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joyAt this point in time, with the 10th Parliamentary elections upon us, we are all painfully aware of the reasons for the Opposition’s boycott and their demands. They have demonstrated their demands with enough dead and burnt bodies and bomb attacks. Rather than rehash all the current political hot topics I would like to ask you a question.

Are you better off today than you were five years ago? Is the country better off today than it was five years ago? If the answer is yes, it did not happen by itself. Without a good government power plants, schools and roads would not have been built. Without sound economic management the economy and your income would not have grown. Without a strong government your children would not have been safe from terrorist bombs on their way to school. Without Sheikh Hasina war criminals would not have been punished.

Yet our Opposition’s final sticking point in negotiations was for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to step down. The argument was that we would not go to elections under Khaleda Zia. Let me give the same answer that I give in all my town hall meetings. Imagine someone came to your door, you let them in and they robbed you. A few years later they came back to your door and apologized, you let them in again and they robbed you yet again. If they came back a third time and apologized, would you let them in? Khaleda Zia has rigged elections both times she has been in power. She has never conducted a free and fair national election. Would any sane person go to elections under Khaleda Zia?

Sheikh Hasina has never rigged an election and even in this term we have had almost 6000 elections not one of which anyone has been able to complain about. The two do not compare. To claim that free and fair national elections are not possible under Sheikh Hasina just because Khaleda Zia has rigged them each time is completely illogical!

Even though no unbiased observer has been able to claim these elections will not be free and fair, a few civil society members and foreign diplomats have claimed they will not be credible. This gives the Opposition veto power over the elections. The long term implication of this is that for all future elections any party can refuse to participate and the elections will not be credible even if they are free and fair. Where does that leave the democratic process? In the future any party that is likely to lose could simply boycott elections and they become not credible, as the BNP is trying now.

This is the crux of the current situation. I had opined to several foreign diplomats two years ago that if at the end of five years the BNP is not sure they can win the elections, they will boycott. The BNP has acted just as I predicted. Does anyone honestly believe that in spite of all our Government’s achievements and the BNP’s continued arson attacks on civilians the BNP has any chance of winning an election? If they believed they could win then why not prove it?

The only way to ensure continuation of democracy is to come out and vote. That is also the only way to improve the current situation and politics. Let me explain.

There is a continuous stream of criticism levelled at politics and politicians. But what is the end result of this? Even when a party or MP does a lot of good, they get dragged down to the level of criminals. Who does this benefit? Their opponents who are crooked and only want to get to power to enrich themselves. This is why negative campaigns exist; because they work.

This also creates a disincentive for honest politicians. If even after working hard they are constantly called crooks, eventually they give up. Then you are left with candidates who believe they will only get one term, as no matter how hard they work they will be dragged down. So what would they do then if elected? They will focus only on enriching themselves in that one term. It becomes a race to the bottom.

The only way to prevent this is to vote. In this election, despite the best efforts of the BNP and a section of our civil society to denigrate politicians the Awami League succeeded in countering the negative propaganda. The BNP did not have any other tactic left. So they resorted to boycotting these elections in order to make them controversial. If this tactic is rewarded, then the future of democracy in our country is doomed.

By voting you send a clear message that you value democracy above all else. By voting for the party that has taken Bangladesh forward and made your lives better you reward good politicians. If you continue to do this the opposition will eventually realize that such tactics will not work. They will eventually realize that the only way to get elected is to make specific promises to voters and then to keep those promises when elected.

This is why voting is so important. It is true there is not much of a choice of parties or candidates. But there is an even more important choice. Whether you support democracy at all cost or not. Whether good politicians deserve to continue or not. Whether politics improves or the political uncertainty and conflict continues. The choice is yours. I hope you will vote in two days.

Sajeeb Ahmed Wazedis Information and Communication Technology Affairs Adviser to the Prime Minister.

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  1. Monir Ahmed

    If physical development is all that counts to people, then what was wrong with Ayub khan and Ershad? Did they fail to develop country in Physical structure?

    You are beating the drum of free fair local election and some by election. Is any body buying that? Neither oppossion nor mass people. Because they know about the ground reality- Vola and Bhrammon baria and Tangail( Kader Siddiki’s seat).

    • Shotto Roy

      What evidence do you have about physical infrastructure development during Ershad showing better achievement than later governments?

    • Riddik chaudhury

      Yes I am agreed with this writer to speak truth that one Muslim realized (Writer)how much humanitarian broken into in so called Pakistan (present Bangladesh). I called New form of Pakistan because the people of Pakistan and present so called Bangladesh (Pakistan)is same. We know this new form of Pakistan (Bangladesh) created from Original Pakistan.(1971)

      So these Pakistani Muslims still in Bangladesh and they never changed their character and mind set.They want all Hindus and other religion should leave from the new Pakistan (so called Bangladesh) and they will get all these lands and properties without cost.

      I hate people those called Hindus as minority people. They made the Hindus so called minority and it is now used as a Brand for Hindus and other religious people on Bangladesh except so called Bangladeshi Muslims. Because why so called Indian Muslims are patriot but Bangladeshi Muslims are traitor. They say one thing and do different. I think they should stop now to call Hindu as a minority people. Which is very much insulting to them. They should call them directly Hindus or belong to ‘Sanatan’ religion people.

      It does not matter anything happened in so called Bangladesh stats to attack Hindus without reasons. Which is very un -human being and barbarian for the defeated Muslims of so called Bangladesh. Because without help of Hindus and India in 1971 this so called Bangladesh never freed without helped of Hindus and India.So Hindus and Indian did wrong job in 1971 because so called Bangladesh is still exist Pakistani original Muslims and their same activities. So all times are attacking the weak Hindus without reasons and no protection from so called Muslims supported government (Awamaleauge). Who took the most advantages and benefits to tortured and attacking them. Now both BAL and BNP blamed each other and justice for this brutal incidents.So there is no different original Pakistan and New Pakistan (So called Bangladesh). If the justice done in one case previously, this will not happened again. BAL and BNP both are involved with this incident. It is cleared that no parties wants justice. Because they blamed each other and never justice been done. More beneficiary is BAL in the name of Secularism (Which is under cover Islamic terrorist party in Bangladesh)

      In UK or USA the government never called any Bangladeshi or Indian minority because they are citizen of UK or USA not classified as their originality like what is doing in Bangladesh and created and artificial division. Because USA and UK wanted all citizen should equally participate in the main stream line of their countries. But what is happening in so called Bangladesh.

      Hindus are not poor not ignorant or illiterate like Muslims. These very intelligent people in part of the society. Please do not kill and torture them in Bangladesh. Help and respect them as respect with other religion or citizens. Hate all bad activities of bad Muslims but not hate good Muslims like our writer of this topics.

      Riddik Chaudhury
      Ph d student in UK

  2. giyas

    AL bhalo kaj koreche maani. tahole ar bhoy er ki? keno ei autocracy?

  3. Akram Ali

    amar vote er odhikar khorbo korar right karo nai. emonki AL er o na.

  4. meher khan

    Sk.Mujib said BKSAL was the best way to save democracy. Now the grandson repeats the same.

  5. Iftekhar Hossain

    গণতন্ত্রের ত্রিভুজ

    বালির ট্রাকে বন্দি ঘরে
    ডিম খিচুড়ির ভুনা
    গণতন্ত্রের মরণ দশা
    বলতে গেলেও গুণা।

    ডিম খিচুড়ির সালুন চেখে
    হাসপাতালের রোগী
    তেলেসমাতির খেল দেখালেন
    পালটি খাওয়ার যোগী।

    গণতন্ত্রের পীর-মাশায়েখ
    ভোটার বিহীন ভোটে
    দোষ কি যদি তসবিহ গুনে
    হালুয়া রুটি জোটে।


  6. Populist

    This farcical election is the biggest joke since the one held on 15th February 1996. If anything, AL knows how to bluff with their claim of upholding democracy and constitution.

  7. md Shahin

    Democracy is, by the
    government of the government for
    the government!!!! not for common

  8. nasir uddin

    I have been nt reading any joke fr long time!Mr. wazed has good sense of humour.thnk u!

  9. Engr. Md, Sekandar ali

    It is indeed a very thoughful writting to support the ensuing election to be held on 5th January. I have seen the above comments of the readers and those are full of emotions and assumptions. When somebody says that 90% of the voters want the election to be held under care taker government but we seldom see the result of it in the demonstrations of BNP- Jamat. The fact is that only the slogan of care taker government is in the mouth of the mid night talkers in the TV and to some so called intelectuals. Why don’t they believe that in any part of the world, the majority party has the right to amend the constitution and the Awami League has done the same by the 15th amendment. If BNP does not like it then they must go to the poll and get the majority and amend the constitution for the care taker government. It may be recalled that the BNP has also amended the constitution by barring the trial of the killers of Bangobandhu. The Awami League came to power, got the majority and amend the black law and punshied the killers. So the election which is being held on the 5th is quite justified as per constitution.
    I like your following coments which are very much positive.
    “There is a continuous stream of criticism levelled at politics and politicians. But what is the end result of this? Even when a party or MP does a lot of good, they get dragged down to the level of criminals. Who does this benefit? Their opponents who are crooked and only want to get to power to enrich themselves. This is why negative campaigns exist; because they work.

    This also creates a disincentive for honest politicians. If even after working hard they are constantly called crooks, eventually they give up. Then you are left with candidates who believe they will only get one term, as no matter how hard they work they will be dragged down. So what would they do then if elected? They will focus only on enriching themselves in that one term. It becomes a race to the bottom.”
    Engr. Md. Sekandar Ali
    Saidpur, Nilphamari-4

    • Russell

      Nice sucking up Mr Md. Sekandar Ali. You clearly wrote your name and address so that your loyal servitude to your BAL masters does not go unnoticed.

  10. BDeshi Mahathir

    We are seeing AL activists are being burned while carrying petrol bomb and getting caught red handed while trying to bomb here and there.

  11. kabir

    ধন্যবাদ স্যার আপনাকে ভাল ইংরাজী জানার মত লোক আপনার মত হাতে গনা কয়েকজন pls…বাংলাতে অনুবাধ দিলে সবাই জানতে পারবে।

  12. দিব্যেন্দু দ্বীপ

    halim Khan @ perhaps you don’t understand logic.

  13. Wiser than you

    Why are you claiming that you won’t be able to vote with 53% people of bd?
    Don’t try to vote but try to ask vote for you and try to be a leader, not a worker.

  14. Rahman

    Mr. Wazed, I wonder you really went to harvard or not? I am pretty sure you did not get into Harvard by dint of merit but by the magic power of hefty donation(don’t need to mention the source of money).Though you got into Harvard as a graduate/professional student which is relatively easy to get in, you should know the definition of democracy. The democracy what you are talking about is not in any lexicon other than you, your mother and some sycophants like Nasim,Amu,Asraf and Inu’s dictionary. You are saying people are better off now. I am not going to say anything about other people but I can say with loud voice that I have lost almost everything in share market twice under your mother’s regime.

    • nds

      That is your problem arisen out of foolishness and unrestrained greed not the fault of democracy. Democracy is not meant for making you rich by investing in share market and why don’t get yourself enrolled in Harvard by donating money instead of investing in share market. Before demanding democracy try to learn minimum decency.

      • Rahman

        I am sorry for being late to answer your foolish reply .I wonder in which country I am, where the finance minister calls the share business(stock market) fatkabaji(scam or fraudulent scheme),you are calling it a pure greed. Your answer proves how naive you are. Do you know that stock market is the backbone of a countries economy ? Share market
        raise capital for business expansion which creates jobs. It brings revenue for the country. Shareholders make money if the company makes profit. So investing in share market is not pure greed or sheer stupidity and greed. Like any other business there is the risk of losing money in stock market . Every businessman has to be ready to take loss with profit. If the stock price of a company goes down because the performance of the company is not good I would not blame the government.
        It is evident from your reply that you don’t know anything about insider trading,market manipulation. In every country there is some SEC rules where the insider traders and market manipulators get punished. In U.S.A, UK and many other countries every year hundreds of very powerful and
        influential people are going to jail paying large fine to recoup the losses caused by them. In those countries the finance minister did not say that we can’t try those manipulators because they are party members or very influential, very Powerful. I am not mad because I lost money but I blame the government because it happened twice during this AL government but no action has been taken. I was a little harsh in my opinion about Mr. Wazed because my expectation from him was much higher. He failed to differentiate himself form undermatric(SSC fail) Tareque zia. Whoever you are (Mr. Wazed or Al supporter) believe me Mr. Wazed is not building his image by talking nonsense publicly like other thug and illiterate ministers and mps. His image and respect for him was much higher two years back
        than what it is now.

    • Kayes

      But, why blame the guy’s mother. Did she force you to punt in the share market. If you had made oodles of money would you give her a lot of credit. Do not get me wrong, I think the PM is an autocratic big B. But, the losses in the share market is driven by your decisions. Your level of greed and your risk tolerance. The fact that you lost twice tells me you are a punterm a risk taker. I say amen to that. Good for you. Kep punting and maybe your number will come in one fo these days.

    • Moni

      100% agreed! I have also lost almost everything in stock market and also carrying financial burden of bank loan. Everything was fine till the real faceoff of BAL is made! I have casted vote last time proudly to this government and also being from the home district of PM. Most of family members of close associates of BAL but , we all are extremely frustrated and scared being citizen of this country under tis regime!

      The journey has not end. Being a Head of HR of a company now I am working to reduce 5% headcount ! How will take this up? BAL and Its leaders should listen to the proven leaders who are really contributing this country not the funny mockers we see every day in the TV! Thanks to all the people who are having courage to speak up the truth! Thanks to all from me! Let Almighty save our country, save us!

      • afsan chy

        Kayes is right. Share investors are way too greedy. Its your responsibility to protect your money. You should have known that manipulators were at work. Don’t whine and don’t invest when the share market is run by thieves.

      • Mohammad Zaman

        For Kayes/Afsan,

        Share and/or Stock Market is inherently risky. But this is the prime mover of capital development. And hence, it the the duty of the government (or whoever is running it) to install proper safe guard against insider trading and/or other illicit practices.

        I will not blame a greedy share holder because greed is not an unknown ingredient of market economy.

        Regulators are not there to regulate the greed of an individual investor. Their job is supposed to build the right scaffolding for the greeds of individual investors to be played out without bias or preference.

        Well, there was an investigation by a banker with a good deal of integrity. He was maligned and harassed … the story should be known to both Kayes/Afsan.

        Yes, agree with the basic premise that investing in stock market is risky. But given the situation in BD, it is not easy to blame the subaltern investors without looking into the corrupt practices of the connected few …

  15. polash7

    Mr. Sajeeb Wazed, some people always remain cynical even though AL has done good service for them, but their number is very insignificant. generally it’s the nature of wrong headed /politically biased figure. they are so overwhelmed that they lose their normal sense to identify actual hero who are making progress in Bangladesh. we want to see development & stay with them who are doing best comparing the last 7 years of BNP & caretaker govt regime. After all our politics is more idealized than ever & needed political stability firmly. unfortunately some political parties still uphold traditional political views as usual, now time to update them! we people realize who is doing good for us.

  16. kazi jakir hossain

    Dear mr. joy,
    You described rightly one of the part but another part is in darkness…historically AL’s stand is on the actual part but all good politicians are not there..they are all the same in terms of corruptions and evil politics, the people are suffering with their spoiled poli-ticks…you have to observe rightly otherwise the country is now in very much danger zone….religion is another part of our country where religious darkness is prevailing…we should sweep away this with education but education is under evil bureaucrats and our politicians are guided by them so education we needed for changing the people moderately but it is within problems in-depth…need more analysis to get long term change….those who are fundamental and politicized with fundamentalism need not analyse in good way..but needed to take in considerations for carefulness..i think you are not analyzing correctly what the people will accept easily ,,you have to be different…but impossible in this way…maximum members of the so called civil society is yours if you speak out in this way you ‘ll lose them so be careful…

  17. Jasim Udddin

    Great write-up. However, it would be more acceptable to every single citizen of the country if the election to be happened with the participation of all parties.. 🙂

  18. Snr Citizen

    NO ONE in Bangladesh wants a re-birth of BAKSAL, or a one party, oppositionless, choked and UNDEMOCRATIC political activity. For AL Baksal was not a positive experience and had paid heavily. Choosing anything but democracy is to go back nearly 100 years. Ground reality is general masses has politically ‘graduated’ on on the path of same. They will not digest it. And this will only ensure a journey towards the like of North Korea.

    • Moni

      We have heard this from our parents but never thought this to be that true! Now , we are realizing how history repeats itself! I don’t feel the government is working like a Bangladeshi government rather its more aliened ! We don’t see the spirit in it as we use to feel earlier in every election ( except 1996 and Ershad’s). People are more matured now, aware now, conscious now! How the government feels that we are that fool!

      Expected better leadership from Mr. Wazed at least and thought he could be the person to become better coach to BAL!

  19. N Alam

    Mr. Wazed:

    Are you really this Naive? It looks like you and your entire family have some kind of blinders on. I am not in politics but even I know that this will haunt the AL for the next 20 years.

    The people of this country is very forgiving but only to those who repent. AL may have done a lot of good in the last 5 years but that does not negate the fact that the AL or Hasina League has single handedly botched the most important and biggest infrastructure project of our nation just so that Abul Hosein and his cronies can make some money. Is this Nation Building?

    How is Salman Rahman still operating in this nation? This ‘leech’ has sucked the life blood out of the general public in the last two times AL was in power through the stock market. Is this Nation Building?

    Taking her age into consideration, this may be the last time she will be forming a government before placing her ‘paternal property’- this nation, in your hands. Does she really want to go out like this? What is her legacy? A lifetime of Hartal, Blockade and destruction of property?

    I know people like to keep families closer, but what hood does it do for you guys keeping around ‘goons’ like Sheikh Selim, Abdullah and Helal?

    I can see a high school dropout like Tareq Rahman make mistakes like these. But from what i know, you are an educated person, how did you not have the ability to help your mother surround herself with some qualified advisors? Because what she has now are Yesmans and thieves. Everyone that has ever opened their mouth has been muzzled or marginalized. Is that democracy?

    With All due respect, town hall meetings are great only when you have a randomly selected people who are allowed to ask random questions without any fear. It does not serve any purpose other than boosting one’s ego when you fill it up with students who are in awe with the presence of the PM’s son and his entourage.

    Best of Luck!

    • Allfordemocracy

      Very well said N Alam! I was an AL supporter, my grandad was very close accomplice to Sheikh Mujib. After returning to BD and seeing this farce of a party (e.g Abul Hossain – patriot according to our PM, the banking scandal, stock market crash etc) including that JOKE of a home minister, and the disgusting language by the PM including AL secretary (shajja guijja khaleda zia appeared in the aftenoon) was enough to change my mind. These people are not literate enough to run a country and neither are they competent. They promote tyranny. There’s NO WAY IN HELL I’m going to support AL ever. Thanks!

  20. Chandra

    Mr.Joy, we want peace and security if you think this election can give you may proceed. K. Zia and Tarek they dont do politics for people I think. Oh I’ve forgotten if possible try to make politics free and fair and reduce corruption.

  21. Qamar Uddin

    Your claim of all of MP’s did a great job, yet called as crook is completely absurd and childish. Most of the MP’s in all governments regime was corrupted, is corrupt and most likely will be corrupted without any doubt. I am not defending BNP or other’s, just saying your claim of a all good AL govt is not true, please stop misguiding people. AL has to share responsibilities for people burned and bombed in past few months, you can’t deny that. AL consciously created the situation for BNP so that they go on hardline, cause as a political party they have not base and basics, they know that they have lost ground by all means.PM Sheikh Hasina is acting like a dictator and considering Bangladesh as her sole property. Final question to you, when are we going to be declared as 29th state of India? Cause it seems like we are one now!!

  22. Master Panna

    My dear Mr. Wazed,

    We Bangladeshis, never knew about “Caretaker Government” before. Your party and your mother created that. Why you people didn’t think of flaws of this system before proposing this “Caretaker Government” system? WHY WHY WHY? Now, why do you change that system again? Should your party seek apologies for this?

    In your article you said:

    “Imagine someone came to your door, you let them in and they robbed you. A few years later they came back to your door and apologized, you let them in again and they robbed you yet again. If they came back a third time and apologized, would you let them in? Khaleda Zia has rigged elections both times she has been in power. She has never conducted a free and fair national election. Would any sane person go to elections under Khaleda Zia? ”

    My God! How could you use this analogy? you think Bangladesh is own by your Mother’s family? and BNP and other Political parties are just outsider? I lost my appetite to read your article further. SORRY….

    One advice, please change your way of thinking. It will help you in future.

  23. Jamal

    If we just take a look at how AL has treated Ershad so far, then we can understand what kind of free, fair, credible election AL with its EC will deliver. Please stop this sham election.

  24. Mr Sajib

    I am always with you. I know you are a great person and genious.

  25. rezwan kabir

    your dad was a great man too…..your mum is too perplexed to stay in power at any cost…..piece of advice ….follow your dad’s footsteps not your mom’s….lets call a spade a spade and be the change in new generation politics.

    • Moni

      Great Said! We don’t want Mr. Wazed to get lost from the people’s mind with what is happening now!

  26. mithun ahmed

    Mr. Joy–I must emphasize that sophomoric rhetoric does not prove a point.
    You know very well why all the major opposition parties have boycotted the forthcoming elections: the AL has rigged the system in such a way that it is not possible to win elections under the incumbent government. That is the reason they have been rejected by the general population and the international community.
    The valid economic counter-factual for a developing country ( unless it is a Sub-Saharan economic disaster) is NOT whether the country is better-off today than it was five years ago. The valid economic counter-factual is: whether the country is better of today than what it could have been . indeed, the country could have achieved a double-digit growth rate without the rampant corruption , poor governance and the inefficient leadership of a party that is hell-bent on settling political scores. ( It is generally suggested that the successive corrupt regimes of AL and BNP have shaved off 2-3 percent of the potential growth of the country.)
    You are however right on one point that currently there is not much of a choice between parties and candidates which include your mother.Unfortunately, a political Gresham law is operating in the country: the environment has been made as such that no body decent dares to enter the arena or bad politicians are driving good politicians out of circulation through their machinations.
    Yes, the country certainly needs democracy which is free and fair , and not the type that the AL proposes to offer on Jan5!

  27. richard dean

    Wow! You have got your head in the clouds. Only Al can think this way. your “nana” also felt he ‘owned’ the country which became his downfall! Now mummy dearest also thinks Bangladesh is her toy to do what she wants! Nothing lasts for ever you cant be at the top always you will get pushed down. wait and see the people will win.

  28. shamim

    you say bnp has rigged election 2 times in the past. then why are you doing it now since its not rite…

  29. F. Rahman

    Good one bro but you ain’t fooling anyone with your ” are you better off” line. This is Selection, so let’s keep it that way and not pretend to be the savior of democracy – do you and your mommy even know the meaning of that word?
    Faiz Rahman

  30. Jisan

    Joy, even your mother won’t be able to vote this time. The candidate of your mother’s voting area has already been elected, thanks to the “AL democracy”. So I have decided to show sympathy to your mother and not vote. Sorry Joy!

  31. morshed khan

    Congratulations. You have made even that monster tariq Zia sound intelligent.

    You are asking us to vote for an election that has only AL candidates and has already been won!

    • Russell

      Ha ha! Great comment! People like Mr. Joy fail to understand that most people of Bangladesh don’t give a damn about AL & BNP and want to get rid of both! In their idiotic Bush style logic — if you are not AL, you must be BNP.

  32. Aleef Khan

    To enjoy the benefit of development is a right of the people, don’t consider it as a generous contribution of govt. It’s a continuous process. Even if any dictator runs the country, economic development will continue in this country at rate over 6%. Why do people vote you? Isn’t it your duty to do the development work for the people? In the name of development, you don’t have the right to take away the most fundamental rights of its citizens and put the country towards a path of confrontation and crisis.

    You had a nice status update when Nelson Mandela passed away. If you at least have 1% belief in his political philosophy, why not go for a compromise and reconciliation with the opposition? One doesn’t lose in a compromise rather become magnanimous.

  33. halim Khan

    Is your mother too embarrassed to write this piece herself and decided to let you take the heat ? This is asking everyone to halal your theft of democracy and voting.

    But its really funny. Thanks for your gift of laughter in such dreary days.

    • morshed khanhee

      I think your mother forced you to write this. No normal person could have written such a silly piece.

  34. SRH

    Mr. Wajed, I am sure you are aware of the adage, “image is everything.” How PM Hasina is perceived by the voters is the main thing. Yes, AL did a lot of good work, no doubt. 55% of voters said so in an opinion poll. Strangely, these 55%of voters also said that they would vote for BNP. Why? The actions taken by AL in a few national issues perceived (right or wrong)by the voters as a naked power grab, intention of staying in power at all cost. It will be hard to remove this perception. AL suffered for 20+ years for BAKSAL. People forgot it. Now, again PM Hasina has a created a situation, that will cost AL another generation. This is a disservice to the nation and to the voters.

    • kobir

      Well said! It’s about time this family mafia business of AL should be bankrupt. What do you know of the Nation’s pain and suffering Sajeeb Wajeed? Like your dictator grandfather lived outside of the country so do you and your family living a rich life in the West free from pain. How dare you Mr Wajeed lecture us Bangladeshis? Stick to your technology consulting and use your Mother’s ‘corrupt’ money to build your US consulting business. Your family are blue blooded.

  35. Latifa Hamid

    Yes, people support democracy at all cost. Therefore, we are rejecting this selection election.

  36. Adnan

    Mr. Sajeeb Wazed, what r u talking about? this is the first time any national election under sole power, is not it?

    Sorry to say, u mixed up with class test, Class Term exam, Class change Exam and Board Exam.

    City corporation, union parisad election can be compared with class test but not board exam such as National election, is not it?

    Is any national institute free & fair that people will get confidence for big jump?

    Ask yourself as a good educated person, u will get answer yourself.


  37. Bdeshi

    You are a silly little boy under your mommy’s protection. This sham of an election will end AL. Don’t underestimate the power of good over evil.

  38. hasan

    what a miracle, or what a coincidence..71 is back!! india in the same course and America in the same role! Obama’s foreign policy is full of dilemma and ambiguity at a level that america never had tasted before! they support brotherhood in egypt and want to eliminate religous fanatics! they fight against taliban and islamist fanatics across afghan and pakistan, at the same time support jamat shibir in Bangladesh! this jamat threatens to shutdown NATO supply to adgjan from pakistan!!

    • kobir

      Yet you don’t realise you live in a puppet state of India while it takes all your garments business by creating this cahos. Wake up. You brain washed AL worshiper!

      • hasan

        India is taking garments and jamat shibir taking lives!! which side to take?

    • Mak Azad

      Ei simple Jinista jodi bujte na paren, taile ei jamanay apner moto vodai r nai !

  39. Abul Bashar

    We want democracy more than anything else. And this is no democracy.

  40. Habib

    You seem an educated person. You write well. Hear our request and put some senses in your mother. We support AL. But we will not assist your party in getting elected though undemocratic means. Please don’t ask us to vote AL. Make AL organize a free and fair election participated by all other parties that exist in Bangladesh. Only then we will have choices before us.

  41. Habib

    We dont have any choice before us. There is only one candidate. AL.

  42. Youth Voter

    I am a first time voter. And I won’t be able to vote as the candidate in my area has already been elected. And you call this democracy?

      • Citizen

        BNP did this in 96, BAL is doing this 2014! Is this what BAL planned and learned to do this after so many years ! FYI, BAL boycotted 96 parliament and election along with Jamat! BAL had strong tie ups with Jamat before but it is only now to get their interest. We are minimal educated to know this. I never voted in 96 nor will now though last time I proudly voted for BAL!

  43. Dr A Rahman

    Sajeeb Wazed: You are obviously writing on behalf of your mum. But the points you have raised are so biased and conceited that such discourse will have the opposite effect of driving voters away from the AL. So, it is better to keep your head down and, of course, keep it cool and let the storm pass over your and your dear mum’s head. Then all of you would have another bout of pillaging opportunity.

    Nonetheless I am supporting AL for one and one reason only and that is AL’s stand on secularism and anti-fundamentalism.

    • Aleef Khan

      Would secularism and anti-fundamentalism be upheld when the most fundamentals rights of the citizens are taken away?

      Sheikh Hasin is not only jeopardizing her political career, her son and party’s political future will be in stake as well.

    • kobir

      Anisur Rahaman. Well said! You come across a sensible chap, but what has Allah (SWT) done to you: except create you, given you your 5 senses, a body, food, shelter, emotions, intelleigence, strength, love, family….and yet you are able to vote AL because it’s a secular party and anti- islam. Don’t worship false gods as this is one sin Allah (SWT) never forgives. As for Bangladesh, I pray that the hands(AL) that is strangeling the country is severed so that it never ever sees the daylight of politics. The time is now!

    • Javed helali

      Secularism does not mean no religion. It means all religions are allowed freely without imposing one on the other. I am a secular Muslim. I do not bother about other religions as long as they do not try to suppress mine.

      There is nothing wrong if one practices the fundamentals of one’s religion (wrongly called fundamentalists with an equally wrong connotation). What is wrong is Fanaticim as seen by the actions of Pak/Afghan Talibans and Hidu fanatics who kill muslims and destroy their holy places in India since at least in the 1940s, EVERY YEAR.

      • mithun ahmed

        Mr Helali: I think we are perhaps talking the same thing. To me, secularism is the principle of separation of government institutions (and the persons mandated to represent the State ) from religious institutions and religious dignitaries. In other words, the state and the church or the mosque should be separated. In Bangladesh, secularism was never practiced . Even during the regime of the Sheikh Mujib , every state function used to begin with recitations from n different religions. That is not secularism in its true meaning –it was theism to the power n!

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