*The government of Bangladesh has promised us a safe and risk-free nuke in our backyard. *The Ruppoor nuclear power plant is designed to add a minimum of 1000 MW electricity to the national grid. *It will be strong enough to handle a 10 Richter scale earthquake. (more…)

Hindustan Times has given full ‘Marx’ to Mamata, for finally being able to kick out the Marxist zombies, and for putting an end to the 34 years of stagnation of Left rule. The Economist has branded the ‘comrades’ as the “vanishing communists of India”. The overtly keen ones have simply called it the “final end of reds”. (more…)

“Africa is poor because its investors and its creditors are unspeakably rich”-- Once commented by Naomi Klein, a Canadian journalist, who had depicted so blatantly the routine conspiracy and the day-to-day hypocrisy of global economics. (more…)

The voluptuous women and their cleavages, the mesmerising products and their melodramatic messages, the skilful visuals and its dazzling delusion divert dangerously our dreams, desires, and destinies swallowing up the vacuum of our otherwise fatigued minds. In whichever direction we glance at, those enormous billboards and their luminous logos, create an impression of a terrific nation. The long