The post-poll violence against the minority population of Bangladesh added an extra dark spot in otherwise glorious history of Bangladesh...

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The Empress is dead

Afsan Chowdhury | 18th Jan 2014

In the end, somewhat unexpectedly Suchitra Sen passed away. She was in her mid 80s and had been ailing for a while but nobody expected Suchi...

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Beyond the pale

A. Rahman | 17th Jan 2014

Bangladesh had crossed on 5th of January 2014 the great Rubicon of national election for the tenth time in its 43 years of existence. An ele...

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The Spirit of 1971

Mo Chaudhury | 16th Jan 2014

Mukti Juddher Chetona (MJC), in principle, should refer to the spirits/values that guided the 1971 Liberation War
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