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Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) needs a few grand and revolutionary ideas, which do not involve street protests, at least for the time being. The party has just got outwitted in the game of tricks that were played deftly by a geopolitical alliance, with less regard for norms or propriety.

The BNP should start its reassessment with a recap of the current political realities. They should realise that the prevailing political leadership, including themselves, have unlimited tolerance for absorbing economic destruction, while trying to stick to respective positions. If taking the economy as a hostage was still a useful tactic, it should have worked by now.

The current political climate also has unlimited tolerance for accepting human toll, both in terms of the number of death or injury. If the count of dead bodies and human suffering could still make anyone sympathetic enough to give in, we would have seen it in 2013.

The BNP should know its opponents have close friendship with a specific foreign ally, strong enough to weather temporary diplomatic setbacks. The BNP’s opponents also have strong influence on the media, the civil society, and the most vocal part of the urban population.

In sum, the simplified list of strengths of BNP’s opponents stated above should make anyone making strategies for BNP cringe.

Despite the weaknesses above, the BNP does have some major strengths. The government’s intense geo-strategic alliance may soon turn out to be a liability for it. For example, the new government so far has managed to get congratulatory messages from only India, Russia, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. This must send a rather peculiar signal to the Western capitals, which still have substantial influence over matters in Bangladesh. It is granted though, that foreigners are not going to bat for the BNP. It needs to find its own batsman, who can whack the ball out of the park. Who could that be?

Let’s now enter the territory of the silent majority, where the BNP traditionally fared well. The country has a huge pro-religion voting bloc, which has always been fractured. That fracture however is healed to a great extent and ready to vote for a BNP led alliance. The moderately secular and/or moderately religious voting bloc (for lack of a better term) is still the bastion of democracy-lovers in Bangladesh. This coalition of moderates is now ripe for the BNP to take into its fold.

This silent majority has deep penetration into the society; they are well informed, patriotic, fiercely mindful of Bangladesh’s sovereignty, and they can pull the right strings, when the time is right. All the BNP needs to do is to engage these folks somehow on an urgent basis. Continuation of street fights or “more-of-the-same” politics of street agitation will not get this silent majority excited. That is my bet.

Given the above backdrop, to make a stronger case to the silent majority, the BNP will need big, revolutionary ideas. Here are a few humble suggestions.

The BNP should declare a moratorium on street politics for at least six months. The BNP should bring the civil rights groups and the diplomatic community into its fold, and collectively pressure the government towards allowing civil political gatherings, which will avoid street agitations. Politicians can figure out the proper format. This will help the BNP re-group, re-energise, and revive the party ultimately towards a new election, which may well take place sooner than some people would prefer to think. If the BNP plays its cards right, the civil society and the international community may assist the party holding such gatherings, making it difficult for thugs to show up with flag-sticks.

The BNP should also make a few bold, revolutionary declarations. One of those could be dissolving student politics in educational institutions, similar to what Malaysia did under Mahathir Mohamad. The BNP may ask its allies to comply with this as well. The lessons of 2013 must have taught all political parties that street fights via students cannot topple governments anymore. Youth engagement can be continued via regular party memberships, like it is done in other nations.

The BNP should speak up about the War Crimes Trials. It should ask the international community to establish a truly international court, and encourage the UN to take the trials to a neutral venue. This move may not be popular, but will be hard to get tagged as unfair.

Having addressed the ICT trials, the BNP should request the Jamaat-e-Islami to re-brand itself into a new party, where leadership positions can only be given to folks born after the year 1955 (this ensures they were underaged during 1971). This new party should be encouraged to disown questionable activities of the Jamaat during 1971, and if necessary, unconditionally apologise to the people of this country.

Instead of focusing on ascending to power, the BNP should instead press hard on major institutional reforms in police and judiciary, two major hurdles for Bangladesh’s troubled democracy. The BNP can hold civil gatherings where victims of police brutality and judicial crimes will express their grief, and will be helped financially. If the media and proper local and international groups are engaged, the government will have little opportunity to foil these gatherings.

The BNP should focus on party finance and financial reform. As the first of the two major parties, the BNP should come up with transparent fee structure for party membership and systematic gathering of legal revenues through fund raising events. For example, people can purchase a membership in the party paying a fee, and as a result obtain a membership card with an identification code number. This identification code can then be used for SMS voting, for assessing supporter sentiment before making major party decisions in the future. This will eradicate the need and importance of “few old rich men” making all the decisions for the party, particularly in the times of need.

The BNP should form a human rights activism wing. This wing can seek assistance from local and international rights groups and carry out campaigns against torture against the minority Hindu, Christian, Buddhist population, as well as victimisation of the Muslim population in the country due to their party affiliation. The BNP and its allies should publicly expel any leader, irrespective of position level who are found involved in gross human rights abuses. Similar mandate should be shown against terrorism of any kind, when proven.

The BNP must establish the meritocracy practiced by President Ziaur Rahman, who brought greatness to this party out of nowhere.

If the BNP does any of the above, the party may take control of the country’s political agenda in the immediate future. Critics of the above suggestions should realise that the BNP has only following three options: 1.) Increasing street agitations, almost to the point of taking the country towards a civil war, 2.) Continue doing what it was doing for the last few years, 3.) Do something dramatically different.

The option 1 and 2 are not feasible or recommendable for obvious reasons. And I just had a crack at option 3. The floor is now open for debates.

Shafquat Rabbee is a freelance writer and social-media activist.

81 Responses to “Some bold new ideas for BNP”

  1. Ria Hoque

    Jamaat’s misdeeds of 1971 are a historically established truth; it is a truth like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. We have not even seen any penitence from them during the last 42 years because of their misdeeds. Mr. Golam Arshad becomes very angry if anybody demands punishment for the Jamaatis and their accomplices for their misdeeds during that time.

    Secondly, he does never condemn them for the crimes they committed in 1971. Instead, he wants us to grant them clemency and strongly advocates for it on regular basis. Verdicts so far delivered by the ICTs are all intolerable to him, meaning those criminals are all innocent human beings. If you browse through his comments hither and thither in this online newspaper, you will find that truth.

    Thirdly, to present distorted history, untruth history, misleading information and the like are his inherent qualities and he does so deliberately and meticulously only to mislead the readers.

    Fourthly, Jamaatis and their student front – Shibir : one would shudder to think how they unleashed a reign of terror in the country during the last two years like the ones they carried out in 1971. Look how BNP, a party born in the cantonment illegitimately, supports them overtly and covertly and it seems as if they have taken all bad smells of Jamaatis deliberately on their shoulders. But Mr. Golam Arshad does not have any advise or good words to them to refrain from doing such high magnitudes of unlawful activities which Jamaatis have been carrying on since long. He is not asking them to offer for apology for their misdeeds. He has also no good advise to BNP.

    Fifthly, Jamaatis have made Shibir workers (mostly students) as their goons who are their salaried employees; they serve their leaders’ purpose suitably according to their instructions because they are salaried. Jamaat and Shibir are criminal organizations; it is widely known and recognized everywhere. If anyone gets involved with them, he can’t severe his relationship with them; if he wants to do so, the simple answer for him is to die, no other choice for him. Mr. Golam Arshad does never have any advise or appeal to these new and younger generation of people to shun the war criminals’ path; dis-associate with them and do a new type of politics based on humanity, peace, amity and so forth if he really wants to preach the same.

    Sixthly, Mr. Golam Arshad advocates for peace and amity with the Jamaatis, with the war crime criminals and we believe one can say so only if his moral standard degrades to that much of lowest ebb. When you make a close observation on his comments in this online newspaper, you will find that truth.

    In the language of Shakespeare, I can say “He is not what he is.” Right at this moment, I can also remember a very old significant Bengali proverb : “Dusto Loker Misti Kotha Dak Diye Nei Kachey, Kotha Diye Kotha Nei, Jibon Nei Sheshey” (Bad guy’s sweet words call you to come close to him; he talks and takes your words; but finally takes away your life” – I could not make a good translation, please pardon me). After having come to know about Mr. Shafquat Rabbee, I think I can say he comes under the same category of person like Mr. Golam Arshad.

  2. Rubo

    It is my gut feeling that BNP will have to pay a very high price for the blunder they have committed by not participating in the 10th parliamentary election. Those close to SK Hasina knew it very well that she would never agree for a caretaker government and she would never make an amendment to the constitution that would favor BNP. If BNP leaders did not know it , one can only blame their foolishness. BNP remained stubborn and failed to be tactical. BNP choose not to consider the huge popularity they had behind them and the waning popularity of AL. It seemed BNP’s only focus was CTG not the election. There was general perception and the recent polls also suggested a landslide for BNP. It would have been impossible for AL to rig the election when their MPs were not even going to their own constituencies for months in fear of public lashing.
    This writer has suggested BNP to halt their movement for 6 months.
    What happens if some pragmatic decisions of this government turn the table in their favor ? It is not impossible! The new Cabinet
    looks good. Most of the tainted and controversial ministers has been left out. Government is focusing on mega and eye catching projects. Only a few popular decisions can change people’s mind and BNP might have to repent for their mistake of not taking the right decision at the right time.

  3. Niharika Chowdhury

    I am really taken aback to have come to know the real identities of Golam Arshad and Shafqat Rabbe. Whatever spiral bend or twist or coil you want to make to protect the Jamaatis and BNPs, it will fall flat. Because they are criminals, their activities are gravely criminal. The defeated criminals shall be defeated again along with their nasty friends because Bangladesh is not for them. How amazing a libertarian capitalist is supporting Jamaat-e-Islami and their accomplice BNP!!!! As if he will have nothing to do with those ill-famed creatures of the hell. Wow! Oh Lord perish them.

  4. Golam Arshad

    Ask Hasina who she wants to be crested as a Freedom Fighter and who she wants to name as a Nationalist! It is her prerogative and her wish! Any identified Razakaar in her Party is not a Razakaar but a sacred Brahmin! What a Joke in tirade exception. Thanks

    • Alhaj Didar Hossain

      Jamaati war criminal-der proti aponar eto maya, momota abong ghovir bhalobasha shottei amakey mugdha korechay! Ai lekhagulo porar agey jodi amar mrittu hoto taholey ami onekbeshi khushi hotam.

      • Golam Arshad


  5. Shafiq Anwar

    Mr. Shafquat Rabbe bhai,

    You are a big hypocrite. Let me give specific examples so that readers can know about you, how you practice hypocrisy:

    1) You do not like to be branded as “Jamatee” but you like to brand everybody else as Shahbagi, who disagree with you and have strong voice against Jamat for their violent history against Bangladesh.

    2) In your facebook cover page it says “disagree but do not hate” but you in every respect show your tremendous hatred for Shahbagis, either true Shahbagi or your branded Shahbagi. Why do not you remove your cover page that you do not obey yourself ?

    3) You remained silent when in BNP regime, tremendous minority oppression and torture took place in Bangladesh on opposition in 2001-2003. You also remained silent when there was violent attack on Baker bhai/ Asaduzzaman Nur but you expect people do raise their voice when those killers are cross fired or BNP is on the victim side. Why do you ask so, when you like to remain silent in the opposite scenario ?

    The list could be longer but I hope these information helps to know about you, to judge you. People can check your open facebook, who want to cross check.

    • Shafquat Rabbee

      Call me what you feel like.

      Seems like BNP implemented a number of the ideas present in this doc, though not verbatim, but directionally. I am not claiming any causation, but there is strong positive correlation.

      • Shotto Roy

        This is what he wrote in this link (with a picture) in his facebook (https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10151743894295653&set=a.10150897169980653.404637.515465652&type=1&theater)
        about Imran H Sarker, after being assaulted by police, when he was comforted by a lady. The comments show his sickness and pervasion in his mind. I couldn’t believe that any educated person can write something like that.

        Here goes his comments in this link https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10151743894295653&set=a.10150897169980653.404637.515465652&type=1&theater

        “শাহাবাগিদের হয়তো শখ হয়েছিল ওরা আর শাহাবাগি থাকবে না। ওরা গুলশানি হয়ে যাবে। এতে সামজিক ভাবে কিছুটা হলেও মান মর্যাদা বাড়বে। গুলশানের অভিজাত পাড়ার বিরিয়ানি আর রেস্ট হাউসের সুনাম রয়েছে।

        আর এই পুরো নাটকে মুরুব্বিদের থাকবে অনেক লাভ। দেশের চরম সংকটময় পরিস্থিতিতে মধ্যবিত্ত শহুরে নাগরিকদের ফোকাস সরিয়ে রাখা যাবে। ইতিহাসের সবচেয়ে হাস্যকর নির্বাচন করে শাহাবাগিদের অভিভাবকরা যখন ইউরোপ, আমেরিকা, জাতিসংঘের তোপের মুখে পড়তে যাচ্ছে, ঠিক তখন নতুন কোন কুটনৈতিক ঝামেলা পাকিয়ে ঘোলা পানিতে আরও কিছুদিন মাছ শিকার করার সুযোগ মুরুব্বিরা ছাড়তে নাও চাইতে পারে।

        শাহাবাগিদের গুলশানি হওয়ার নাটক মঞ্চায়নে যাতে কোন ত্রুটি বিচ্চুতি না থাকে সেটা নিশ্চিত করতে প্রফেশনাল নাট্য ব্যাক্তি তারানা হালিমকে নিয়োগ দেয়া হয়েছিল গুলশান নাটকের নাট্য পরিচালিকা হিসেবে।

        নাটক মঞ্চায়নে একটা সমস্যা হয়ে গেল। বিগ স্ক্রিনে পঞ্চাশের বেশি বয়েসী নাট্য পরিচালিকার রুপ-লাবন্য ত্রিশের নিচের বয়েসী শাহাবাগি-শাহাবাগিনিদের চাইতে অনেকগুন বেশি আকর্ষণীয় লেগেছে। এই ব্যাপারটা উল্টাউল্টি হলে নাটকটি আরও জমতো বলে দর্শক মহলে আলোচনা হচ্ছে।”

      • Alhaj Didar Hossain

        Eto dekhi bhoyonkar manush; musk-ata. Taroto dekhi onek mukh like Golam Arshad. Amra mukti chai eshob manush hotey!!

    • Golam Arshad

      You, I and everyone are hypocrite! Shafiq in dignity and honor, use word carefully! Comment/opinion are own expression, you and I may differ, but we should never use any attacking word or statement that degrade my or your persona. Some of my distinguish young genius friend, tagged me with title, name which are highly objectionable, but I did NOT MIND, I simply gloss over with sweet words marking my salutation in compliment in RETURN. Just to pen word to one such I said: In the celestial bond of PEACE and AMITY Yes! My tone of Peace and Amity, have been mercilessly obliterated with unfounded name and title: Communal, Jamaati, Jamaati sympathizer accomplice to War Criminal etc.etc. Related to someone who is a marked WC (War Criminal). I personally tender my DEEP APOLOGY for any of my comment that may have hurt ANYONE. Please don’t think I am pontificating me as more Holier than Pope! I am open to correction if I am untruthful and arrogant in my penmanship disposition. I am ONLY interested to have an open dialog, based on mutual respect..love to DEBATE not ARGUE. Thank you for your kind patience. I hope I have NOT hurt your feeling!! If so, I do regret with Deep Apology. Thank you

  6. Anwar A. Khan

    Those who support Jamaat-e-Islami cannot and should not be considered as human being. Because as we know “in Islam, creating social discord or disorder, breach of peace, rioting, bloodshed, pillage or plunder and killing of innocent persons anywhere in the world are all considered most inhuman crimes.” But the great lie propagated by Jamaat-e-Islamis is not far to seek. “The violence, degradation and denigration, mass murder, assault, intimidation and other disgraceful acts perpetrated by them, ordered and encouraged by their leaders, proves that it is the most dangerous death cult on the planet and by far the biggest menace to civilised society”.

    Jamaat-e-Islami and its people do not like the truth told about them. Whenever the truth is told, they riot, kill, burn, destroy, threaten and intimidate people without mercy. They look like Muslims and wear Muslim dresses but in fact, they are anti-Islamic, anti-Muslim and the bitter enemies of humanity. They are thieves, liars, mass killers, looters, rapists and what not. They did all these heinous crimes during our liberation war using the name of Islam.

    It is more than obvious that they are not a religious party as it is a dangerous death cult. It seems that they don’t mind using any methods to achieve their aim, including mass murder, terrorism, intimidation and any other barbaric means. They are human-being in appearance only but in actuality, they are the devils. These griffins want to make Bangladesh a place of public execution once more. These mass killers, the bitter foes of the humanity, must be brought to justice wherever and whenever found. We must repeatedly expose their masked faces in the hardest language so that the people in general, especially the youth, understand their guile characters. Enough is enough. Their poisonous claws must be severed before they grow further.

    I state that the safest thing for us all is to look at eradicating this menace from our society for the safety of our populations. Otherwise they will bring about a holocaust for the people of Bangladesh once again with much larger magnitude than that of 1971. Jamaat and its various criminal outfits deserve banning and this is the dire emergency need of the hour.

    • Shafquat Rabbee

      I truely dont understand how this idea document, where I was provinding BNP all the ideas of non violence became a doc on Jamaat?

      • Anwar A. Khan

        I went to the BNP rally yesterday as a spectator and listened to what Begum Zia said. Standing there, I was then recalling an old adage “Appearances are deceptive.” During my Dhaka University days, I had two class-mate friends – one is now a strong and influential member of Jamaat Central Majlish-e-Sura and the other one was an Al-Badr Commander of heavy training (which boastfully says) and I found both of them present there. After a long gap, I saw them together and had little chats. Still then, your advise to BNP for non-violent movement is welcome.

        You are mistaken me because I didn’t say anything about your suggestions to BNP.

        When I say “Those who support Jamaat-e-Islami cannot and should not be considered as human being”, I strongly hold this view because I know them and their ferociousness since my childhood more specifically during our liberation war. During that time, I narrowly escaped death 5 times. In the present times, shall I say anything about them? Everyone knows what they are! I am now restraining to tell anything more in this concern.

        Mr. Golam Arshad has become very restless because it seems he has found a friend in you (vide his comment below).

      • Anwar A. Khan

        I did never do politics nor did I ever belong to any socio-cultural or any other organisation. I have strong reservations about jamaati criminals because they brutally murdered innocent people and did not allow the dead bodies for burial; they rather allowed those dead bodies for eating by the vultures, jackals and dogs. And I saw all these tremendously brutal acts committed by the Jamaatis in my own eyes during the time of 1971 and they did all these heinous acts in the name of our sacred religion, Islam. In my daily prayers, I pray to Allah to inflict highest punishment to them. If I cannot see this happens during my lifetime, I shall humbly submit the same prayer to Allah if I get a chance during my after-world life.

      • MAK

        Mr. Anwer please check your blood pressure. What is your opinion against Hefazat. Is your Allah happy with them?

      • Shafquat Rabbee

        I am very sorry to hear your personal account of 1971 atrocities.

        I strongly believe you should testify as an eye witness to the ICT trials, if you have not done so already. Those responsible for the crimes you mentioned should be tried, and your eye witness testimony will be a great service to your motherland and the victims of 1971 in that regard.

      • Anwar A. Khan

        Mr. MAK : Hefazat-e-Islam and Jamaat-e-Islam, these all are religion traders. We saw Hefazat’s terrible nature of violence on 5th May, 2013. “They do not tolerate people of other religions. Humanity is of no value to them. Hence, there is no place for them in Islam. If they get any chance, they will make Bangladesh a place of public execution place for those people who do not like or support them. They can’t bring about any welfare to the people other than killing, arsoning, looting, destruction and so forth. So, we shall have to take a firm and united stand against them” and I strongly believe this view expressed by another of my Dhaka University days class-mate, patriot and best friend Syed Shahidul Haque Mama, the 2nd strong witness against the war criminal Abdul Quader Molla, the butcher of Mirpur who got death sentence and was hanged last month.

      • Anwar A. Khan

        Hefazat-e-Islam is highly dominated and dictated by the Jamaati criminals and so it is another form of new Jamaati killing outfit. The sooner we get rid of these criminals, the better for our humanity and the country.

      • MAK

        Mr Anwer Khan

        They are all Bangladeshies and Hifazat people are the Deobandi school in India and they have not supported the division of India. But they are Islam supporters. If you do not like Islam then is your choice but if you then you have to have a dialogue with them. I think in BD the problem will only be solved if we make
        a dialogue with Islamic people and convince them with our arguments. Just comments will never help. The book of Islam and the teaching of the prophet does neither support atrocities to fellow Muslims as done by Pak Army and on the other hand does not supports Nationalism (to the extent of killing) and atheism. Read the clear verses of the book where the problem in thinking lies.

      • Anwar A. Khan

        Mr. MAK : Yes, I do agree with you. Mere comment only will not help in this regard. Politicos, socio-cultural organisations should initiate dialogue with them to address such an important issue whereas I am not in such a position (no link with politics, party, socio-cultural organisation).

        I think they are not Islamic people though they show-up so in their dresses, prayers, rituals…..they do not possess Islam in the real sense of the term. They are religion traders like the Jamaati miscreants. I hold the view expressed in my earlier comment of 24th January. Some Deobondi school of people is there but they do not have any moral standing possessing Islamic values because of their colossal transgression from the right path (bought by the Jamaati money).

        I know one Deobondi scholar named Maulana Monwar Hossain, Chief Khatib of Dhanmondi Eidgah Mosque, Dhaka who is quite different, highly principled and possesses true Islamic values and I respect him though he is mucher younger than me.

        By the by, what stands for MAK?

    • Golam Arshad

      Was it Jamaat and BAL which forced BNP for a Caretaker Government???? Jamaat should severe their connection with BNP IMMEDIATELY, and BAL should make an apology to the Nation for being a staunch ally (Movement partner for a Caretaker Government) in bringing down Khaleda Zia’s Government. You can cuff me with any title Anwar Khan, my humble submission to you is don’t slip on a rotten Banana peel! What a shot! Let us all unite in eradicating JAMAAT, and hang all the War Criminals, (with the exception of hidden war criminals in BAL, JP these WC have proven themselves to be Brahmins by their mesmeric MAGIC and they are NOT Dalit or untouchable therefore pick and choose, and carry out this extermination of Jamaat year after year. How about that? Tagging me a Communal, deep friend of the War Criminal, a Jamaati sympathizer, will NOT make Hasina or anyone HAPPY! One of distinguish friend Anis, out of no where dug my grave from CHINA HOUSE in GOPIBAGH. Sorry he missed me at the India and Pakistan House! What a time to be in…!! I wonder in ecstasy BUT I do salute you Anwar A Khan, for being very forthright with your brilliant writing. And I know, how warm shot in amity will be your response! Right partner!! May the Lord of Joy and Wonder bliss your iconic footage in gilded note of gold and star. Thank you!!

      • Shotto Roy

        Ha ha ha! Is this the Golam Arshad, the Son in Law of notorious collaborator, Maolana Mannan, an alleged killier of Alim Chowdhury?

        Is this that Golam Arshad, who worked as Press Counselor at Washington, DC Bangladesh Embassy as political appointee of BNP-Jamaate government?

      • Golam Arshad

        You missed the Reverse Stroke! Got you there plum LBW with a vicious DOOSRA! Never hand your hat to a LIE MASTER! All Feather Ha! Ha! Ha in Dunce Cap ! No wonder another resurrection, like my good old distinguish friend, Anis who dug my grave from China House in Gopibagh. Missed by a fathom from the Glamorous India House and Also Pakistan House! Good try! But Failed with the first turn in ALL DECEPTION tango. Ha! Ha!! HA!!! Thank you for your compliment. Roy grow up! Keep on digging MY Identity! it will at least render you a nocturnal pleasure. A kick in the brimming stroke of Scotch! Who said that: Shaken but not stirred! Yes: 007. Right partner!! Ha! Ha! Ha Roy Grow up!! Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you, BHALO THAKUN SHUKHA THAKUN!!! BHAI ABONG DADA!!

      • Golam Arshad

        Are you Roy, Rahim or Rahman ? Never Mind!! You are really great! Next time I tempt to ask you for a dear friend of mine, who I lost touch for many, many years! Never Mind. Keep on hitting me Hard as Hard as you can. I wish I could NOW take Talim from ERSHAD CHACHA! Is not he a colorful, evergreen, stylish actor of all actors. He Ershad a life time, “BLUE” in sparkling cut in diamond hue! What is your take? Love to hear it!!! For God sake, No more resurrection, of me being killed thrice: Communal, Jamaat sympathizer, close friend of WC (War Criminal) China House in Gopibagh and on and on.. all these are compliment of hitting hard me a damn soul!! Thank you!!

      • Shotto Roy

        What an incoherent gibberish, Mr, Golam Arshad!!

        But, I commend your honesty in not denying your identity of being the Son-in-Law of infamous Maolana Mannan, the suspected killer of Dr. Alim Chowdhury. I heard Shamoly Nasrin Chowdhury crying while explaining how your father-in-law abducted her Husband in the darkest of the night.
        Now, your lineage to notoriety and link to violent BNP-Jamaat axis should be sufficient for readers to understand why you often hoot for a party born in Cantonment and cry for the militants-Jaamat!!

        Yes, I always grow up. But, there is not any room for you to grow up! Because, you live in a fundamentalist paradise, can’t get out of that Cocoon!!!

      • Anwar A. Khan

        I think I responded correctly to Mr. Golam Arshad on several instances in the past. I do not want to elaborate my comment now. I just reiterate “Those who support Jamaat-e-Islami cannot and should not be considered as human being”, and I strongly hold this view. They did never behave humanly in the days gone by and will not change their characters in future also because they are not human beings.

        “A tree is known by its fruits.”

      • Golam Arshad

        My salute to you Anwar A Khan! A kick in SCOTCH, 007 Goes Wild!! Be Happy in Peace and Amity. Never forget, to head butt Me in Crown with a another Title! Never touch a bleeding Rose in bewilderment!!Thank you for your warm COMPLIMENT!!

    • Golam Arshad

      Dear Anwar A Khan: Jamaaat e Islami Hind ( India); Jamaat e Islam (Pakistan) are these NOT political Party or are these CULT (David Korash demised USA)?? Help me to understand Anwar A Khan! So by your definition Jamaat e Islami Bangladesh is a hard core cult; almost like the Tea party in USA. Tea Party still in full operation. Batting and pitting Republican to swing the Republicans to the FAR RIGHT! Therefore, NO Party per your prescription and understanding should have a religious connotation. Then in India they should taking your good advise: ban RSS, BJP and which must also include Jamaat e Hind. I do praise your deep knowledge and acumen. My humble submission to you is, don’t get carried away only by EMOTIONAL and personal reservation. By the same token it is also applicable to me as well. Please hit me hard as hard as you can! Another thought, Ghatok Dalal Nirmul Committee must be banned, because it promotes vengeance and revenge: Hanging and Killing is there only psyche. Now, another title is on my way : Razakaar, Communal, Pro Pakistani and ISI Agent, to some other RAW Agent etc. etc.,and lately. Mr.Anwar A. Khan, related to someone who is a hated person(?) All in the cesspool of NITHDHON. Thank you Hasina, having one Anis by your side will stamp your legitimacy to your Farcical Election (By winning 154 seats unopposed,and then telling the Nation, it is all due to the folly of Khaleda Zia.We as her subjects must abide by whatever she subscribes and says, in her attrition to: RAZAKAAR NITDHON, SHONKHA LOGU NITHODHON, NARI NIRZATON, AND THE BIGY IS JUDHO OPRADHIR DOSHAR I wish you all the best, keep on writing. Hit me Hard as Hard as you can! No problem with ICT Rule. I may end up in jail, Insha Allah NOT you. Good luck and God speed! Thank you!!

      • Shotto Roy

        Blaming Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee now! Here you go, Golam Arshad!! You are beginning to shed your artificial attire of nicety and hooting for your beloved Jamaat-e-Islami!!

        A beneficiary of BNP-Jamaat government and the son-in-law of Maolana Manan, there could be no better motivation for a supporter of militants, but to denounce in inexplicable innuendos the organization fighting for the victims of your own family member.

      • Golam Arshad

        Great and failed! Any MORE Title! Be NOT that lackey and Boot licker of Sheikh Hasina! A Farcical set up Stolen Election! Hardly Five Per Cent! And Now she is fuming and wobbling hard to stamp it as a Legal manifestation. Roy you too stamp this Election as LEGAL!! Roy Grow Up! Call my distinguish friend Obaidul Qader the “Brilliant Feet Touching” Minister with divinity and Honor! May the Lord of Mercy, tinkle you with Peace and Amity! Any More Title! any MORE revelation! Any More Allegation! You are an Angel a soothsayer of High Eminence! Right Partner! Roy I salute you for your Generous Compliment! Keep on Hitting Hard and never ever put a Dunce Cap to your Genius Mind. You are a Genius! Hasina should Cap with Honor and Dignity you deserve.Thank you!

      • StudentsGroup

        Mr. Roy, You have caught him red-handed. This kind of Jamaati people are all shameless liars and have many faces. These kinds of people are generally communal, wicked, ferocious, violent monger, murder-prone and bitter enemy of humanity. He looks for “avenge, revenge and cobra-bite” in the ongoing fair, transparent and genuine trials of the real culprits and war criminals.

        This foul guy asks us to forgive them and make peace and amity with them. What an audacity? Many commentators have long been condemning him in the harshest words. He speaks foul words stating “tupi and dariwalas will be exterminated if the current PM stays in power.”

        Sometimes he attacks Gonojagoron Moncho, sometimes, he attacks Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee, sometimes this morally degenerate person invents Bangadesh is going to be part of India and so on.

        “Jamaat-e-BNP,” as rightly called the party BNP by so many commentators, has tried to destroy this country which was achieved through the supreme sacrifices of our millions of people, through their dreadful violence in the name of the so-called movement and this wicked fellow, I should call him a “sub-human” like many other commentators identified him so, has been supporting them and advocating in their favour since long.

        Please keep on writing against this bitter enemy of Bangladesh in strongest language; you are not alone and we shall also stand-by you.

        Rini Abdullah, Nahid Pasha, Mukul Ahmed, George Basak, Motiul Islam, Niloy Chowdhury, Amrita Sarkar, Deepak Barua, Nandini Chakraborty, Monira Islam, Senjuti Karmakar, Mollicka Amrin, Shahid Hamid, Mohsin Ahmed, Abanti Sarkar, Priscilla Parveen, Noman Ahmed, Shamsul Arefin, David Gomes, Ashalata Sarker, Niru Mohsin, Sanjit Khisa, Dipankar Chakma, Manashi Khan, Nitish Garo, Ritu Rahman, Aanika Haque, Bashir Ahmed, Monalisa Islam and Ashique Farzan.

      • Golam Arshad

        My Heartiest Greetings salutation to my distinguish young genius minds and friends! Told you already! Keep on Hitting hard as hard as you CAN! What a Language of Praise in Wonder! The Dictionary of Abuse has gilded my undeserving SELF. To ABUSE in HONOR! Yes you are the Best of the Best! Wishing you ALL a BRIGHT FUTURE of FLORAL and LAUREL. Thank you!!

      • Anwar A. Khan

        Mr. Golam Arshad speaks in the language of war criminals’ party Jamaat and their buddies BNP. The same language of speech we had to hear in the Pakistani days from the rotten Muslim Leaguers and the leaders of so-called islamist parties including Jamaat. They committed and commit grave misdeeds using the name of Islam and then why shall we call them Islamist party? They are just criminal and terrorist outfits and so, they should be brought to justice.

        Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee has been honestly pursuing their movement in a non-violent and peace way in order to bring the war criminals to justice. Same is the case with Gonojagoron Moncho. I salute them like all other millions of people and feel proud of them. They are not promoting any sort of vengeance and revenge as you said resorting to lies. Those who want to protect and save those culprits who committed mass killing and other grave criminal offences can only utter such rubbish and you belong to those criminals’ outfits.

        I want to conclude now in the language of my great friend, class-mate during my Dhaka University days and valiant freedom fighter Syed Shahidul Haque Mama, the 2nd strong witness against the war criminal Abdul Quader Molla, the butcher of Mirpur, “ Your acts prove that you are a communal, a religious trader like Jamaat, BNP and the like. You are walking through the medieval ages. We want to discard you from the club of human being and humanity”.

      • Golam Arshad

        What a Language of Decency and Dignity! I salute you Anwar for being in the uniform and armor of HECTOR! Keep on Hitting Hard! You are a Gentleman of High Eminence. Proud of you brother! Any more Head Butt Title! Sure you have at least some in your STOCK in the Armory Pile of DECEPTION in Action. Peace and Amity for you brother! May the Lord keep you in the high NOTE of Happy and Joy!!

      • Anwar A. Khan

        I am always apolitical and don’t have any lust for money, power, position any where (I beg pardon for my personal eulogy). I know what I am. I am emeged from our glorious liberation war; I am emerged from Bangladesh. I don’t have anything else in my stock though you have made an oblique reference.

        Jamaat-e-Islami is a party of war criminals and the hands of the vast majority of their leaders are tainted with human blood. They used “Allahu-Akbar and Islam” while executing our very innocent people during the independence war. They didn’t even bother to allow the dead bodies for burial. Instead, they allowed those dead bodies for eating by the jackals, vultures and dogs. Does Islam permit such heinous acts? Can a Muslim do it? How can a Muslim support these worst criminals?

        So, as I said earlier, “These mass killers, the bitter foes of the humanity, must be brought to justice wherever and whenever found. We must repeatedly expose their masked faces in the hardest language so that the people in general, especially the youth, understand their guile characters. Enough is enough. Their poisonous claws must be severed before they grow further”.

        As such, I shall always speak against these griffins in a very louder tone against. And those who support Jamaat-e-Islami cannot and should not be considered as human being.

      • Anwar A. Khan

        Why are you showing so much love for the war criminals? If you are a human being and if you are a good man, you can’t cry for them. You should raise your vioce strongly to punish them.

        The ICTs to try the war criminals are lawfully established maintaining highest international standard and they are quite transparent. Jamaati, their buddies and Jamaati influenced international cronies backed up by their fat money are making false propaganda against them and you are also campaigning in a similar tone. You are also asking for referendum on this issue (I saw your comment elsewhere). Why? Why referendum shall be needed? You have no humanity. They are mass murderers. We shall try them to hand-down due punishment and that is logical and to keep humanity high.

      • Anwar A. Khan

        I have senior most journalist friends in both print and electronic media and checked with them. I have also checked with a senior most journalist (who knew me since my university days) who once upon a time worked for the Daily Inqilab and now has been working elsewhere. I have found Mr. Shotto Roy’s version of comment of 20th January made herein above as correct.

      • Golam Arshad

        Is Peace and Amity for YOU or BAL, BNP Jamaat or what else! I tune WAR! You tune Peace! So, per se, I am a Brahmin, and you a Jamaati! Right partner! How would you counter WAR without Peace and Amity! I wonder! Have you left out anything on your stockpile just to crack me hard ! Yes! I unequivocally called for a Referendum on War Criminal Trial! Why? Because a DIVISIVE ISSUE must be vetted and voted YES! She does not (Hasina) has the political acumen or COURAGE to take it to the People for a Referendum. Was she AFRAID that the people would VOTE NO! I leave it there to your good guess! And you can call me like Shotto and Name any ABUSIVE NOTE! Be Happy and Be in Peace! Have another Lash ready for me, and Hit me Hard as Hard s you can, because you are a dignified and honored man,,, and like Brutus who was an an Honorable Man too. Right partner!! May the Lord of Peace and Amity keep you and your family in all color and in all tune, from sea to shinning sea! Thank you

      • Anwar A. Khan

        I am for establishing justice by putting the perpetrators on the dock whereas you are for the mass killers, looters, arsonists… Shame upon you!

        And those who support Jamaat-e-Islami cannot and should not be considered as human being.

      • Golam Arshad

        What a Brilliant LOGIC! If I say KILL! HIT AND RUN than I am a Brahmin! ( To you Anwar ); by the same token: if I use : Peace and Amity : I Favor you and Shotto with Crowning Titles! Let the Lord of Mercy, Peace and Amity shine your Heart in thousand notes of celestial bliss and PRIDE!

  7. Shabbir A. Bashar

    This has to be one of the most cool headed, constructive and credible pieces of writing I have read in very long time in a Bangladeshi publication. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. What you profess are the true values of a democracy and the would be acts of a responsible citizenry and leadership.

  8. javed helali

    No one has said anything about Tareque. What is going to be his role in the future?

  9. kolimullah

    The politics in Bangladesh is all about how to dishonour opposition, and they are not to be blamed. This may be our culture or run in our blood. We all talk about first world countries not supporting this and that, but when it comes to follow their way of democracy, we all step back and say sorry. we are inhabitant of a country where some leaders don’t even have grasp on their language. Writers’ suggestion to BNP is positive, but few elements of this should not only be for BNP but for AWL also. With all fairness, who are the real owner of power and who employees these government and opposition people, we should dictate, not them. It is clear BNP can not leave Jaamat. Proclaimed suggestion on jaamat strategy is good but do we really need a party whose head office runs from a country that we happily depleted. No one deserved to be forgiven of their sin in this world regardless how pure they become. Now I wonder, no caretaker government rule was pressed published and passed on June 2011 according to BBC timeline. Then the question is why protesting in 2013? Some may say government would diminish the name of opposition if they had gone down that road that time. But isn’t that opposition party’s job? To fight for people, be the voice of people, and attend and raise their voice in the parliament? And if we are honest to ourselves, we all would remember the time before the hanging of Mr kader Molla. Supporters from both Jaamat and BNP said the ICT is wrong and sang his innocence number of times. And then when Pakistan parliament came forward saying Mr Kader Molla was one of their allies and helping hand… amazingly enough we all forgot who we been supporting. There is lesson to learn. Some hot rod BNP AWL supporters will never change their view on the facts as their limit of buttering has reached such height that they became blind. I just don’t get why BNP never stood for this election, I have the right to give my vote, and the government have allowed me to go for it but the person I like, he/she was so busy oiling their masters will that they forgot about the people who put them on power. Sorry, best of my knowledge there was no poll of the people saying BNP should not go for the election. Leaders said, we are not going, people said yes to it. So democracy is what leaders say to you, but not the people say to their servants. I am sorry, many may say it would have been enormous rigging all around. But why you don’t think it’s been the case all past elections. Had BNP took part in election, they would win it by landmark. But I fear as they haven’t, there intentions became clear. Have some faith on the people atleast done the hard work of supporting you. We are blind and infront of truth we fold our eyes. We are slave to our sins. Wounding thing is when educated people who lived studied or living abroad and taking all the remuneration from those countries but do not like to agree on those when it comes to their motherland. People talk about rigged election videos. Isn’t that common in Bangladesh? May be we didn’t had 3 mp camera in our hand that time. Bangladesh has gone forward and will go forward without its political parties but only with peoples will. Political parties are sham for keeping the chairs to themselves. Producing comment and suggestion is easy, criticising is not a matter, but leadership is what matters. Futuristic though matters. We may leave on present time but aim is to make it better for future. Forgive me if I have hurt anyone. We all love our country and have enormous respect for their own religious. And we should be tied as one country. If not there is no one stopping from taking the flight…

  10. Nazmul Halder

    BNP must survive. We need a strong opposition for our own good. So BNP must pay heed to the ideas suggested here.

  11. Adnan Bakir

    The writer is absolutely right and so are his ideas. Thank you.

  12. rashid islam

    who gave you such authority to police bnp? such a lame article with so many impractical suggestions that will never put into action or practice. do what i do which is watch from the sideline and do not make comments because no one from those political parties read.

  13. Chandan

    “The BNP should speak up about the War Crimes Trials. It should ask the international community to establish a truly international court, and encourage the UN to take the trials to a neutral venue.”

    This is a drop of piss in one bucket of milk. Why Bangladesh is a ‘biased’ venue? Why do you want BNP to try to save those convicted war criminals. Come on, the war criminal issue is almost over, get some peace with it and quit trying to save those killers. We all have seen the desperate attempt to save Quader Mollah at the very last moment before he was executed. I cannot imagine a fair trial in anywhere other than Bangladesh. Also, bdnews should rethink before publishing such article that tries to spread ideas for saving convicted war criminals.

  14. Faiyaz Zamal

    Anik Bhai, well written. Although I am not in agreement with your stand regarding the Jamaat E Islami and ICT, and instead think that it’s high time BNP disposed Jamaat off and put their unequivocal support for ICT, it would be better for BD if BNP realize their mistakes you identified, completely shun violence and initiate a much welcome reform to the party structure and general people involvement. If BNP becomes the pioneer, other political parties will be compelled to take the same path. However, I doubt if BNP will do any of those as the dictations arriving from London rarely consider the changed mental landscape of the voters over the last 7 years and the ground reality.

  15. Cyrus Kazi

    I am not sure if you are a naive wishful thinker or just have absolutely no idea about BNP’s history, or our history for that matter. You are asking the Zebra to change its stripes and trot like a giraffe. You seem to imply what has happened in Bangladesh is a result of some geopolitical conspiracy. Unfortunately, that’s usually the theory propagated by the tinfoil hat crowd.

    • Golam Arshad

      Cyrus my distinguish friend, Why NOT ask Socrates, why he sucked and gulped THE HEMLOCK! Why Cyrus??? Hasina sucked the NECTAR OF POWER until 2021!Cyrus you and I can take the REST! Right partner!! Good job and Thank you!!!

  16. Zafar

    Very interesting article. It covers the geopolitics and also the valid question whether democracy can prevail in Bangladesh, and finally BNP.
    First, the fundamentals need to be addressed. The election is questionable, and that is an undoubted fact. If there is no ground for fair play everything that follows becomes mockery in the eyes of general public. AL needs to create this ground being a sitting govt. If they think they are popular they should not be hesitant about it. A free and fair election is the first step of a stable political country. This also begs the question whether the illiterate and poor people in the rural areas are voting consciously, and not being sold to rich campaigners/candidates. There should be another post-election independent review for that.
    Secondly, autocracy is becoming a trend in Bangladesh politics. Obviously both major parties in Bangladesh are to share the blame for this. I think people are tired of seeing this nonsense and frankly speaking it is completely eradicating the process of making a good leader. If my son is to become the next king then what is the purpose of other party members other than just carrying orders of the party head. People of Bangladesh need to understand who to vote for and why they are voting for a candidate other than his family ancestry.
    Thirdly, geopolitics and it implications are highly overvalued. Someone may argue we need to be on this side or that side to bring investors or increase imports. But that is not true. If you have a strong work force and a strong economic plan you can do it without kissing any other country’s rear. If we see in recent global affairs, most accomplices of big political powers became the prey of their own guardians, and it is inevitable. It is well observed in every stage of history. Sure we can have friendship with various nations for economic development, but that does not mean we have to bow down to them in every internal matter. Nobody wants to be a puppet nation and that defeats our glorious history of freedom and independence in 71.
    Finally, not only BNP but any prominent political party can win the hearts and minds of people by two ways. First, work for them and provide economic freedom and secondly, listen to the public. For BNP, if public wants no alliance with Jamaat then just do it. Same goes for AL. The only debate in an election should be which party provided better economic growth without jeopardizing country long term wellbeing. But I believe general public are not conscious and majority are preset voters. In most developed countries the swing voter to non-swing voter ratio is at least 3:1, which means majority are swing voters and they decide, depending on which is a better party, who to bring to power. In Bangladesh it seems majority are preset voters and that is contributing to a lot of political stagnancy.

  17. Shotto Roy

    Shafquat Rabbee is a Trojan horse of Jamaate Islami. He promotes moderate views in open forum, but espouses Jamatee views in closed forum.

    Has he ever denounced post-2001 election minority persecution by BNP-Jamaat goons or most recent persecution inf Obhonagar, Malopara and other regions. Why has he been so quiet on the killings of civilians by BNP-Jamaat cadres, burning and using petrol bomb?

    His views on War Crime Trial such as this

    “The BNP should speak up about the War Crimes Trials. It should ask the international community to establish a truly international court, and encourage the UN to take the trials to a neutral venue. This move may not be popular, but will be hard to get tagged as unfair.”

    is the same as those being promoted by Jamaat-e-Islami across the world.

    He speaks of fairness of trial of criminals, but don’t say anything about the sufferings of victims at the hands of the same criminals.

    Be very vigilant of Shafquat Rabbee!

    He, as someone mentions, is a wolf in sheep’s cloth!!

    • Chandan

      Very well said and I agree with you. Lets spread this message and uncover the face of this pro-jamaati in social media.

    • Shafquat Rabbee

      Could not fathom how such a low calibre comment with preposterous personal attacks against an author passes Bdnews24’s moderation.

      Let me answer nonetheless.

      The article was providing some ideas to BNP, which is already in a strategic alliance with Jamaat. The current government party Swami League was in electoral alliance with Jamaat during mid 90s.

      Sending the “international war crime tribunal” to an international venue sounds fairly logical. You may passionately disagree, but please don’t call me names.

      Regarding violance, the 2nd,3rd and last paragraph logically, without using emotion, proved why violence should not be the solution. Yes, I didn’t use vitriolic adjectives and bloody language for making my case against violence, but that’s my style.

      • Nazmul Halder

        I like the write-up because someone is finally trying to put some senses in BNP which is really urgent. And I thank the writer for that. Good suggestions are always welcome.

      • Taher

        I agree with the writer in his ideas and wish the leadership of BNP read the piece. It would have really beneficial for them.

        But i don’t think the moderator has done anything wrong uploading the comment attacking the writer. It is a political write-up and the attack was done from a political angle. So instead of criticizing why the comment was uploaded the writer can refute it as many ways as possible.

      • Roshan Zameer Tanvir

        If you are writing something in a public platform Mr Rabbee then you should have the stomach to digest criticism as well as attacking comments. You can always write back and try to prove that attacker wrong but you can’t blame the platform for it. Its not bdnews’ responsibility to shield you.

      • Shotto Roy

        What personal attack, Mr. Shafquat Rabbee! Readers have the right to know information about you! Your soft and moderate tones in public forum hide your expression in right-wing facebook forum like Bangladesh Studies Network (BSN) and Nuraldeen!! In BSN and other forum, you openly supported Jamaat-e-Islami, a militant organization, as being democratic party.

        It shows your character traits. Readers must know chameleon like you. Then, they can make judgment about whether you are an objective observer of Bangladesh Politics.

        You title for the piece “Some bold new ideas for BNP” shows your self condescending know all patronizing attitude, a narcissistic traits, very uncommon to a person with real qualities.

      • Shafquat Rabbee

        Neither nuraldeen blog or BSN is closed, nor right wing. I am a very openly nationalist writer on Bangladesh. Branding everyone you disagree with Jamati is not going to take your cause anywhere.you need to show what made you so upset please.

      • Zamir

        My father and elder brother were brutally bayonetted and shot to death by the Al-Badrs belonged to Jamaat-e-Islami in 1971. Their ring leader is now in jail and facing trial as a war criminal. I pray to Allah so that he is handed-down death sentence and execution of the verdict is happened.

        Down with Jamaat-e-Islami and their supporters!

      • Students Group

        Lending support to Jamaat, a criminal organisation, one can’t be a nationalist!!!

        Rini Abdullah, Nahid Pasha, Mukul Ahmed, George Basak, Motiul Islam, Niloy Chowdhury, Amrita Sarkar, Deepak Barua, Nandini Chakraborty, Monira Islam, Senjuti Karmakar, Mollicka Amrin, Shahid Hamid, Mohsin Ahmed, Abanti Sarkar, Priscilla Parveen, Noman Ahmed, Shamsul Arefin, David Gomes, Ashalata Sarker, Niru Mohsin, Sanjit Khisa, Dipankar Chakma, Manashi Khan, Nitish Garo, Ritu Rahman, Aanika Haque, Bashir Ahmed, Monalisa Islam and Ashique Farzan.

      • Shotto Roy

        Two comments by Trojan Horse Shafquat Rabee Anik supporting Jamaat’s as being honest and effetive in humanatarian causes in Bangladesh Studies Network (BSN), a closed forum. He has made derogatory and hateful comments against Professor Zafar Iqbal and Shahbag movement.

        Here goes his comments in BSN

        On January 9, 2014 Rabee writes:

        Shafquat Rabbee Anik Humaira Chowdhury …

        Jamat runs a charity .. I forgot its exact name in UK … it had $1 Billion operation mostly in Bangladesh and other Muslim countries.

        They have 29 very successful hospitals, where people go for service at reasonable costs. I know two non Jamat MRCP doctors who work there after returning to BD only because of their administration being honest.

        JI also started the Islami Bank, where JP Morgan Chase and HSBC were big investors. I have first hand knowledge from these global banks how much trust they put operationaly on Islami Bank for RMG related financial activities. There was a time when RMG LCs were predominantly done by Islami Bank. Islami bank is by far the largest bank in Bangladesh.

        And finally, Islami Bank is assisting the biggest , brightest, the king of all patriots of all time, the new moguls of bengal — the shahabagis….you know how? Almost all the news portals, which talk against Jamaat 24/7 and thus aid the shahabagis also flash Islami Bank’s banners on their front page. Thus, even if you trash JI’s hospitals and Banks, you gotta admit they are helping Bangladesh, as long as financially insecure Shahabagis and their newspapers/portals are also helping BD.

        As allanis morisset once said, “isnt it ironic, dont you think?”

        January 9 at 4:17pm • Edited • Like

        On January 10 Rabee writes:

        Shafquat Rabbee Anik Shahabagis have a love hate relationship with money. By their communist leftist orientation they think money is bad. When it comes to Jamaat, they think Jamaat has too much money. Since money is bad, Jamaat must be doing bad things with its money. But they never admit the fact that, among all the Islamic parties, Jamaat and their Turkish fraternities are the rare ones which make money through genuine capitalist routes, not selling Poppy seeds or cocain like the taliban or arms and rockets by the middle eastern crazies. Jamatis run the most successful banks, the most successful hospitals, the most disciplines schools, coaching centers, Insurance companies…..basically they beat the secular BNP/AL lminded thiefs in the worldly game of disciplined money making…. I being a libertarian capitalist, feel amazed at these achievements, and just bemoan why BNP or AL cannot do that!

        January 10 at 12:33am • Edited • Like • 5

      • Shotto Roy

        Please read why Shafquat Rabbee is a wolf in sheep’s cloth, Jamaatees in BNP attire.

      • Shafquat Rabbee

        Shotto Roy, read my last point ,”I being a libertarian capitalist, feel amazed at these achievements, and just bemoan why BNP or AL cannot do that!”

        Try to understand the tone, if you learnt nuances used in English language.

        I was playing devils advocate with a blind AL supporter in a closed group. By making contrarian points, all very valid.

        Libertarian capitalists are NOT jamaat. Learn what libertanianism is first, before you brand anyone jamaat.

      • Shotto Roy

        Shafquat Rabbee, you claim yourself to be a libertarian.

        I claim myself to be a SUFI Dorbesh, Alhaj Shotto Roy!

        You can also claim yourself to be a son of freedom fighter.

        But, at the end, all remain to be merely your claim. You’re action defines who you are, not your claim!

        You’re not a Jamaat, but worse than that being a sympathizer of Jamaat.

        Now, I can say you have different type of face, claiming to be libertarian while shouting for Jamaat.

        When you get caught with you pants down, you say, ami to Jamaat korina, meaning you know how socially repugnant it can get get claiming yourself being a Jamaat.

        But, your comments that I shared with the readers show who you are and only a drop in a bucket from numerous comments supporting Jamaat you have been making over the last few years.

        By the way, are you a Rand Paul type libertarian or a fake lib like a fake BNP?

      • Golam Arshad

        Hey Roy! Bhai and Dada : Too smart!! Poor shot! The tonic in the Gin is stale! Try something else ! You are WRONG in the RIGHT Way! Any MORE news of resurrection of my identity! Try again! The celestial cloud in sacred ROTH will fly you to Kali missing by an inch the teasing arrow of CUPID.Right partner! Truth in Roy and ray. Keep on Hitting me Hard as hard as you can! That “Doosra” that killed your winning Reverse Stroke. On with MORE thoughts… keep on running to the wire that smothers the Bubble of Lie to NOTHING! Thank you partner!

      • Shotto Roy

        Same incomprehensible gibberish for a beneficiary of BNP-Jamat government and son-in-law of a collaborator!! Nothing to add!! Hope to meet you in person and ask, had you ever asked your father-in-law, “how did he get away with murder all these!! O, I am sorry! Why would you ask!! I forgot, you don’t think collaboration with Pakistan army wasn’t a crime at all!!!

      • Golam Arshad

        In to the Valley of the DEAD… Rode the SIX HUNDRED. Shotto! Carry on ! A Flash Cut to NOTHING!!!! Happy Be in Lime and Snow!

      • Shafquat Rabbee


        Above is what Libertarianism is. That is what I very strongly believe in. As a libertarian, I believe in people’s right to choose whatever political ideology or religious ideology they find suitable or not suitable. State should have very little issue with that.

        I believe in centrism, pragmatism, realism, reonciliation, coexistence, and of course whole lot of economic freedom and capitalism. These are indeed troubling philosophies for hate mongers, that I can easily understand.

    • Shafquat Rabbee

      This is what I wrote regarding human rights abuse, minority oppression, and terrorism. Not sure what else could have been said in an idea document with actionable steps.

      “The BNP should form a human rights activism wing. This wing can seek assistance from local and international rights groups and carry out campaigns against torture against the minority Hindu, Christian, Buddhist population, as well as victimisation of the Muslim population in the country due to their party affiliation. The BNP and its allies should publicly expel any leader, irrespective of position level who are found involved in gross human rights abuses. Similar mandate should be shown against terrorism of any kind, when proven.”

      • Bellal Alam

        Keep writing. Don’t bother about the hatemongers. BNP needs these ‘bold new ideas’ ever so badly.

  18. Rafu

    The article is very positive. If BNP can take such steps it can easily be the peoples champion. But the first question is whether they are under that sort of leadership or not. Begum Khaleda Zia didn’t consider the sufferings of the people, she is only looking for power. If change to occur, the party leadership must be changed. In recent well heard telephone talk Tarek Zia also seemed having lack of peoples pulse. He wanted to continue the street fight where only a few were throwing petrol bombs. Your stated regrouping needs those people who understand attitude of the mass. BNP certainly has huge support, but these are only effective in vote. People of the country didn’t observe much difference between the two major parties.There must be a clear issue for which they can fight and give life. Caretaker Govt. issue can’t be an item for life and death! BNP activists now understand the so called ‘Power house’ is no more. They must adopt leaders who are really nationalists and won’t be involved in any nasty things in future. They must talk about the shining Future and growth. They have to understand the requirement of the future generation. The party has no inner democracy, there is no other opinion than Chairperson or her son’s opinion. As a political icon Tarek Zia has failed to establish himself, yet this party is having his name as their 2nd in command! Again I appreciate your suggestions but afraid that this will be thrown in the basket.

    • Shafquat Rabbee

      Thanks. The civil society also need to appreciate the value of democracy. Dislike for the opposition, shouldn’t automatically be used to support autocracy or one-party rule. The civil society, must guard democracy and provide people with the choice of finding the right leaders for them via credible elections.

      • Rafu

        Sorry to mention that there is nothing called civil society. Some renowned persons may talk or act from their own stands, that has very little effect in the power politics.

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