Four decades of darkness is finally surrendering to a glorious dawn in Libya. A ragtag band of rebels transformed itself into a fighting force in a mere six months and overran Moammar Gadhafi’s last stronghold around Tripoli. (more…)

Self-restraint and God-consciousness are the essence of fasting for Muslims in Ramadan, a month in which thirst and hunger can become a source of salvation for the believer. As one of the five pillars of Islam, fasting is mandatory for the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the ruler and the ruled. (more…)

An extremist decides that multiculturalism is diluting Norway’s “pure” race and undermining its Christian character and so goes on a rampage. He belongs to a small group of fascists who cannot escape from the prison of Norway’s past and wreaks vengeance on those he considers responsible for selling his country’s soul to the unwashed hordes of immigrants, particularly Muslim

Muhammad Asad, writer, adventurer, diplomat, Muslim thinker par excellence, translator of the Quran, and author of one of the most remarkable spiritual autobiographies ever, The Road to Mecca, isn’t as well recognised as he ought to be, even among Muslims. It is a pity. Almost two decades after his death in Spain in 1992, Asad remains virtually unknown in the West and an enigma to the general

In September of 1924, Rabindranath Tagore received an invitation to attend Peru’s commemorative centennial celebration. A hundred years before, led by Simon Bolivar, Peru had defeated Spanish Colonial forces to become an independent nation. Peruvians wanted the Bengali Nobel Laureate to participate in the festivities marking the historical event. (more…)

Mindshare is as important for technology companies to flourish as market share. On both counts, Apple is soaring, guided by its visionary chief Steve Jobs. For Silicon Valley’s iconic CEO, each Apple product - iPod, iPhone, iPad, iAnyThing - must not only be a marvel of technology but also a work of art. This confluence of function, design, aesthetics, software and hardware has