Animal enthusiasm

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I was reading this morning about some large animals – a rhino and a couple of elephants – in the zoo in Mumbai, a place called Ranibagh situated right in the most crowded part of the city. The unfortunate creatures are single, alone, without mates, without company, with no real friends except their keepers, who… Read more »

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The range of resistance

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Bangladesh public sphere is intellectually vibrant. Issues of public importance are reported, analysed and deliberated upon intensely in the countless print, web, and audio-visual media.

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Is there a case for banning Jamaat-e-Islami?

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Awami League leader Md. Nasim has said something many may soon start saying: Ban Jamaat-e-Islami from Bangladesh politics. This mood is increasing in the wake of the War Crimes Tribunal and Jamaat’s mounting aggressive strategy.

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America’s Israeli conundrum

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The Palestinian authority applied for full recognition as a state through the UN. As anticipated, it has been opposed by both the United States and Israel.

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Bangladesh deserves a voice

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My son attends a school where one of the unique classes in his program is a model UN. Children have the opportunity to study and represent a particular nation. In March, he will travel to Washington DC to participate in a mock session of the United Nations.

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