SQC Trial: Strategy of obstruction, delay and offence

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Throughout his trial process, Salauddin Quader Chowdhury (“the convict”) demonstrated the tendency to obstruct the course of justice using all and every means at his disposal as opposed to seriously defending the charges brought against him. From contradictory witnesses, to forged documents; from filing frivolous applications to submitting names of thousands of witnesses; from ridiculing… Read more »

Mojaheed to walk the gallows for the killing of intellectuals in ’71

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The ongoing war crimes trials have occupied considerable space of Bangladesh’s political discourse for obvious reasons. Unlike other South Asian nations, Bangladesh was born through a bloody Liberation War fought over a period of nine months. In 1971, South Asia witnessed the worst human suffering and state-sponsored violence in the post-colonial era.

Down memory lane: The devils of 1971

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The Bangladesh flag is a symbol of what Bangladeshis treasure; it represents the values we cherish beyond measure. Our flag flies high for freedom, bravery, the courage to fight, and sacrifice of one’s life for a just cause. The Bangladesh flag is an icon representing the Bangladeshi way.