That Bangladesh has recently been awarded the status of a Lower Middle Income (LMI) country by the World Bank (WB) is undoubtedly a great achievement of its valiant and hard-working people who have been historically tormented by the exploitative forces of political and economic aggression and devastated by exacting natural cataclysms. To attain the next milestone of Upper Middle Income (UMI)


An orgy of killing in Bangladesh

A. Rahman | 16th Aug 2015.

Bangladesh is in a spell of killing of atheists, humanists, and free-thinkers for upholding secularist views by the fundamentalist Islamists in the name of religion. All of these victims were secularists, as they aspired to see a free democratic society with a clear separation of religion – whatever that religion could be – from the functioning of the state. Religion has its place and it

August 4, a hot and humid day in Boulder, Colorado. I got back from being dragged around the lake and hills by my dogs. As is my habit I clicked on What should I see; a picture of a fat man in a moustache, skullcap, and Nehru Coat saying Africans are uncivilised savages! More accurately what he said was, “Our Army has gone [to Africa] to civilise those black people.” This


Remembering Edward Kennedy

Julian Francis | 12th Aug 2015.

August is the month when Bangabandhu, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is remembered with great solemnity for in 1975 he was brutally assassinated together with many family members. August 1971 is the month which holds other memories for me. It was when I met the mercurial and compassionate Senator Edward Kennedy and on this day, August 11th, in 1971 is when he visited some of the refugee camps in West

Several headlines of gruesome killing of individuals for one reason or another have recently surfaced in Bangladesh drawing both national attention and disgust. People are astonished that right here, in the middle of “gentle and kind” Bangladeshis, so many have lurked around with murder on their mind. But to those who look at their homeland without the assistance of coloured glasses, this has

I started this article to write about all the talking that the Prime Minister, The Home Minister and all the mini ministers have been doing about catching the murderers who have killed four talented bloggers and writers. They simply talk, talk, and talk. I assumed the talk is just a way to hide the incompetence and the impotence of the government and Law Enforcement agencies. Incompetence