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Two uncompromising leaders: Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina
Two uncompromising leaders: Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina

The Constitution of Bangladesh asserts that its citizens are the sole owners of the country. On the other hand, political parties, theoretically, are just non-profit voluntary organisations who are meant to serve the citizens as governing party or opposition, both on the citizens’ behalf. Unfortunately, those parties more or less have now been acting against the country’s citizens especially for the last month.

It is understood from the mass media reports that opposition parties are throwing petrol bombs on citizens, putting their lives in a riskier state, and committing horrors by attacking trains, buses, and other types of public transport. This is in addition to the damage and destruction of private property. On the other hand, the governing party does not seem to have done enough to tackle the situation. Thus, the dominating political parties have been playing their roles against the benefit of citizens. This fact deserves to be termed subversive as political parties are meant to work as the servants of the citizens, and citizens as the sole owners of the state. On this ground, the parties should be tried if there were such laws or courts in the country.

In the absence of any chance of trial for these subversive activities, there might be the possibility of some alternate events. Among them, the incumbent party in power could use excessive force to calm the opposition down. If force does not work, they would opt for a dialogue with the opposition. If such dialogue does not take place or is unsuccessful for any reason, there could be a great chance of turning the current violence into Islamist militancy, like what has been happening in Pakistan.

However, even if everything settles down through either through the use of force or dialogue, the use of petrol bombs could still be a part of future political violence in Bangladesh. The Awami League especially would follow suit when no longer in a position of power, just as they are learning now from the actions of the current opposition.


Dr. Kalam Azad is an independent researcher currently based in Sydney, Australia. Earlier, he worked as Lecturer at Queens Academic Group, Auckland, New Zealand, and as Editorial Assistant for the New Zealand Journal of Applied Business Research, Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT).

Dr. Kalam Azadis a social researcher based in Sydney, Australia.

6 Responses to “Servants killing state owners: what next?”

  1. Shah Musa

    Well, when the fundamental institutions of an state are absent that’s what happen. There is no independent and capable justice system there, the judges are not secured to judge independently against the government, there are no democracy or change of leadership within the parties, and the winning party is all and everything. So we got a so called ‘dictatorship’ coming in power who couldn’t care less about the rights of citizens, and an opposition having no long term plan how to get the country out of this real mess. The opposition is only concerned how to be in the power, rather than how to empower the citizens and how to establish the independent and capable justice system.

    Note that the ‘dictatorial’ government cut the power of the opposition leader, which is a barbaric act by any civilized standard, yet the opposition has not filed any case for it, as there is no faith in the justice system. On the other hand, the self elected government has no responsibility what so ever to explain who, and how, and why the power was cut to the house of the opposition leader. Similarly, even though it is the responsibility of the government to protect the people, when the people are getting burned to death, the government shows no sign of genuine effort to resolve the crisis.

  2. Tanvir Chowdhury

    Wonderfully put together with simple words. Thank you Dr. Azad. What next, is the change of the constitution which asserts that the citizen of the country are the owners. They would like to make it official.

  3. Masumuzzzaman

    Citizens are not only owner of the state but also sovereign according to the constitution. Why does they pay price for political activities. State owners never recognized the political party. Election Commission of a country allow them as an organization. Besides, the definition of politics yet not clear to citizens.

  4. Syed Imtiaz Ali

    There are much more to it than meets the eyes. Dr. Azad’s piece has just simplified the political scene.
    If Established Parliamentary Democratic Principles were followed along with respect and tolerance of difference of opinions then it would be altogether a different story, free from violence and destruction of life and property; accusations and counter accusations. The whole scenario is totally unacceptable. There are much SOBER and Acceptable norms to apply to express disagreements. No one wants to see any more DESTRUCTION. A little accommodation and compromise would save us all from the MAYHEM. Awaiting the dawning of sense and sensibilities among us. The Caption is just the fitting socio-political ‘nomenclature.’
    Please share more of your ‘assessments’, Dr. Kalam Azad.

  5. A F M Hamidul Haque

    Dr. Azad has written a nice note regarding the present unrest where more than 50 persons are killed brutally,more than 100 are struggling for their life.But when we see that without much preparation,mass participation an extreme action like indefinite blockade,rampant hartal was chosen,that seems to be unpopular, confined mainly in mass destruction of life and property. If we look at the history we can easily assume how big movements happened in this soil like language movement etc. Killing of innocent people by a brutal method like hurling petrol bomb cannot be acceptable in the name of movement. General public are scared rather sympathised though it could be a popular,participatory movement on the basis of some recent acts of ruling party.


      No matter what the intelligentsia says about a dialogue or some hint at a fair elections to be held sometime in the future -the immediate task on hand for the ruling party is to STOP the massacre of Innocent lives of Bangladeshis. Apparently the govt has not mobilized the full force at its disposal or taken a firm decision to apply appropriate policy and enforcement mechanism. There is still time to stop this carnage and adopt emergency measures to end this kind of subversive terrorist activities. Government needs to deploy 100 percent of the security apparatus to ensure the law and order situation. Unless of course the ruling party wants to use this as yet another opportunity to build their own political capital. Since it becomes easier for the ruling party bto blame the opposition for everything that is happening and pretend to be taking the matter seriously and thereby gain public sympathy and support. It is time for every citizen to step up and let their voices be heard and demand an effective response or ask the regime to resign.

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