Voting on the Lunatic Fringe

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The Lunatic Fringe of the political spectrum is my favourite hang-out. This month, my nation re-elected a president whose emotional range in tone of voice rivals that of Stephen Hawking.

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Private sins, public punishments

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A four-star general falls from grace. The American media is buzzing with “The Petraeus Affair” (as this latest sex scandal is dubbed). The empty-headed Talking Heads are breathlessly talking about what a horrible scandal it is

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Proactive environmentalism

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One fine day in September I had a wonderful opportunity to listen to Sir Fazle Hasan Abed in Washington, DC. He spoke most eloquently about the ways BRAC sought to change the fate of the poor in Bangladesh.

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Justice delayed, justice denied

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The ugly spectre of war criminals in our community is creeping its way back onto the national agenda. Efforts to hold some of the perpetrators of war crimes in 1971 accountable continue today

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