Overview As the discord between modern and traditional Muslims is ideological by nature, so is the conflict between Islam and the West. And ideology is more about power, influence and identity than a mere reflection of culture and belief system. While modern Muslim elites are unwilling to concede power and privileges to the mullahs, most mullahs and their followers — mostly rural and small

I have always been an avid admirer of Afsan Chowdhury’s wizardry with writing analytical and objective prose both in Bengali and English. As usual, he produced another excellent piece on the state of tribalism in Bangladesh (Politics and property grabbing, October 24). I cannot agree more with Afsan that Bangladesh is yet to become a nation state. In South Asia, Bangladesh and Pakistan are two

A leading newspaper of Bangladesh, in its Weekly Magazine on February 26, 2010 published a cover story, "Crime in the Name of Belief". It is about the recent caning of three poor women by village elders backed by mullahs in Bangladesh for alleged adultery. The rest of the story is about similar violations of women's rights with impunity in the 1990s. Interestingly, it also displays the recent