Remembering Sahibzada Yaqub Khan

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Sahibzada Yaqub Khan (1920-2016)

In the late 1990s, there were quite a few attempts I made to meet up with Sahibzada Yaqub Khan when he was in London. My friend Samina Pervez at the Pakistan High Commission (I was serving in the Bangladesh High Commission) made it a point to keep me informed of the retired general’s visits to… Read more »

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A grave issue…

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General Ziaur Rahman

Some leading lights of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party are indignant at reports of a possible shifting of the remains of General Ziaur Rahman from the Jatiyo Sangsad complex. For its part, the government says it has come by an inventory of the original design for the complex as prepared by the American architect Louis I…. Read more »

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Earthquakes are bad, not being properly prepared is worse

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Nine people were killed in the Indian North-east where the earthquake of   4th January had its epicenter. More than a hundred were injured. Many parts of India were affected and so was Bangladesh. However, in Dhaka alone 15 people died as a result of panic and anxiety related to the earthquake. There is no definite… Read more »

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Bangladesh must lead the way to decolonise Asia’s internet

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International internet bandwidth is the prime raw material of broadband. Bangladesh, along with developing Asia, procures it mostly from the wholesale markets of Singapore and Hong Kong. Asian telecoms carriers use submarine optical fiber networks to import bandwidth from wholesale markets. Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company (BSCCL) uses the SEA-ME-WE4 cable for this purpose. Deploying and… Read more »

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Follow-up: The Kashmir analogy

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This follows on Syed Badrul Ahsan’s wonderful piece “Hannan Shah’s Kashmir analogy”. Ahsan has used a fine toothcomb to scan Hannan Shah’s Kashmir analogy and, in the process, set the historical record straight. I don’t plan to do a repeat, but cannot resist the temptation to discuss why the Bengali struggle for independence succeeded and… Read more »

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