1971: why India and Bangladesh should be mutually grateful

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The war in 1971 was a complex one involving several parties and groups.  At one level, it was the Indo-Pak war as two enemies slugged it out and India won defeating Pakistan. The surrender ceremony held at Dhaka has become an iconic event for Indian and Bangladeshis and a painful one for Pakistanis.

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1971: Rape and its consequences

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How an Australian doctor tried to help rape victims of Bangladesh “I was trying to save of what have survived of the children born during the time that the West Pakistani army had Bengali women incarcerated in their commissariats.”– Dr. Geoffrey Davis

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The day closest to my heart

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I am writing this piece for our Victory day. By the time it gets published, it will either be the day we won our victory or the day have had come and gone by. But does it really matter? This day still holds the same place in our hearts as it used to 39 years… Read more »

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