Letter to Wasfia Nazreen

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Dear Wasfia, Million congratulations my friend. There are some people who inspire undiluted admiration and you are one of them.  When I read the news that you conquered all seven of your summits, it was not just pride but also a relief. Thank God, the girl will not be going away chasing another mountain or… Read more »

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India’s minority problem is everywhere in South Asia

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India’s minorities, particularly the Muslims, are facing tough times. The matter has received great attention for the anti-beef agitation mounted by a section of Indians from the majority Hindu community, anti-intercommunal marriages – Love Jihad et cetera – and aggressive doubting of Muslim loyalty to India. In this hostile environment, the concerns expressed by high… Read more »

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Pakistan and Bangladesh: Sharing a legacy of darkness

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Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan, chief lieutenant of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Pakistan’s first prime minister, was assassinated as he addressed a public rally in Rawalpindi on 16 October 1951. The lone gunman who fired the fatal shot that ended the prime minister’s life was immediately set upon by a mob, which lost little time in… Read more »

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Off the mark: To depreciate or not to depreciate

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The sudden devaluation of the Chinese yuan against the dollar last month jolted the global foreign exchange market. Despite the fact that the devaluation was not very large, around 5 percent, the foreign exchange markets around the world reacted almost immediately underscoring the sensitivity of the world economy to economic and financial developments in China…. Read more »

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Niladri and Rajon: What connects the child-killers and blogger-killers?

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Several headlines of gruesome killing of individuals for one reason or another have recently surfaced in Bangladesh drawing both national attention and disgust. People are astonished that right here, in the middle of “gentle and kind” Bangladeshis, so many have lurked around with murder on their mind. But to those who look at their homeland… Read more »

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