A piglet’s journey to market in October, 2010 helped expose the other face of microfinance that promised to make poverty archaic. A bdnews24.com/Reuters news report, datelined Vladivostok, Oct. 15, said: The seven-month old piglet’s journey to holy market was to pay off a woman's micro debt of $432 to a bank in Russia, part of former Soviet Union. The ignorant piglet was seized by powerful

The Great Financial Crisis generated by stagnation in the matured capitalist economies has pushed labour into a troubled time that has increased tension in socio-political scenario. Long “labour market recession” worsens social outlook in many countries, says ILO’s “World of Work Report 2010 – from one crisis to the next?” It’s not only poor countries that are facing this

An October witnessed: labour stands unvanquished in Chile. And, the mines there symbolise cruel capital, whose motive force is profit. The 33 miners defied death brought down by hundreds of thousands of tons of rock, and essentially, by profit-hunger. The mining magnates stood against miners, bent on breaking their backbones. But they, the billionaires, failed. The miners rode up from deep