Halal novel

Rumi Ahmed | 3rd Jun 2012.

The Attorney General and the High Court are in agreement that a recent novel, Deyal, being written by popular novelist and filmmaker Humayun Ahmed contains some historical inaccuracies that should not be read by the people of the country. (more…)

Over the last few years, mysterious things started happening in Bangladesh. In absence of any earthly explanation of those incidents, informed people of Bangladesh are seriously concerned that the country is at the receiving end of an alien invasion. (more…)

Azam Khan, the pop legend breathed his last a few days ago. Azam Khan contributed more than his fair share to the country he helped create and to the people he lived to entertain. Unlike most, he will live in our collective memories and his songs will remain beyond the longevity of many generations. (more…)

Today is the 30th death anniversary of President Ziaur Rahman. This anniversary comes at a time when Zia, his image, contribution and his philosophy are under fiercest attack ever. After decades of relentless attack on Zia, the war hero and Zia the statesman, after abysmal failure of Zia’s party to portray him appropriately and effectively, it is no surprise if much of new generation