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Photo: bdnews24.com

In Support of the People’s Protests Fuelled from Shahbagh.

The Bengali spring has arrived; the gloom of winter has finally been removed. On February the 5th, 2013, a new generation of activists supported by seasoned progressive political forces, started a movement from the Shahbagh intersection in Dhaka, criticising the weak verdict pronounced by the International Crimes Tribunal in the case against Abdul Quader Mollah. Like an avalanche, this movement has spread to the nooks and corners of the country and has outstripped and outsmarted the street terror exercised by cadres of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Already there can’t be the slightest doubt about the verdict pronounced by the people of Bangladesh: the highest punishment must be meted out to those leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami and to other reactionary politicians who helped the Pakistani army implement its policy of genocide in 1971.

Your vibrant and spontaneous people’s movement has appropriately erupted in the month of February, just before the start of Falgun, and this has more than symbolic significance. It clearly fits in a long and powerful tradition of active political engagement by Bangladesh’s students and youngsters. Indeed the movement is a very worthy successor to the world famous Language Movement for recognition of Bengali language staged in February 1952 — a movement in which students of Dhaka university and Left-oriented activists played a leading role. Sure, the present movement must also be understood against the background of the Arab uprising for democracy. Sure, this is a different era, and the initiative of the Blogger and Online Activist Network (BOAN) has been crucial towards the successes scored so far. Still, the present upsurge is primarily a tribute to the courage and farsightedness of Bangladesh’s younger generations.

Unfortunately, based as we are in Europe, we are far away from the field of struggle. Yet along with other members of the Bangladeshi Diaspora, we wish to express our heartfelt support to the 6-point demand program that BOAN has submitted to Bangladesh’s Parliament. We entirely agree with the protestors that this movement’s target cannot be limited to the issue of adjudication of war criminals alone. For the scope for democracy and human emancipation can only be broadened durably if the party of war criminals, the Jamaat-e-Islami, and other fundamentalist parties be banned, and if the party’s direct and indirect financial resources be confiscated. Let those resources be deposited in a state fund towards promotion of secularism and religious tolerance in Bangladesh and the world at large.

We are acutely aware of the fact that Bangladesh in 2013 is still compelled to deal with the legacy of 15 years of military dictatorship backed by the US and other Western states. Still, some lessons have been learnt. For instance, the Brussels-based European Parliament has repeatedly expressed its agreement with the demand for the adjudication of war criminals. In 2007 it demanded the release of teachers and students who were unjustly detained and tortured by the semi-military government. And it has more than once expressed its respect for Bangladesh’s unique tradition of secularism and tolerance. We are confident that your voice and verdict expressed through countrywide protests will be heard. And we pledge to promote your agenda internationally until your six demands have been met.

On behalf of the International Committee for Democracy in Bangladesh (ICDB) — Dr. Peter Custers, President; M. M. R. Monowar, General Secretary; Bikash Chowdhury Barua, Board Member; Khorshed Ahmed, Board Member

Peter Custers is a theoretician on nuclear and military production and on women’s labour in Asian economies; Bangladesh specialist and lobbyist towards European politician institutions.

6 Responses to “Letter from Europe: Projonmo Chattar”

  1. Najim

    I would like to thank the writer.

    In addition, we are expecting more letters on fulfilling of the youth’s dream and aspiration.

    Jamat,Shibir, Rajakar will never accept freedom of Bangladesh. Because their headquarter is in Lahore.

  2. Sany

    I personally support this vibrant movement of young generation. I wish i could join with them. I express my hatred to those heinous ones who betrayed with their motherland.

  3. Muhit Hossain

    Thank you very much for the inspirational article. I believe, we will have people against this justice. But, unfortunately they are not big in numbers. Justice will prevail irrespective of whatever political party gets involved.

  4. russel

    Thanks to the writer for his support. And thanks for an inspirational voice.

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