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image_55_25782A few specific bosses of Bangladeshi cricket are now in tough waters. Tamim Iqbal’s four fingers, raised sequentially in live TV during the Asia Cup final, were equal to multiple pokes on someone’s eyes. Then the social-media exploded once again with a somewhat dated but still unexplained photo of Shakib Al Hasan. In the photo Shakib is seemingly begging for mercy, kneeling down in front of Mr. AHM Mustafa Kamal (popularly known as Lotus Kamal), the current head of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). The fiasco surrounding Tamim’s entry into the national team and then the resurrection of this strange photo of Shakib have created major public outrage against specific BCB officials during the Asia Cup 2012, particularly in the social media.

Having lost credibility and needing a proof of purpose, these same cricket officials perhaps wanted to do something magical that the cricketers failed to do. The officials wanted to “confiscate” the Asia Cup from Pakistanis, and bring it to Bangladesh by lodging a “complaint” with the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and the International Cricket Council (ICC). The current BCB happens to be run by a billionaire political appointee.

The unexplained Shakib photo

Shakib Al Hasan is currently ranked number one in the ICC’s ranking of all-rounders for both one-dayers and Test cricket. Few folks of this country ever become number one in anything of global significance. This man of 25 years has achieved this feat and has already raised the flag of Bangladesh high in faraway places in front of hundreds of millions of people.

Cricket being the second-most “popular” game in the world, Shakib is a greater treasure for our nation than we currently realise. Therefore, I wonder, how it is fathomable that this Shakib Al Hasan was required to bend on his knees in front of a local tycoon reportedly to save his cricket career.

This strange photo first appeared in Daily Kaler Kantha (http://www.dailykalerkantho.com/?view=details&archiev=yes&arch_date=23-01-2010&type=gold&data=Study&pub_no=55&cat_id=1&menu_id=18&news_type_id=1&index=0). The Hindustan Times and some other foreign media published news on this photo as well (http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/Print/501074.aspx

http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2010-01-24/top-stories/28113997_1_shakib-al-hasan-bcb-bangladesh-skipper). Authentic sources have confirmed that the original source of the photo, the Daily Kaler Kantha, now maintains silence over the issue. They are neither standing up for the original story they had published nor are they saying the story was false. Other Bangladeshi newspapers also remain quiet. It is mostly the internet activists who were left doing the heavy lifting of pursuing the truth behind this photo. The photo is all over Facebook and various blogs.

143863.2There are various accounts of the photo found in the social media including the original report by Daily Kaler Kantha. All of these accounts are disturbing. If these accounts are true, we need to ask what type of professionalism are we nurturing in the BCB that gives birth to such photos in the first place? Didn’t the ICC at least provide some sort of guidance around human resource management?

If we find that the reported story behind this photo accurate, the photo portrays a sad episode. It tells us that our players, in this example, Shakib Al Hasan, may feel that their cricketing skills or international popularity are not sufficient to survive their careers, when threatened by influential folks like Mr. Mustafa Kamal.

But Shakib, or for that matter, any of our national cricketer, is no ordinary citizen of Bangladesh. What we now demand is that someone like the honourable prime minister Sheikh Hasina steps in and looks into the matter. If found guilty, we demand that the honourable PM breaks the audacity of these tycoons in question. She precisely did the same when she asked Akram Khan, the head selector of Bangladesh cricket team, to withdraw his resignation.  Mr. Khan had resigned protesting the undue interference of the same tycoon Mr. Kamal regarding Tamim Iqbal’s inclusion in the national team. Tamim’s subsequent four fifties were pleasant gifts for our PM, as these rewarded her sound judgment during the fiasco. Will our honourable PM rise above party loyalty one more time and investigate the Shakib photo?

The futile appeal to the ACC and ICC

Almost as an after-thought, the Bangladesh Cricket Board decided to appeal to the ACC and ICC to fine Pakistan 5 runs, and in the process requested them to declare Bangladesh the winner of the nail-biting final match of the Asia Cup 2012. BCB’s key point was that Pakistani Cricketer Azioz Cheema obstructed one of Bangladeshi batsmen while he was trying to take a single. The umpires on the field indeed cautioned Azioz Cheema for his action during the match. Such incidences are part of the game, and are not that rare.

When the entire nation was celebrating our cricketers’ sky-high achievements, this news of complaint sounded like a trouble that no one had asked for. The news of a useless appeal came at a time when many around the world had convincingly concluded that Bangladesh has won everything but the cup.

The tremendous goodwill that our cricketers achieved is evidenced by Brian Lara’s comments where he termed Bangladesh as the new “terror” of the cricketing world in his emotional Facebook status. The useless appeal made by the BCB can only ruin such goodwill.

The procedural futility of the appeal is already addressed by the ICC and ACC, as they both have turned down Bangladesh’s plea. If anything, this has proven that some of our over-enthusiastic BCB executives lacked understanding of cricketing laws and precedence. Before filing such a flimsy appeal, did anyone in the BCB bother to check when was the last time the result of a final match was reversed based on an appeal by the defeated team?

Politician’s games don’t end with the referee’s whistle

Our politicians often say “there is no final say in politics”. These folks don’t accept results, and cannot simply settle a score.

It is absurd to believe that the BCB’s appeal was the brainchild of anyone with sound knowledge of cricket. The childishness of the appeal makes it obvious it was the work of overzealous political appointees and their yes-men. Unfortunately, the decision of the few has ended up making our cricketers, supporters, and the entire nation appear ridiculous in front of the world.

Obviously our cricketers could not protest publicly about this whimsical decision of the BCB regarding the appeal. Look at Shakib’s photo above one more time to understand why. However, there is no doubt in my mind that our Tigers felt ashamed seeing such a lousy, off-the-field approach to make Bangladesh the champions of the Asia Cup tournament. Our Tigers have already showed their true spirit and capabilities of winning such a cup on the field. The world bears witness to that.

We can only hope that the Bangladesh Cricket Board, run by money-men-turned-cricket-officials, do not ruin the hard earned respect of our glorious cricketers.

Shafquat Rabbee is a freelance contributor.

14 Responses to “Let not the political money-men ruin our cricket”

  1. Kalam Ahmed

    The photo and the story ran in Kaler Kontho. Both are true and factual. All anyone has to do is pull the newspaper from the archives and see for himself or herself. At the time it slipped by under the public radar somehow, and has now only surfaced in the face of the actions of a brutally selfish, ignorant, egotistic and thoroughly illiterate BCB chief.

  2. Kishan

    AHM Mustafa Kamal (Lotus Kamal) is the name of a polluted politician. This govt should save BCB from politics; should save BCB from this type of people Like “LOTUS KAMAL”

  3. GM Naj

    Shakib you are our star. Why did you bow down in front of Lotus Kamal?

    On a different note, Lotus Kamal should be immediately removed from the BCB.

  4. Syed Imtiaz Ali

    Is allowing opinion to be aired curtailed?
    Please allow minimum breathing space and opinion sharing, and stay commendable;bdnews24.
    Or else how will the civil society offer suggestions.
    Many thanks for upholding Democracy.

  5. Kazi Saifuddin Hossain

    The BCB chief is not the ideal person for development of Bangladesh cricket. He is very intolerant, too. I remember one incident where a small number of disgruntled youths went to the airport upon Bangladesh team’s return and demonstrated with brooms. The BCB chief told the media that he would arrest the youths after identifying them through CCTV cameras! I felt that he should have been more tolerant in his views then.

    The above picture is an insult to Bangladesh cricket. I admit players are not infallible; but surely this was not the right thing to do, even if Sakib was the culprit. Henceforth, I would press not only the dislike button in this particular case, but also the ‘disgusting’ button if it were installed here.

  6. Ezajur Rahman

    Lotus Kamal is an MP of the ruling party. It was a political appointment. The buck doesn’t stop with Lotus Kamal. It stops with the Prime Minister.

  7. Omar Khasru

    AHM Mustafa Kamal (Lotus Kamal) is the wrong person for the BCB position. He is the fly in the ointment. When the team wins or performs well, he gobbles all the credit. When the team does not fare well, he plays the blame game and lays all the responsibility squarely on the shoulder of the players. To add to this, he interferes in team selection. If Tamim was not included in the Asia Cup team, following his whim and instruction, Bangladesh might not have won a single game. For the good of cricket, for the relief of cricketers and to avoid unwarranted intrusion, this fellow should be fired right away. But mark my words, he will stay on and grab all the credits.

  8. Nousher Khan

    I find it outrageous that unscrupulous businessmen are nowadays running the BCB and in turn deciding on the fates of players like Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal who are national assets and should be handled with great care for even better results. These people are using BCB as a platform for publicity and their personal gain and can never bring about the desired changes that our cricket so badly needs. Someone like Mr Mustafa Kamal was never meant to lead BCB and I will earnestly request that he be replaced with someone credible and clean.

  9. habibur rahman

    Lotus (Mustafa) Kamal, please don’t mix politics with cricket. It’s about time you left the post of BCB president. Tamim’s four fingers and Shakib’s performance proved that you have no option but to go.

  10. Nadim Aslam

    Mustafa Kamal has lost the quality to be the President of BCB. Already he has proved that he is disqualified for the position. So to save our cricket team, now is the time to take decision and that too for a better one!

  11. Golam Arshad

    Madam Prime Minister please fire immediately Mustafa Kamal! He is unfit to be the President of BCB. As an ex-cricketer , I condemn this high handedness, of a top official of BCB. Shame on Mustafa Kamal!

      • Golam Arshad

        Prime Minister should fire him NOW! I hope you are not implicating the Honorable Prime Minister?? Mustafa Kamal is incompetent and arrogant! He must be removed from his office!

      • Ali

        ALL the political henchmen, and incompetent appoints should be reviewed NOW, without further DAMAGE to respective areas; crying for ‘right men at the right place’.
        The writing is on the wall. Yet, it is not to happen.

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