Illicit transfer of funds and the rate of investment

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It is perplexing why the perception of the business community regarding the quantum of investment is different from the information provided by the government. Leading figures of the business community in industry, trade and finance seem to agree that business investment has become moribund during the last few years. But government statistics record a sustained… Read more »

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Economic performance: The basics

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Once ridiculed as the “bottomless basket”, Bangladesh has recently been awarded the status of a lower middle income country by the World Bank (WB) as the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita of Bangladesh exceeded the $1,046 threshold. It is indeed a great moment of redemption and pride for the nation. However, it is not… Read more »

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Monetary policy and the economy

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Notwithstanding how Bangladesh Bank (BB) chose to describe it — cautious, accommodative, etc. — there is little doubt that the monetary policy of the country was expansionary until about last one year.

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