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Freedom fighter Shahidul Haque Mama.
Pictured: Freedom fighter Shahidul Haque Mama.

I met him after many years during the glorious Ganojagoron Moncho movement. It felt like meeting the Prince of a fairy tale, but in reality, it was not quite like that. I tell you a true story now.

His name is Syed Shahidul Haque Mama. I suddenly rang him up on his phone. On the other end, Mama roared like a Royal Bengal Tiger, “Dosto, where are you?”

He came to see us where some of his friends, Toffee (and her charming daughters Rhidi and Nandita), Mahmud, Mujib, and I were present. It was like the Latin phrase ‘Veni, vidi, vici’ reportedly written by Julius Caesar in 47 BC as a comment on his short war with Pharnaces II of Pontus in the city of Zela (currently known as Zile, in Turkey).

In fact, on that evening, he came, he saw, and he conquered us once again – a valiant freedom fighter of 1971. His other identity is as the very strong prosecution witness against Abdul Quader Molla, the ‘butcher of Mirpur,’ Dhaka in 1971 in the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT).

As my friend, we read together in the Department of History of the University of Dhaka during the period of 1972-76. Everyone is unique and has his or her own individual positive qualities. Humour, loyalty, compassion, trustworthy, friendship, and citizenship are some of the few good qualities a person should have. And he possesses as much of those human qualities. He can be personified as the symbol of purity, sincerity, generosity, bravery and patriotism

A freedom fighter is honoured in all lands and in all times because he fights for a noble cause: the freedom of the motherland. Mama is a freedom fighter of our liberation war of 1971, the true hero, who risked his life in line with spirit of many freedom fighters to bring our country into existence.

He did not fear for his life. He refused his family’s requests to stay home, and ran away to join the war.

The people of Bangladesh fought a glorious war of independence in 1971.
They fought for nine long months and defeated the brutal and well-trained Pakistani forces.

Bangladesh became a free country.

Many freedom fighters gave their lives for the cause of the motherland. We owe our freedom to these noble fighters and their sacrifice for the cause of the motherland.

Mama, the freedom fighter, is one of them. We recalled with inspiration, the historic declaration of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman: “The struggle this time is the struggle for freedom, the struggle this time is the struggle for independence.”

Shahidul Haque Mama was inspired by Bangabandhu’s speech, which drove him down this path of freedom. He, like all his compatriots, are immortalised in the history of Bangladesh. His valour still echoes in Mirpur, his determination, many say, knew no bounds. He was a hero who brought about a new wave in our liberation war for independence in the Mirpur area in 1971.

His valour and heroism in 1971 is praiseworthy. Mama recounted the liberation day of Mirpur on January 31, 1972 in which he actively took part. He said, “This was also a great victory for us, since we fought against the last remnants of enemy. For us, that day was a day of celebration because, with our own eyes, we had seen the enemy crushed. We had seen the enemy frozen with fear and surrendered.”

He always expands on the only expectations he has of the nation that differentiates between those who are true and those who are false: Come forward to protect the simple, oppressed, and the freedom fighters, and it will lead to greater welfare. Keep your role in establishing justice in all places, and work for the betterment of the people. Participate to establish a better place to live for our future generation.

What I can really say of a gentleman like Mama is that he is of the utmost civility, nobility, and authenticity, who was self-exiled in Sweden for many years. When the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) in Bangladesh was set up in 2009 to investigate and prosecute suspects for the genocide committed in 1971 by the Pakistan Army and their local collaborators, Razakars, Al-Badr, and Al-Shams during the Bangladesh Liberation War, he could not remain silent and stay back in Sweden.

Conscience gave him a good jerk. He returned to his beloved motherland only to give testimony against the butcher of Mirpur. He gave sensational but true revelations in the ICT for the tribunal to pass their verdict of capital punishment for Abdul Quader Molla, the war crimes criminal, when many freedom fighters did not come up to do so. We should salute him for his fearlessness for speaking untold truths in the ICT.

All those who worked with Mama during our independence war of 1971 noted his humility, his charm, his deep concern for the co-fighters, and his incorruptibility – refusing to enjoy the privileges that his reputation might have earned him, and eating, sleeping and training with his comrades.

I believe he can give us knowledge and vivid pictures of our liberation war. I have talked with many of the younger generation regarding his interviews telecast on different TV channels, and they all showed tremendous interest in finding out more from him about our supreme sacrifices, the high magnitude of atrocities committed by the brutal Pakistan Army, and their ugly and barbarous cohort Jamaat-e-Islami and their killing squads: Al-Badr and Al-Shams.

He is a special kind of hero who fights with nothing more than ideas. He slays falsehoods with the sword of truth. He chases bad ideas with good ones. With his simple style, he wants to fight despair with hope; fear with courage; anger with reason; arrogance with humility; ignorance with knowledge; intolerance with forbearance; oppression with perseverance; doubt with trust and cruelty with compassion.

Above all, he speaks truth to power and to those who abuse, misuse, overuse, and are corrupted by power.

I remember Mama in the hopeful, faith-filled and resolute words of American poet James Russell Lowell (“The Present Crisis”):

“When a deed is done for Freedom, through the broad earth’s aching breast…
Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide…
In the strife of Truth with Falsehood, for the good or evil side…
For Humanity sweeps onward: where to-day the martyr stands…
Truth forever on the scaffold, wrong forever on the throne…”

When speaking of my great friend Mama, I could be accused of exaggerating his virtues, hyperbolising his contributions to the Bangladesh War of Independence, and overstating his importance to the cause of truthfulness and boldness.

Perhaps I am biased because I hold this great man in such high respect, honour, and admiration.

If I am guilty of bias, it is because seemingly in Bangladesh people have stopped making genuine heroes like Shahidul Haque Mama.

Above all, you may call him one of the true voices of Bangladesh.

159 Responses to “A fearless freedom fighter”

  1. Rumi Rahat

    Great Mama,

    You are a well-known face to us. I am much younger than you, like your son; I am now studying in a private university. I saw you many times on the podium of Ganojagoron Moncho Movement and heard your inspiring speeches. Please accept my highest respect and salute for your great role for our independence war in 1971. I love Bangladesh. I also equally love you, Great Mama.

    Long live Mama.Long live Bangladesh. Down with all war criminals and Jamaat-e-Islami, the worst criminal organization in Bangladesh.

  2. Carl Wilhelm

    Dear Sirs/Madams,

    I am a German national and frequently travelling Dhaka on business purpose. I have heard of Mr. Syed Shahidul Haque, better known as Mama, a great freedom fighter from my friends there many times who have spoken very highly of him. I am deeply impressed to learn that he bravely fought for independence of your motherland and achieve it along with all other freedom fighters.

    I salute Mr. Mama and all other freedom fighters of Bangladesh. I feel proud of them all. I also feel very impressed to come to know that your country has been progressing steadfastly in many sectors.

    I also know about the on-going trials of the war criminals and wish that every war criminal gets highest punishment because of the magnitude of criminal offences they committed to your people in 1971.


    Carl Wilhelm

  3. Sharmin Akhter Moni

    Dear Mr. Anwar A Khan

    Thank you for writing a article regarding our mama.
    Mama is close to our family for a long time. We have great respect to him.

    Sharmin Akhter Moni
    C/O Dr. Mozammel Hossain Ratan

    • Anwar A. Khan

      Ms. Moni Madam:

      Thank you very much for thanking me and your comment.

      It is also good to hear that my great friend Mama is very close to your family for long and you have great respect towards him.

      Kind regards.


  4. Kazi Farhat Hossain

    Dear Mr. Mama,

    You belong to my generation and I feel very proud of you for your great role in establishing Bangladesh.

    You are a great Hero of our Liberation War.

    You are a great Hero who gave witness fearlessly against Kader Mollah, the butcher of Mirpur Areas, Dhaka in the International Crimes Tribunal. I am very glad that Kader Mollah was hanged later on.

    You are a great Hero of our Ganojagoron Moncho Movement.

    And you are also a great Hero in different TV Talk-shows where you always speak the truths fearlessly.

    So, I wish to award you with 4 Hs (hero of four remarkable chapter of our history)!.

    Long live, Great Mama!

  5. CollegeStudents

    Dear Mr. Mama:

    We, the following College Students,

    Sohel Chowdhury, Aziz Ahmad, Luman Hoque, Nazia Afreen, Bidisha Roy and Luna Armani

    wish to congratulate you deeply for the great fight you fought against the notorious local collaborator, Jamaat-e-Islami gooneys and their cruel big boss, Pakistani Army, defeated them and won our loveable country, Bangladesh.

    Hearty congratulations to you, Mama, the Great Warrior!

    Sincerely yours

    College Students

  6. Raja Ahmed Firoz

    Re: Appreciation for good service done by Great Mama, the vetrean Freedom Fighter.

    I am writing to record a note of appreciation for the good service that you rendered to our people and Bangladesh during our independence war.

    Driven by values of human dignity, equity, solidarity and pure soldier like ethics, you fought for the creation of Bangladesh. I wish to pay my rich tribute to you and the author of this piece.

    Congrats Great Mama!

  7. Julhash Karim

    Great Syed Shahidul Haque Mama :

    I am a University student. A warm good morning to your good-self and wish you a very good day with my warmest respect. Your valiant fighting and great contributions to the cause of Bangladesh during our liberation war in 1971 will be remembered by the younger generation like us all with due respect.

    Long live Mama in good health.

  8. Lazina Masud

    Dear Mama, the valiant freedom fighter:

    You are of the great men who fought for Bangladesh. You fearlessly led your compatriots into combat, defeated the brutal Pakistan Army and its equally brutal concomitant war criminals belonged to Jamaat-e-Islami, a most criminal organization of the world.

    Your great role is commendable and should be continued. Kudos should in particular go to the Mama Bahini under your able leadership!

  9. David Biswas

    Dear God, I know that I’m not perfect, I know sometimes I forget to pray, I know I sometimes lose my temper. But I thank you Mama, The Great Freedom Fighter, for loving Bangladesh so much and unconditionally and Dear God, please give me that much courage and arouse strong patriotism in my heart so that I can also love my homeland deeply like Mama and do some great jobs for it.

    I wish to praise you in a joyous and gleeful manner and please accept me as your near and dear one! God bless you, Mama.

  10. Lars Hanson

    Hi Great Mama,

    How are you doing? I have learnt your name from the Bengali community in Sweden. I have read the Article published by http://www.bdnews24.com on your patriotism and valour to free your motherland from the terrible Pakistan Army and their cruel associate Al-Badr and Al-Shams belonged to the war criminals party, Jamaat-e-Islami. I wish to greet you enthusiastically for your remarkable role for your people to bring about the country, Bangladesh in 1971.

    I also wish you a long life, vigorous and do well.



  11. Asad Ahmed John

    Dear Mr. Mama,

    I still remember your inspiring speeches you made standing at the dais of Ganojagoron Moncho Movement with great respect. You are a living hero of our glorious liberation war. Your bold utterances in the TV Talk-shows on different important issues are of great significance because nobody dares to say anything like you. I love and respect you from the bottom of my heart.

    I deeply salute you.

    Long live Mama in good health and spirit to inspire us to say the truths without any fear and favour.

  12. S.M.Manjeroul Islam

    Dear Sir ,

    Thanks you very much for memorize one of the greatest freedom fighters জনাব শহীদুল হক মামা.Now a days we often remember them .You are so lucky for such a great friend for whom you may proud .Wish you and your dearest জনাব শহীদুল হক মামা all the best

  13. Alhaj Nuriya Jesmin Hoque

    Mr. Mama,

    I know your face quite well, a brave and patriotic face which flared up in 1971. Because of great people like you, we have won independence; Bangladesh was born in 1971. I feel very proud of you and all other freedom fighters. We are greatly indebted to you for your great sacrifices during our liberation war.

    Please accept my heart-felt feeling of thankfulness and appreciation!

    Kind regards.


  14. Allan Robert

    I am a Scottish. I have tremendous interest in Bangladesh’s great progress in different fields. I read about Bangladesh via internet on regular basis. http://www.bdnews24.com is a good readable internet newspaper. I also read many other newspapers to learn about Bangladesh.

    I think the freedom fighters are the only one who are responsible for our freedom because of them we got freedom. Mama belongs to that kind of a responsible person for the Bangladeshi people.

    What I have learnt from this article is that during the Bangladesh Freedom Struggle in 1971, Mama’s qualities showed extreme bravery, determination, patriotism and leadership to achieve Bangladesh.
    “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for man” and your Great Mama has come to this earth to serve others. So, he fought courageously for your homeland and freed the country from the coupling of the war criminals belong to Jamaat-e-Islami and their big boss, the Pakistan Army.

    It is understood that he loves the truth to be told fearlessly. He speaks with power and authority. He inspires trust. His word is true.

    I wish to give an expression of approval and commendation to him for the great services he fearlessly did to his motherland.



  15. Fatih Rahman

    Dear Mr. Mama,

    Congrats to you for valiantly fighting back the brutal Pakistani Forces and freed our motherland from them.

    Bravo, Mama, also for freeing the Mirpur areas from the cruel Bihari goondas and blowing them a crushing defeat on 3oth January, 1972.

    Please accept my millions of thanks for your good deeds in creating the country for us all.

  16. Shihab Ahmad

    Mr. Mama, the Great Freedom Fighter:

    We wish to remember you for your fearless fighting against the occupation Pakistani Junta during our independence war in 1971. We have come to know your valour, your fight, your patriotism, your integrity and so on in the write-up of Mr. Anwar A. Khan which he has nicely presented. Undoubtedly, your actions were highly praiseworthy in the real sense of the term. My salute to both of you!

  17. Rumee Ahmed Shikder

    Mr. Syed Shahidul Haque Mama :

    Being a freedom fighter, I congratulate you for your big role to establish Bangladesh. I see your face in different TV talk-shows and feel very proud of you. Because of your great contributions to our liberation war, the government should honour you with some gallantry awards. I pray to the government to do that because you deserve something like that.

    Sincerely yours

    Rumee, an unknown freedom fighter

  18. Students

    Dear Mama,

    We, the students belong to new generation, such as, Rea Sharmin, Nadira Sohany, Golam Nabi, Raktim Chakma, Ashish Barua, Noni Basak, Sadhana Chakrabory, James Baroi, Ratri Nowagish and Ashim Rahman, wish to congratulate you for your laudable role in the creation of Bangladesh through a bloody war and defeating the most cruel Pakistani Army and their ferocious local collaborator, Jamaat-e-Islami and its ‘brutal killing squad’, Al-Badr and Al-Shams forces. Undoubtedly, you are one of the Great War heroes of our glorious liberation war of 1971. We all wish to salute you.

    Long live Great Mama to inspire us.



  19. Barbara K. Johnson

    Mr. Anwar A. Khan:

    Hearty congratulations on your piece on a great freedom fighter of your country, Mr. Syed Shahidul Haque Mama!

    I believe your country should feel proud of such a great man. As I have read your article, I have developed a great sense of love for Bangladesh because the country is capable in producing many more heroes like Mr. Mama not only for your liberation war but also for other good deeds. Your country’s advancement is praiseworthy and I value it very much and wish your people many more happy moments in the days to come

    My sincerest wishes are with Mama and you.

    Congrats again!

    Sincerely yours


    • Anwar A. Khan

      Dear Ms. Barbara:

      I wish to acknowledge receipt and to thank you very much for your kind comments on my article. The same good wishes from me to you too. Mr. Mama is one of the very few best sons of Bangladesh. Your commendation will definitely inspire both of us.

      God bless you all the while.

      With best regards.


  20. Nandita

    Great Shahid Mama,

    Congratulations for your Royal Bengal Tiger like fighting with the brutal Pakistnani Army and their cruel cohort Jamaati war criminals to achieve Bangladesh in 1971. You are our most respectable freedom fighter. I deeply salute you, Shahid Mama for your great sacrifices.

    I wish you to live a long life in good health and spirit to inspire us, especially the generations.

    Kind regards.


  21. Rhidi

    Shahid Mama :

    I recall with highest regards the kind visit you made to our place and we all were silently hearing your deliberations on our liberation war and how you participated in it and how Bangladesh was born in 1971 roaring like a big tiger. Being a person of new generation, I was then very excited and thrilled to hearing the stories of that glorious chapter of our history from you. I congratulate you for your heroic role in 1971 to establish Bangladesh.

    Secondly, I must thank you very much for braving to give witness against Quader Mollah, the mass killer in the Mirpur areas, Dhaka and I strongly believe you have done immense contributions so that this bloody butcher gets the highest punishment and he got that much of punishment.

    Thirdly, your great role towards the Ganojagoron Moncho movement is equally laudable.

    Congratulations Shahid Mama!

  22. Manzur Ahmed

    Dearest Mama,

    We must learn from Mama, the great and noble freedom fighter, how to speak the truths fearlessly. He is a rare species of bold Bengali, a true patriot and his integrity is unquestionable. I have learnt many good things about him from my near and dear ones who knew him personally for a quite long time. I have also heard him in many TV Talk-shows who does not bother anybody while speaking the truth. I commend him very much.

  23. Jessy Hoque

    Dear Mama, the war veteran:

    I just have to write you all a note to express our thanks and appreciation. In 1971, you were a valiant freedom fighter to free the country from the Pakistani Junta and you valiantly fought like all other freedom fighters and Bangladesh came into being. We love our country deeply. We equally love you for your big fight, courage and patriotism for the country we now are all living in.

    We thank you very much, Mama.


    All students :
    Jessy Hoque, Maria Sultana, Songjukta Sarkar, Deepak Saha, Amrin Sultana, Mahmud Islam, Nishi Arman, Bernard Gomes, Netai Roy and Maruf Hossain.

  24. Mark Henry

    Dear Mr. Shahidul Haque Mama,


    I believe a great personality like you truly deserve to be congratulated by all people of Bangladesh and rewarded by your government with due honor for your great contributions in establishing Bangladesh. I saw your brave face in the international media, both print and electronic. I also know many Bangladeshi people who acknowledge your bravery, patriotism and immense contributions in creating Bangladesh, a sovereign and independent state.

    I am overwhelmed with emotions, esteem and appreciation for you and don’t know how to express my feelings of thanks for you for your deep love for your motherland. I don’t know what to write and from where to begin with. However, I love and respect you from the bottom of my heart like all other Bangladeshi people.

    I wish you in good health and happiness. I must also thank Mr. Khan for writing on you so nicely. It is really a good readable article on a great freedom fighter.

  25. Rulia Fahmi

    The purpose of my earnest desire is to formally and publicly commend Mr. Syed Shahidu Haque Mama for the excellent services he provided to the cause of establishing of Bangladesh in 1971 leaving all his pomp and grandeur and showing his utmost valour and patriotism. I deeply salute you.

    Congratulations to you, the Great Mama! Long live Mama in good health and spirit.

    Kind regards


  26. Milia Arcadia

    Like a lighthouse on those dark days, you were a great hero like all other freedom fighters during our liberation war. May our love for you always shine brightly?

    Hope that you get the lifetime of joy, love, and bliss.

    Congratulations –Great Mama!

  27. Allen Gomes

    Great Mama:

    I am extremely excited and happy to extend my good wishes to you on your brilliant success in fighting and defeating the brutal Pakistani forces and their equally cruel collaborators- Jamaati war criminals in 1971. Thus Bangladesh came into being.

    You are awesome! You are a topper. Please accept my heartiest congratulations! I wish you all the best for your future. I wish you achieve everything you dream off. God bless you all the while.

  28. Sanjeet K. Roy

    Dear Mama :

    I lost all my near and dear ones at the hands of the Jamaati war criminals in 1971. I am now a solitary person of my family. I have a long cherished desire to punish those culprits appropriately who committed genocide, rape, brutally killed my members and so forth. The trials for those war criminals have already started and I hope every one of them will walk for the gallows. Once it occurs, I shall get some piece in mind and I am eagerly waiting for that moment only!

    Dear Mama, you are great hero of our liberation war and I salute you deeply. I also wish your good health and long life.

  29. Bushra

    we are the next generation of Bangladesh and such inspiring stories give us the encourage to do something for our country. I appreciate the writer of this article for bringing forward such heroic story of a freedom fighter

    • Anwar A. Khan

      Dear Ms. Bushra,

      Thank you very much Ms. Bushra for your valuable comment.

      Kind regards.


  30. syed hafizul haque

    I have read an article in bdnews24.com dated 12april regarding a brave freedom fighter MR.SHAHIDUL HAQUE mama who was my classmate in Dhaka university,Department of history. I am simply very much proud That there are so many freedom fighters in Bangladesh an also many are living in abroad but mama is such a patriot who feels from his soul an coming from Sweden several times to give witness against the notorious butcher kader molla in the international work crime tribunal eventual kader molla was sentenced to death an finally hanged .Mama also attendant the rally of the gono jagoron moncho to inspired the fighting youths who raise their voice against the work criminals he also toke part talk shows in many electric media an commented vigorously against the work crimes i finally thank from my heart to my great friend Ms. anawer a khan who is also a freedom fighter ,for up folding Mr. mama to the nation.finally i salute mama once again syed hafijul hgaque freedom fighter .

  31. Audity Falguni

    Dear Mr. Mama,

    Allow me to offer my congratulations on the truly admirable patriotism and valour you showed in keeping Bangladesh free from the clutches of the brutal Pakistan Army and their cruel cohort, the Jamaati war criminals during our independence war in 1971.

    I wish you all happiness.


  32. Niharika Chowdhury

    Mr. Mama : Please take my deep respect from the bottom of my heart because of your heroic role in 1971 for which we have achieved our motherland.

    Long live Mama.

  33. Zoglul Ahmed

    Dear Mama,

    You deserve to be congratulated for your valour, patriotism, honesty and utmost dedication to the cause of Bangladesh’s achievement.

    The write-up of tributes of my friend Anwar A. Khan to you has spread fast all over the country and elsewhere of the world through the kindness of bdnews24.com authorities, and congratulations for you have been pouring in from many people. When I read them, my heart is filled with great joy for you.

    Nothing can bring you more happiness than watching your younger generations fight in order to draw your attention. Philosopher Voltaire rightly said:“The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have done it.” And you did it so well!

    Congratulations on being a great freedom fighter, Mama.

    Congratulations also to Mr. Khan for his nice piece on Mama,

    With regards.


  34. Shahidul Haque Mama

    Dear Mr. Bangal:

    Thanks for your salute. In the same breadth of pace, please accept my deep salute too. I also wish good health, piece, progress and prosperity in your life.

    Kind regards.


  35. Monicka Hoque Rahman

    Mr. Shahidul Haque Mama,

    Congratulations for your bravery, patriotism and fight for this motherland!

    It will not be irrelevant here to say a few other things. BNP, as many people say, has taken all responsibilities of grave misdeeds committed by the Jamaati war criminals on their own shoulders and now they can’t remove the Jamaati miscreants and their other mischief-mongers from their heads. Some say BNP has been swallowed by the “Jamaati sub-humans” as some commentators remarked elsewhere in this online newspaper.

    One should not support BNP which was “born in an illegitimate way in the cantonment, using government spy agencies, other government machineries, using huge money from the government exchequer by wicked Zia”, we know all these which happened in front of our own eyes. It is the villain Zia who was solely responsible for dividing the nation which was once united for which the whole country has been bleeding since long. Jamaat is more fiercer in mass killing, rape indiscriminately, alighting houses of innocent people. Shall I say more …….. in this regard. The bad smells will come out only.

    What Khaleda Zia did in the past few months? She is the supremo of her alliance and waged a battle against her own people like the Jamaati war criminals did to us in 1971. Killing of innocent people by petrol and other crude bombs were their prime duties then. Some educated but wicked intellectuals, professors, journalists, rights groups, NGOs and people from other professions have now become so blind for BNP + Jamaat Jote that all these grave misdeeds committed by them do not, at all, touch their hearts; they have become so much inhuman! About 600 educational institutions were burnt down by these cruel animals. I have no language to condemn them! Diplomats from EU and north American countries can also be listed in the same category; bold-headed British HC frequently sees Khaleda but they never condemned these terrorist acts of Begum Shaheba and her fierce ally- Jamaat + Shibir. I believe like other people that these guys are also behind screen working to install Khaleda Zia and “her gangsters” to power. What an irony of fate for us all! But I can categorically say that will never happen in this country.

    The government has tolerated enough for this lengthy unkind situation of BNP and Jamaat Alliance. The question of dialogue with these miscreants must not arise. The old proverb : “Like dog, like hammer “shall be the right answer to these rabble-rousers!

    It is the prime duty of any government to use “brute force” as one commentator has said somewhere else. I strongly believe that the government should not wait any longer to arrest Khaleda Zia and her leaders, Jamaati goons and their killing outfit- Shimir men in order to prosecute them to award due punishment to them because of their grave misdeeds. Otherwise peace will soon be a far cry for the people of Bangladesh. And all their monies and properties shall be confiscated to support the families of victims who suffered inhumanely because of their terrorist activities. I hope that will soon happen!

    Dear Mama, I hail your heroic role in 1971 and wish you all the best


  36. Björne Christer

    Mr Shahidul Haque Mama:

    Du är en veteran frihetskämpe av 1971 i Bangladesh. Du har bott i Sverige som jag har kommit från en av mina Bangladesh vänner vet. Jag hälsar på en vänlig måte. Jag vill uttrycka mitt beröm av stor betydelse eller betydelse mot dina kvaliteter av en hjälte eller exceptionella eller heroiska mod när du inför faran särskilt i slagfältet samtidigt befriande Bangladesh från kopplingar av den barbariska Pakistan armén och deras fruktansvärda assistenter Jamaat-e-Islami krigsförbrytare. Jag är en saluter din heroiska roller i ställa in din fäderneslandet. Grattis till dig också.

    • Shuvo

      [Google translate]

      জনাব শহীদুল হক মামা:

      আপনি বাংলাদেশে 1971 সালের একটি ঘুঘু মুক্তিযোদ্ধা. আপনি সুইডেনে আমি জানি আমার বাংলাদেশ এক বন্ধু থেকে আসতে বসবাস. আমি একটি বন্ধুত্বপূর্ণ সহচর মধ্যে অভিবাদন. আমি বর্বর পাকিস্তান সেনাবাহিনীর নিষ্ঠুরতা এবং তাদের ভয়ানক সহায়ক জামায়াত-ই-ইসলামী যুদ্ধাপরাধীদের থেকে বাংলাদেশ মুক্ত করার সময় বিশেষ করে যুদ্ধক্ষেত্র মধ্যে বিপদ সম্মুখীন যখন নায়ক বা ব্যতিক্রমী বা বীরত্বপূর্ণ সাহস আপনার গুণাবলী মহান তাত্পর্য বা গুরুত্ব আমার প্রশংসা প্রকাশ করতে চান. আমি আপনার জন্মভূমি সেট আপ একটি অভিবাদন আপনার বীরত্বপূর্ণ ভূমিকা না. আপনি খুব অভিনন্দন.

      • Anwar A. Khan

        Dear Shuvo Kakku,

        I thank you very much, Baba, for a Google translation of the comment made by a Swedish national, Mr. Bjorne Christer, formally praising and eloquently eulogizing your great father Mr. Shahidul Haque Mama, my great friend and class-mate in the Dhaka University days for his great role in 1971 to establish Bangladesh.

        I wish you all the best.

        With fond affection.

        Khan Kakku

  37. Shahriar Kabir

    We,the new generation of the beloved land, know a very few about the braveness of the sons of this golden soil. Discover (i would like to use the word)their character to us,a great job indeed, might inspire us to think again about what is freedom,what is the meaning of the word liberty and which level of sacrifice is demanded to achieve the Liberty of a nation.

    Surely the writer of the literature did a great job. His writing make believe goods thinking should be exposed by pen, fight against cruelty could be done by a pen also.

  38. Milon Ashique Ahmed

    Once upon a time in 2003, I visited in one of my friend’s office to meet him who was my friend during my study in the University of Dhaka and I found Muhammad Kamaruzzaman was sitting in front of him. My friend tried to introduce Kamaruzzaman to me and he wanted to shake hands with me but I instantly refused him and called him as AL-Badr commander. He was then boastfully saying : “Yes, I was an Al-Badr commander and worked for Pakistan. I shot many people to death by my SLR. I raped many women. I helped burning of houses of many people who helped the Mukti Bahini. What is the fault with me? I did all these to save Pakistan and Islam, shall work tirelessly and try to unite Bangladesh with Pakistan. That is why; I am doing politics of Jamaat-e-islami. Fire will be erupted, if anyone tries to touch me”. What an audacity from a hungry human flesh eater! The time then was not good for me as I worked for establishment of Bangladesh in 1971 without doing any politics. I was so angry, agitated…. and spoke to myself only and then immediately left the chamber of my friend.

    I wish that Kamaruzzaman should be hanged because of his despicable role during our liberation war. And he was hanged on 11th April, 2015 by the grace of Allah. I pray to Allah so that Kamaruzzaman gets hell fire from YOU. I also wish that all other war criminals now in different jails meet with the same fate.

    Dear Mama, please accept my salute for your great role in establishing Bangladesh. I pray that you live a long life in good health to tell us the true stories of our great liberation war and the supreme sacrifices of our people in 1971.

  39. Students Group

    Muhammad Kamaruzzaman is the mass killer, the rapist, arsonist and what not? We are so glad to come to know that the highest court has dismissed his review petition of his death sentence. It was a great news for us all because we finally hanged him to death for the grave misdeeds he committed in 1971. We celebrated along with all our friends together on the very night, once he was executed! We are now eagerly waiting for happening of hanging of other kingpin war criminals now in the jails!

    Dearest Mama, we salute you. We salute all freedom fighters; we are sympathized with the families of the victims; we shall always stand beside them. We congratulate Mr. Anwar A. Khan for his well written article on Mama, the great freedom fighter, to pay his rich tribute to him and along with him, we are also paying our rich tribute to him.
    Expose the Jamaati butchers, their poisonous accomplices including Toby Cadman like people and destroy them wherever and whenever found them. Long live Bangladesh.
    A group of non-political Students of different Schools, Colleges
    and Universities :

  40. Julia Nasreen

    Mr. Shahidul Haque Mama,

    You are a great hero of our liberation war! I salute you and I do not find appropriate words to commend your valour and patriotism. But I can say you are a fearless freedom fighter. We owe to you for your great contributions like other great freedom fighters for which Bangladesh has come into being.

    Long live Mama, the great in good health!

  41. Mozammel Hossain Ratan

    Dear Mr. Anwar A Khan.
    Thank you very much for writing a valuable article regarding my Mama. Mama is always with us to fight against war criminals.
    We salute mama.

    Dr. Mozammel Hossain Ratan

    • Anwar A. Khan

      Dear Dr. Ratan,

      I thak you very much too for inspiring me.

      With regards.


  42. Students Group

    Dear Mama,

    We regularly hear your fearless voice in the talk-shows in different TV channels with great interest. We salute you, Mama, for fearlessly telling the truths being a great and valiant freedom fighter. You are our most favourite person. We urge upon all TV channels to take exclusive interviews from you on our liberation war to telecast them to enable our younger generations like us to further enlighten our knowledge in this concern and reinforce us to condemn those heinous war criminals in the harshest words.

    Mr. Khan, we thank you very much for correctly portraying Mama in your brilliantly written essay. We wish to hear more from you on our independence war.

    With regards.

    A group of non-political students of different
    Universities, Colleges and Schools.

    • Anwar A. Khan

      Mt Dearest Students,

      I thak you very much too for commending me to write this piece on my great friend, Mama.

      With regards.

      Yours truly


      • Isha

        Thanks for your article. You are the rising historian of new generation who passed the history (B.A hons.M.A) from Dhaka university in 1978, Also my Red salam to Veteran freedom fighter Shahidul Haque Mama

      • Syed Shahidul Haque Mama

        Dear Dosto Isha;

        I thank you very much for appreciating me.

        You also deserve red salute from me too for writing a few lines on me.

        Thank you very much, once again.



  43. Carol A. Olson

    I strongly support the trials of the war criminals in Bangladesh. All these criminals deserve capital punishment because of their brutal atrocities committed to your people. I urge upon the courts in Bangladesh to hand-down all of them with death sentence. Hanging is the only answer to their terrorist acts in 1971. Mr. Toby Cadman like people will soon be diminished because of their sins they are committing for a long time. Dear Mama, I salute you for making Bangladesh along with all other freedom fighters! I also salute Mr. Khan for his piece on Mama like freedom fighter!

    • Anwar A. Khan

      Dear Ms. Carol A. Olson,

      I thak you very much too for inspiring me. I am also happy to note that you also abhor Toby Cadman like people like us. It is equally commendable that you support the trials of war criminals and their hanging because of their grave misdeeds they committed in 1971.

      With regards.

      Very truly yours


  44. Rafiya Rahman Toffee

    Happy Bengali New Year to everybody in Bangladesh and elsewhere of the world except the war criminals belonged to Jamaat, other political parties and their cruel accomplices including Mr. Toby Cadman, a sub-human like British lawyer who been acting as the ‘Mouth-piece’ of those war criminals.

    Dearest Mama: I acknowledge with highest regards that a friend of mine has written such a brilliant piece on another great friend-Mama, a most courageous and patriotic freedom fighter that the country produced in 1971. My heart-felt plaudits to you, Mama and our dearest friend, Raihan (Anwar A. Khan) who has penned this write-up at a right time to pay his rich tribute to your goodself on all our behalves.

    Long live Mama in good health to speak the truths without fear and favour. Long live Raihan to produce more such articles to let the younger generations know about our great peoples’ supreme sacrifices to establish Bangladesh in 1971 and present the immense contributions of our freedom fighters, especially the contributions of the great Mama like person.

    I thank you all very much including the http://www.bdnews24.com authorities for a very good job done!

    • Anwar A. Khan

      Dear Toffee,

      I thak you very much too for your valuavle comments and inspiring me to write this piece on Mama.

      With regards.


  45. Syed

    Thank you Mr. Khan for portraying the role played by Shadul Haque Mama during liberation war who was our yearmate in History Department of Dhaka Varsity. Mama was really a valient freedom fighter and a great patriot. I salute Mama from the very core of my heart.

    • Anwar A. Khan

      Dear Mr. Syed,

      I thak you very much for your valuavle comment on this piece which I have written on Mama, the great patriot.

      With regards.

      Yours truly


  46. Ahmed Azim

    Mr. Khan : I thank you very much your kind piece on the Chief of Mama Bahini, Mr. Shahidul Hoque Mama. He is a great soldier and commander of our history who did immense contributions to the cause of establishing of Bangladesh. Mama, please take my salute and best wishes.

    Thank you very much, the bdnews24.com authorities, for publishing such a nice piece written by Mr. Mama’s friend.

    I commend Mr. Khan for correctly portraying his valour, patriotism, fight for our freedom, fearlessness for speaking the truths……in his article.

    • Anwar A. Khan

      Dear Mr. Azim,

      My heart-felt kudos to you for thanking me to write this piece on Mama, a great freedom fighter and a true patriot. He is one of few best sons of this soil.

      Thanking you very much for inspiring me.

      Sincerely yours


  47. Mufti Aminul Hoque

    Dear Mr. Anwar A. Khan,

    Shahidul Hoque Mama is a great hero of our liberation war. I love him; I respect him for his great contributions in establishing Bangladesh. I also respect him for his strong witness against Kader Mollah, the butcher of hundreds of our people in Mirpur area in 1971.

    Thank you very much, Mr. Khan, for writing a piece on this valiant freedom fighter.

    • Anwar A. Khan

      Dear Mufti Aminul Bhai,

      Please accept my plaudit for thanking me to write this article on Mama, my close friend, a class-mate in the University of Dhaka, a great freedom fighter and a true patriot. He is one of the few best sons of this soil.

      Thanking you very much.

      Yours sincerely


  48. Nuely Chowdhury

    Dear Mr. Khan :

    Thank you very much for writing on a great freedom fighter Mama. I saw him in many TV Talk-shows. Mama is a very courageous person and he is truly fearless in speaking the truths. I salute him.

    • Anwar A. Khan

      Dear Ms. Nuely,

      My plaudit to you for thanking me for writing this piece on Shahidul Haque Mama, my close friend, a class-mate in the University of Dhaka, a fearless freedom fighter and a true voice of the country. He is one of the few best sons of Bangladesh.

      Very truly yours


  49. বাংগাল

    স্যালুট , মামা আপনাকে ।

    • Md.Iqbal Hossain

      Thanks Anwar A.Khan Sir,
      Special thanks to you for your valuable topic.
      War of liberation is our mental passion .All the time we should be grateful to our great fearless freedom fighter.

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