Prisoners of misinformation

Irfan Chowdhury | 29th Mar 2013.

A child’s future is potentially decided before it is born, even conceived: its race, religion, socio-economic status. As it grows up, it can reshape some of this future (more…)


Behind the red line in Syria

Sanjay Kapoor | 27th Mar 2013.

On March 15, 2011, the people of Der’aa stepped out to demonstrate against the Syrian government. This was the first evidence that the contagion of the Arab Spring (more…)

In pursuit of the Liberation War ideal of secular politics and governance, the 2/13 (February, 2013) movement demanded and the current regime is considering to impose a ban on the Jamaat (and Shibir). (more…)

The quality of any healthcare service is only as good as its practitioners. For any health system, health workers are the most critical driving force. They are the ultimate resource for promoting health, preventing disease, and curing sickness. (more…)

American households will be blanketed this week by a torrent of coverage, commentary and regret about the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war. Liberals claim that Twitter – if it had existed – could have stopped the invasion. (more…)