2015 (above).

        What part of the following statements of Mr. Wirathu do you think is wrong? 1) “If we do not protect our own people we will become weak, and we will face more mass killings of this kind when they grow to outnumber us.” 2) “Muslims are only well behaved when they are weak.”

        For this second one, let me be clear that there are a lot of Muslims who are well-behaved in spite of being in a Muslim-majority society. However, in the overall picture of Muslim societies in the world, I agree with the statement. Don’t you, Kayes?

        The reality is people like you and I were born in societies that were religious and had a lot of nonsense, injustice and hatred based upon religions and religious customs. Let us not regret if we did not qualify to be Muslim or Hindu. We all need to be just and compassionate Humans.

      • Kayes Ahmed

        Shukmaya: I normally do not write anything that I have not researched quite a bit. There are hundreds of refernces. Google the guy and watch a 40 minute long You tube video with translations. Take it from me, this guy is far more extreme than I have given him credit for.

        You are wrong about the overall picture of the Muslim societies. it is like saying since some tribes or religious sects practice Cannibalism the religion is Cannibalistic. It is a Inductive reasoning failure. Like say, Saying Obama is President, he is left handed so all Presidents are left handed. Vast majority of Muslim societies and countries are engaged in mere survival, day to day life struggles. Yes, there are psychopaths with disproptionate influence but they are a distinct minority. The goal for guys like you would be not to castigate 1.6 billion people but give the people enough support so that the psychopaths are rejected and eliminated in whole.

  19. goutam p shome

    Well written! We should not commit or be silent when there are atrocities against all minorities specially our buddhist citizen! Thugs have essentially burned down their thousands of years of histories and monuments (in Bangladesh) into ashes! Correct advise for sure but what moral authority we as bengali have to fix their problem when our nation is becoming the hub of jihadism!

    • Kayes Ahmed

      Goutam, I an afarid you are right on many things but wrong on the path to follow. To commit a wrong to correct a wrong does not get you anywhere. I think it simply leads you down a path to destrucction. We should celebrate our differnces and not kill each other for it. I think if the Civil society becomes mre engaged aganist the Islamists, any group that is targeting another group you will see a change. There cannot be a place for hate in this world. We need to stand tall when peoplle target any minority. That gives us the moral authority. In 1971 one of my first action was to protect some Hindu friends from the Pakistanis and their collborators. Long before we picked up guns or had any weapon. It is my belief that unless you protect minorities you invite the likes of ISIS or Jammaat, or 969 or Skinheads etc. and they simply eat anythig on their path until there is nothing left.

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