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Editor-in-Chief Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief Toufique Imrose Khalidi

I disagree with the Editors Council – the small group of chief executives and editors of Bangladesh’s few print newspapers based mostly in Dhaka. Its latest statement, signed by its general secretary, is another blatant example of hypocrisy, double standards, and personal agenda-driven exercise. I’ll explain why, and also why we in the media must strive to stop such exercises.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi is the Editor-in-Chief.

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Toufique Imrose Khalidiis the Editor-in-Chief of bdnews24.com.

4 Responses to “Why I do not agree with the Editors Council”

  1. javed helali

    Mahfuz is right. If there was a quorum then the press release (whatever it may be) is valid and speaks for all members.
    As in other things, this episode is another case of making a mountain out of a mole hill.
    javed helali

  2. Anwar A. Khan

    Mr. Khalidi :

    I used to watch the Talk-shows in different TV channels to get extra pleasure. I also watched the Talk-show telecasted in Ekattor TV channel on the Editor Council’s press release issue a few day back where journalist bigshots like Messrs Mahfuz Anam + Reazuddin Ahmed and Toufique Imrose Khalidi, Naimul Islam Khan, Shymal Dutta etc. were present. To my utter surprise, I saw that Mr. Mahfuz Anam’s (he left his past glorious ideals long back) behaviour was totally unbecoming and it seemed to me that he behaved like to be the lone Bangladeshi here and nobody else was; he alone was the senior most journalist in the country and he had to be heard only by everybody and obliged him thereto; he was throwing his hands hither and thither in a very louder voice to deliberately impose his so-called views on other highly respectable journalists and the viewers like us. Mr Razuddin Ahmed like a deceptive charactered journalist (he left his original ideals and politics which he did once upon a time under his past gurus and has now become a completely changed person) frequenly supplemented Mr. Mahfuz Anam in a mew mew voice which did not get any importance to the journalists present there. Messrs Toufique Imrose Khalidi, Naimul Islam Khan and Shymal Dutta gave them jaw–breaking responses with their logical but with very strong arguments, using rich language, basing on facts and figures and finally, made them totally blunt. I must say these wrong-doers were defeated very badly during that time and made them absolutely blunt by MessrsToufique Imrose Khalidi, Naimul Islam Khan and Shymal Dutta and I enjoyed their wonderful deliberations to my entire satisfaction.

    Everybody in the concerned circles know well that Mr. Mahfuz Anam, Mr. Motiur Rahman ( Editor of Prothom Alo) and their accomplices do their journalistic activities by the diktat of the western powers for which they may feel proud of thinking/ considering themselves powerful enough in the arena of journalism to suitably show themselves up to be most powerful in the country and maybe, there is some run of luck connected with it as some animadverts say.

    Ironically enough, I am a regular subscriber of both The Daily Star and Prothom Alo and but read them every day to make fun with them only!

    Be well. God bless you always.

    With regards.


  3. Golam Arshad

    Dear Imrose: Great! Facts !! Truth will prevail!! Who is going to bridge the tweeting arch? I wonder!

  4. Anwar A. Khan

    Thank you very much Mr. Khalidi for presenting such an important issue with factual analysis. The piece is insightful and suggestive of new perspectives in the concerned field. We have learnt many unknown facts from your article whch has enlightened me well in this regard.

    I thank you very much, once again.

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