Follow-up: The Kashmir analogy

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This follows on Syed Badrul Ahsan’s wonderful piece “Hannan Shah’s Kashmir analogy”. Ahsan has used a fine toothcomb to scan Hannan Shah’s Kashmir analogy and, in the process, set the historical record straight. I don’t plan to do a repeat, but cannot resist the temptation to discuss why the Bengali struggle for independence succeeded and… Read more »

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Letter to Wasfia Nazreen

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Dear Wasfia, Million congratulations my friend. There are some people who inspire undiluted admiration and you are one of them.  When I read the news that you conquered all seven of your summits, it was not just pride but also a relief. Thank God, the girl will not be going away chasing another mountain or… Read more »

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India’s minority problem is everywhere in South Asia

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India’s minorities, particularly the Muslims, are facing tough times. The matter has received great attention for the anti-beef agitation mounted by a section of Indians from the majority Hindu community, anti-intercommunal marriages – Love Jihad et cetera – and aggressive doubting of Muslim loyalty to India. In this hostile environment, the concerns expressed by high… Read more »

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Pakistan and Bangladesh: Sharing a legacy of darkness

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Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan, chief lieutenant of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Pakistan’s first prime minister, was assassinated as he addressed a public rally in Rawalpindi on 16 October 1951. The lone gunman who fired the fatal shot that ended the prime minister’s life was immediately set upon by a mob, which lost little time in… Read more »

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