In Srabon I remember the Shohagpur massacre of 1971

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It was 10th of Srabon 1971. “I came out and saw the army. They wanted to go inside. I put my hands up like this and said there was no one inside. They flung me away into the yard and dragged my husband and son outside. They shot them both right there, there.”

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Remembering Roja: A devout festive nation

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The last time I was in Bangladesh during roja, it was 1995. It has been 17 years since; I’ve regularly visited Bangladesh, but never during roja. Over the last 12 years, in this ‘bidesh bibhui’, ‘roja’ has been replaced by ‘ramadan’.

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Wing walking

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I have never considered myself a coward. In fact, I fancied myself to be a risk-taker. Now that my poor father is squandering his golden years reading my articles, I suppose some of the confessions here will not take him by surprise, at least not too much.

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Padma: Not just the bridge we tend to think

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Talking about Padma the other day a colleague of mine, an elderly and an erudite one, came up with an utterly new piece of analysis. Try as I did to disagree, I must thank him for the ingenuity with which he was able to firm up his analysis.

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